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Google's Rich Snippets (SemTech than 10)
Friday, July 30th, 2010
This week, the Semantic Technology Conference to discuss the latest from the Semantic Technology
Conference, Google discuss semantic web technology.

In the report, Google's Pravir Gupta Kavi Goel and
the lecture "Google Rich Snippets" was referring to.
About Google Rich Snippets
Google last year, Searchology (Sachioroji, presentation of search technology) and, Google Rich Snippets
(Snippets Rich Google) announced that semantic technologies.

Rich Snippets is a website that describes the
HTML markup, such as a tool to add semantic information, used to structure the display of search results.
The Web site operator, Rich Snippets is used to represent the content of what that web page, to add
semantic information.
Google search engine, "xanh restaurant" in the keyword search results, the screenshot above (Category:
Google Inc.) Is.

This, Xahn (Zahn), which shows the results of a Vietnamese restaurant, in addition to the
normal view of the results shows that the evaluation of restaurants in the Stars.

And evaluation (Review) are
displayed as the number of 652.

This Stars and evaluate the number, Rich Snippet semantic information is
added in.

Follow the links of search results, Yelp (Yelp, introduction site stores) and open the page, the
screenshot below (Category: Yelp) as is.

The site Yelp, Xahn rating is four stars, the number 652 has been
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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In addition, this web page and view the source code is as following page.

(Category: Google Inc.) Source
code, "hReview-aggregate" starts with a tag, this one chunk of Rich Snippets.

Rich Snippets in various
descriptions can be, in this case, Review (review) is written on.

Source code in the "fn = Xahn Restaurant"
is the name of the store, "rating value = .... 4.0" with four stars, "count = 652" shows that the number of
Optimization Results
Yelp website is as examples on the web page embedded Rich Snippets, and evaluation of four-star
restaurants and has additional information about the restaurant.

The Google search engine, and interpret this
information, the results show that the four stars.

Suit also evaluated the number of 652 restaurants in that
price range also $ $ that you are viewing.

Users will see search results in numerous Yelp Stars caught the
eye with a site, click on this link.

By Rich Snippets, Yelp will increase visitors to your site.

According to
Google, Rich Snippets be introduced, and trying to change the search order.

However, as mentioned above,
Rich Snippets of information is added, which stands out in the search results, SEM (Search Engine
Marketing) and an effective way.

Future web site owners, as well as improve search results ranking, Rich
Snippets are approached to introduce a time optimization.

Snippets Rich Google is in addition to the above
Reviews, People (people), Business and Organizations (company or organization), Events (Event), Video
(video) that support the tag.

In addition to restaurants, and concert ticket sales, promotions and sales of the
DVD can be used widely.
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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Goel et al in a lecture, Google Rich Snippets published a popular situation.

According to the report, in the
United States, Google Rich Snippets page that implements a two-fold increase as compared to October
2009, and has worldwide has increased four times.

Semantic Technologies for general users, but still higher
threshold, Google is spreading its adoption and entry.

And Yahoo, SearchMonkey (Search Monkey) is
developing a similar service.

Have been ripe for semantic web using a search engine marketing.
Google vs. Facebook composition
Snippets Rich Google is introduced is similar to previous Facebook Open Graph, a tool for adding semantic
information to both web pages.

Semantic technologies, including, Google and Facebook in dispute, are
becoming clearer.

28 7 Wall Street Journal's online edition, Google, social gaming platform, Google Me has
been reported that the service is under development.

Google Me, and is to run the web-based social game.
Social games and the games take advantage of social graph to share with friends the progress of the game,
the game can be deployed together with friends.

In addition, Wall Street Journal online edition, Google is a
social game developers Playdom (Pureidamu), Playfish (Pureifisshu), Zynga (gas engine) is reported to be
Facebook has a monopoly on social games, Zynga developed FarmVille (Farmville), the user is 6,000

Social games are ahead of Japan, the U.S. now running great.

Arts Electronic, in November last
year, above the $ 400M Playfish has acquired.

Disney Walt is on July 27, Playdom the above, $ 563.2M + $
200M to acquire said.

Japan's SoftBank and, yesterday, Zynga announced a partnership with, Zynga trying
to expand in Japan.

In this context, Google is trying to enter the social game.

While Facebook, Facebook
advertising network that is likely to be deployed to an external site.

Google AdSense and Facebook's foray
into that business.

