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10 Things you MUST know about Teline III
Ter, 15 de Setembro de 2009 04:16
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New Joomla template framework introduced

Brainstorming & approach

Blocks & layouts concept added to Joomla templates

Add flexibility in modules positions

7 New modules & plugins

JA News II Modules
JA News II Frontpages Modules

JA Mega menu

JA News Sticker Module

JA Comment Plugins

JA Popup Plugin

JA Bookmark Plugin

JA Inline Image Galary Plugin

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You check
Live demo

Iphone & Handheld Native support & optimization

Cross-browser compatibility now refers to not only computer-based browsers but also handheld
device screens. There might be time you wonder how your site looks in an iPhone?

JA Teline III is fully compatible with handheld device. It automatically detects handheld device
screen ((iPhone, Android, Opera Mini, Blackberry, Palm, Windows etc.,) to load respective
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10 Things you MUST know about Teline III
Ter, 15 de Setembro de 2009 04:16

Navigation is simplified with simple HTML

Content is resized and rearranged but it still keeps the normal arrangement (so that user
can find his favorite content as when he views via his computer)

Images is resized and optimized (internet connection via mobile is always slower than

Supports both portrait + landscape view on iphone

Option to change to Desktop view (normal layout) if one wish

SEO Utimate - Content first , content on the top

In default & other Joomla templates, site content are normall loaded in the standard
consequence: header »» left modules »»
»» right module »» footer. With JA teline
III, this order has been improved:

header »»
»» left modules »» right module »» footer

So, with this new order, the search bots will be able to find important contents & keywords
easier and certainly will increase your ranking in the search result pages

Social & Community Ready

Increase reader engagement around your content, generate social traffic drive via popular
web2.0 tools:

: Noticeable commenting systems - Encourage
conversation, bring the value of insightful comments.

: Social bookmarking and sharing service.

: A real-time short messaging service - Share.Update.Connect Twitter stream

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10 Things you MUST know about Teline III
Ter, 15 de Setembro de 2009 04:16
JA Teline III puts all those handful tools together. It's just a matter of configuration, then your
Joomla site is ready to enrich your site's community.

News, Community or Simple Cooperate Identity

As you can see the customization power of JA Teline I & II, JA Teline III is not just an
online-magazine! Explore JA Teline III for more, creating your own community or simply
branding your cooperate identity etc.,. Rich addons and standardized development on JoomlArt
new template framework base make all your custom use possible.

Flexibility Layout, Customization as easy as 1,2,3

Starting new things from JA Teline III, you will find modification works are not too complicated.
Div-based development approach, well-commented code, validated markups drive you to
custom our original design concept to new-high level without hassle.

JA Voice, JA Job Board Integration Ready

JA Teline III is
JA JobBoard
JA Voice
Download and Install the JA Teline III
Extra quickstart
and walk right into the
back-end and front-ends of the two enterprise components developed by JoomlArt. Or
download the Enterprise Components (
JA Voice
JA Job Board
) and install them as normal Joomla extensions, they will snugly fit into your website...

JA Voice
: A Joomla-based feedback component - a new way to start a constructive
conversation, emails and forums are now history. It enables gathering thoughts, ideas,
feedbacks from users/ customers in an organized structure, where ideas can be commented,
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10 Things you MUST know about Teline III
Ter, 15 de Setembro de 2009 04:16
voted up or down in a transparent way. Try it to Know it...

JA Jobboard
: A full-functioned recruitment component for Joomla 1.5. Allows you to create and
run a fully automated Job site with tools to manage jobs, resumes, applications and
subscriptions. Yes, its rich with features and strongly scalable and easy to use for you and for
your users. Try the demo now...

It's in JA top priority for support, updates & improvements

JA Teline III is an hardwork of over 3 months of preparations, starting from new framework upto
development of new compatible extensions. No doubt that Teline III is a major JA template for
the year 2009 and be assured of priority support and future updates.

JA Teline III Contest coming, so you get more chances to download the

Above everything, its always a pleasure to see the real usage of JoomlArt templates. We are
always keen and glad to see different instances of our templates. It also adds to our ideas about
further developments. this strongly motivates JoomlArt to organize a community contest to
choose the best JA Teline III implementation.

We warmly welcome all web designers, developers or anyone who love web stuff to join us at
the contest. Participation into this special event will surely bring in lots of fun, valuable
connection to share web hobbies, knowledge or even make you/your skills widespread-known.
Not to mention interesting Gifts from our side.

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