Google and Facebook started overlapping territories, has become the hot summer.
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8/2/10 7:33 PM
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Open Graph (SemTech than 10)
Friday, July 23rd, 2010
Conference to discuss the latest Semantic Technology Conference Technology Semantic is five days from
June 21 to 10 years, held in San Francisco.

This report, macro trends of the Semantic Web, to analyze
several times.

In preparing the report, ion interactive (interactive Aion) is president and CTO Scott Brinker
(Brinker Scott) in "The Semantic Web in Marketing & Advertising" (in the semantic web marketing and
advertising) in reference to a lecture .

Brinker, in this speech, introduced the trend of 12 semantic web.

this, discussed important trends, its content in depth, and introduces the trend of semantic technologies.
Facebook Open Graph Summary
The first, Facebook Open Graph (chart opens Facebook) and overview of, and discuss its potential.
Facebook, on April 21, 10, f8 (a conference for developers, Fate and pronunciation) in, Facebook Open
Graph announced.

Open Graph is a representation and roughly, Facebook's social features on a mechanism
for use on other websites.

Graph Open the website is used to track user preferences, while that using
semantic technology to precisely define the user's preference.
Graph Open is consists of three components, respectively, Social Plugins, Open Graph Protocol, Graph API

Plugins Social websites, Facebook is introducing a plug-in for social functions.

Facebook, music and
photos for members to express love, Like Button (button-like icon thumbs-up/down) is.

Members, like
music and photos at a specific Like Button Click on this to declare themselves fans.

This action of the
membership Wall (BBS) are listed, for sending this information to other members.

Furthermore, this
information members Profile (profile) to be recorded as preference information.

Facebook and its partners
are referring to this preference information, and information and advertising to deliver specific messages to
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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Facebook Open Graph Case
This and similar functions, Facebook implemented a tool other than the website, Social Plugins for the Like

Popular sites for movies and television shows have IMDb.

IMDb is, Like Button has introduced a
user visited the site, when I met my favorite movies and stars, Like Button to press claims to be fine.
Currently running a popular movie "Inception" pages (graphics on both the exhibitor IMDb) also Like
Button (top right portion of the graphics below it is expanded) have been implemented The.

Graphics with
the message below this button, IMDb website appears.

This information is also the user's Wall is on
Facebook, as well as to share this information with friends, this preference information is recorded in the
Then, Protocol Graph Open is a semantic markup, web developers, used to define the attributes of a web

In other words, Protocol Graph Open is that the web page describing what is a tool for adding
semantic information.

IMDb site Inception above web page and view the source code, there is described
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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Semantic Technology
Are listed in the meta tag "og: type" a portion, Open Graph Protocol has shown.

Here is a movie that
defines the type of web pages.

Protocol Graph Open is Like Button above and used for.

As noted above,
this page press Like Button, Facebook, the user is in the content of, rather than TV shows, movies like to

In addition, the title of the movie "Inception (2010)" is understood, that information recorded in
said member Facebook Profile.

Thus, by adding semantic markup on the website for the preference of the
user can grasp more accurately.

Type the web site, other than movies, sports, companies, hotels, restaurants,
charities, schools, governments, actors, authors, city, and that includes landmarks.

Facebook, the user grasps
and the website of the world, classified into these categories, record the information.

Using these
information, Facebook is looking to deliver content specific to members.

This information is published, you
can access your personal information to partner companies.

Tools to access this information is Graph API.
Partner companies, based on this information, we aim to deliver advertising messages for members.
Social networks are a treasure trove of personal information, using these proceeds had been expected to
promote personalized advertising messages and products.

However, in reality, Facebook Beacon (trace
individual purchase information), and from the privacy issue, Facebook is so early that there are
circumstances withdrew the feature.

Social network marketing, the balance of privacy issues, did not
progress as expected.

I came here, Facebook is, Open Graph to invest, as well as connections between
people, objects and people (like the movie object described above) were able to define precisely the

The published data is appended to this semantic information is also a great opportunity to
develop unique applications on this basis.

Currently, Facebook has a membership of 500 million people said
the number is growing.

2013, all of the world's Internet users, Facebook is also expected to be a member.

October this year, Facebook drew "The Social Network" to be released movie called.

Contrary to the title of
the film and, Facebook is not any more social networks, the Internet itself has become.
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Simplified version of semantic advertising (SemTech than 09)
Friday, July 24th, 2009
Also, "Semantic Advertising Roundtable" from the latest technology to introduce semantic advertising.

the panel discussion, Dapper (Dapper) is a venture company, easy to use anyone, introduced the semantic
advertising delivery service.
Dapper Feature Overview
Dapper, a San Francisco-based venture firm, befitting the times the web browser-based, from the creation of
creative services that deliver Naeru line up.

In the panel discussion, Product Management vice president
Amit Kumar (Comer Amid) is, Dapper introduced features.

Dapper is a very unique web, loading web
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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content, editing, and other sites that offer the ability to dynamically deliver.
Originally Dapper is to edit the content of websites, XML and RSS formats, which offer the user the ability
to deliver and other sites.

Dapper user, you can specify a web site, copy the contents of Web pages, edit,
distribute to other websites.

Screenshot above (Category: Dapper) is, YouTube is part of the page.

The user
in this page is where you specify the content to be delivered.

The user, video and titles and such
descriptions, select the desired content.

The orange frame, shows the selected content.

These selected
content, through simple editing will be saved as Web pages.

This web page Dapp (Dapp), called this Dapp,
will be delivered to another website.

Delivery format, XML, RSS, Google Maps, such as supporting a
variety of methods.
Application of ad delivery
Dapper mechanism, applied in cases of ad delivery, and the screen shot above.

(Category: Dapper) hotel
chain Marriott (Marriott), the travel site that Fodor's (Forders), and the ads seem to be.

Marriott site, then
Search by city, select the pictures and overviews of the region, Dapp created.

Then, Fodor's site, analyze the
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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page structure, related to the city there appeared to Dapp, to specify that received and displayed.

The above
screen shot, Fodor's, and I opened the pages of Berlin.

On the site, the introduction of hotels in Berlin,
which was introduced to pop-up screen.

Using Dapper, an ad for a city hotel travel site that can be created
within 10 minutes, is very simple example of creating semantic advertising.

Many of the ad creators, and
Generation Y, Dapper is for the younger generation, offering ad creation and distribution services.
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Semantic Advertising (continued) (SemTech than 09)
Friday, July 24th, 2009
Semantic Technology Conference is SemTech (Tech Semitic) in, "Semantic Advertising Roundtable" to
continue, the latest trends in semantic advertising.

In this panel, Peer39 (Satinain peer) venture company that
introduced the company's semantic advertising technology.
Company that Peer39
Peer39 is a venture firm based in New York.

In the panel discussion, CEO of Amiad Solomon (Solomon
Amiaddo) is introduced as a concept or product use case.

The Advisory Board of Peer39, Eytan Elbaz
(Eitan Elbaz) and Daniel Jaye (Daniel Jay), including the person who formed the history of advertising
technologies, has taken the name.

Elbaz is, Applied Semantics and founded a company called, "Contextual
Ads" that was developed in line with the contents of the Web ad-serving technology.

The company, in 2003,
Google acquired by, AdSense that make up the base technology.
The Jaye, Tacoda (Takoda) as CEO of the company that has run the company.

Tacoda is, "Behavioral Ads"
technique that parses the user's Web browsing history, technology to serve ads according to user preferences
are provided.

Tacoda, the year 2007, AOL acquired by, and now is the company's Platform-A ad network is

Peer39 board members, preserving the history of technological evolution that ad.

technology, Contextual Ads depart from, Behavioral Ads evolve further, Peer39 has developed, "Semantic
Ads" (semantic advertising) is progressing.
Semantic advertising Peer39
The Solomon, Peer39 semantic advertising, the software reads the contents of a web page, to understand its
contents, to select appropriate advertising messages to pages, he said.

Peer39 is not use cookies to analyze
web pages in real time to deliver the best advertising.

Peer39, look at the entire text of web pages,
understand the meaning, to determine its classification.

"Amazon is a great
to visit" The text pages
that appear to be divided into travel and Brazil.

"Amazon is a great
to visit" in, E-commerce is divided

Conventional search techniques, the differences between the two could not be determined.
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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Case studies
Solomon, the system is Newsweek (screenshot above, Exhibitor: Newsweek) and has been used, according
to the contents of the article, explained that deliver advertising messages.

A news segment that contains a
number of segments in it.

Solomon is to define them strictly for the news story that highlighted the best to
serve ads.
Semantic technology, ad delivery, is becoming a mandatory feature.
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Semantic Advertising (SemTech than 09)
Thursday, July 16th, 2009
Semantic Technology Conference is the "2009 Semantic Technology Conference" (aka SemTech, Sem
Tech) to continue, this year's Semantic Technology Trends report.

As mentioned in previous reports, this
year will feature SemTech, semantic technologies, direct, and that contributes to the business.

technologies, the stage of growth, after a useful tool, as key technologies have been incorporated in the

This report will present examples of applying semantic technology to deliver advertising.
Company called Expert System
In the conference "Semantic Advertising Roundtable" that attended the panel discussion to discuss the latest
semantic advertising.

In this session, semantic technology was applied to the case presented ad serving.
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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Among them, Expert System USA from, CEO of Brooke Aker (Acre Brook) is, Cogito (toe key) that
introduced the technology.

Expert System and is an Italian company in the United States as Expert System
USA, is based in the state of Connecticut.

System Expert has many years has focused on developing
semantic technology products.
Cogito Semantic Advertiser
In the panel discussion, Aker is, "Cogito Semantic Advertiser" was introduced, called semantic advertising

Advertiser Semantic Cogito is a software for delivering content for web ads.

Semantic Cogito, understand the contents of the Web in real time, select the appropriate advertising
message it has the ability to deliver.

Google AdSense even, the system is to deliver advertising content of
Web pages along, Cogito Semantic Advertiser better, and is equipped with advanced features.

AdSense, I
pick up words that are listed in web pages, to guess the contents of the whole.

On the other hand, Advertiser
Semantic Cogito, read web pages, understand the meaning of the word, I can understand what is being
discussed there.
Aker said the traditional ad serving technology, trying to figure out the contents of the article.

The New
York Times for an article that discusses the ecology of jaguars, Google, Jaguar car ad (on the screenshot
below, Exhibitor: Expert System) explained that it distributes.

Meanwhile, Cogito Semantic Advertiser does
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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not just words from the context, the Jaguars appear here are defined as Jaguar and environmental ecology,
rather than automotive, and understand animals.

This semantic technology, can be explained according to
serve ads on web pages topic is discussed.
Mobile ad serving and search
System Expert has launched search and ad delivery service for mobile phones. Focus on mobile phones and
smart phones, unlike PCs and on the web in search and ad delivery, stringent conditions are required.

small mobile phone screen size, ad delivery, requires that the user is required fittingly ad itself.

In addition,
the search for low input keypad, you can ask questions in a word, for it must be delivered in a single correct

Like the regular search, and list a number of answers, to view the system response is not
appropriate link.
Screenshot above (Category: Expert System) like, "Jay Leno featuring everyone's program?" And to ask
questions in natural language system, "the actor Kevin Bacon and actress Hayden Panettiere" and one The
answer says.

This system "Cogito Semantic Search" software that uses semantic technology, to understand
the meaning of the user's question, which provides the capability to pinpoint the answer.

This, as the above
example, often are provided as an information service for businesses users.
8/2/10 7:33 PM
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System Expert is particularly focused on technology that delivers advertising to mobile phones.

phone, demographics (gender, address, income, etc.) can be easily obtained, it is possible to deliver the best

System Expert, in addition to this, we are creating a dynamic profile.

Web browsing history and
the last of the user's location at this time has a significant impact on purchasing behavior.

This form of user
profiles in real time, ads are optimized to deliver the message.
About action
Behind these ad serving and search features, Cogito technology that is used.

Cogito and the ad hoc data, the
capability to extract information hiding there.

This process, Semantic Intelligence, called natural language
analysis (Natural Language Processing) technology is used.

Analyzing the structure of the sentence of the
input data is decomposed into components, to understand the text, to understand their meaning.

And to
understand the relationship between the elements contained in the text, as it Conceptual Map, RDF output

Cognito, the relationship between context and define the word "dictionary" and have that with
350,000 words are defined here.

Cogito and the Cartesian "I think we, Therefore I am", and "we think" is a part of.

Cogito, as mentioned
earlier, Semantic Intelligence in information extraction technology from ad hoc data.

This, Business
Intelligence that is the term for the technology to extract information from routine data.

Most of the web and
ad hoc data, Cogito has extracted useful information from this user.

Software, another step has to wear a
human thinking skills.
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