Bazaarvoice Introduces New Innovations for Clients to Achieve More Value from Facebook

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Dec 13, 2013 (5 years and 6 months ago)


Bazaarvoice Introduces New Innovations for Clients to Achieve More Value from Facebook
Benefit Cosmetics, Travelocity, PETCO, and other clients use Bazaarvoice to tap social networks in new
ways to drive clear results and measurable ROI
today announced a series of innovations that enable companies to continue to unlock the value of social networks
for commerce. These new capabilities in the core areas of Sharing, Applications, and Personalization merge the leading edge
of what is possible today with a proven path to clear results and measurable customer ROI.

There is a tremendous amount of opportunity

and hype

in social right now,

said Brett Hurt, Founder and CEO of

Our job is to make sure our clients get immediate access to the social innovations that drive their business
forward by merging what is possible with what works best. We

re very pleased to introduce our latest capabilities that build on
our relationship with Facebook to power real results in commerce.

Our goal at Travelocity is to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and we prioritize social as a means to
that end,

said Simon Rodrigue, Vice President of Site Experience at Travelocity.

We count on Bazaarvoice to show us what is

and what will ultimately have a real impact on our business. The result is rapid innovation that drives our business
forward and keeps our customers happy.

Social Innovation: Sharing
Bazaarvoice is leveraging the improvements to the Facebook Open Graph API announced at F8 to extend its sharing
capabilities. The new enhancements allow consumers to express themselves in fundamental new ways and share their
experiences with their friends and social graph.

Bazaarvoice clients can go beyond


to identify new actions that are relevant to their customers and business and easily
add a custom button that lets customers tell the world that they

O w n


Wish for



a product;


a service; or


at a new hotel, etc.

These pairings connect a person to an action (verb) to a product or service (noun), empowering consumers to say something
new about who they are and what they

re doing, providing valuable insight for other customers in the purchase process.

Actions can appear in a customer

s Facebook News Feed, Ticker, and Timeline to enable new levels of engagement and
Social Innovation: New Bazaarvoice Applications for Facebook
Bazaarvoice debuted its first application with the launch of SocialConnect Ratings & Reviews in June 2010, and nearly 70
built Facebook applications are live today. Now Bazaarvoice is launching two new Bazaarvoice Applications to help
brands engage more fans on Facebook.

With SocialConnect Ask & Answer and SocialConnect Stories, brands can now extend Bazaarvoice

s Ask & Answer and
Stories functionality to their Facebook page to connect with consumers where they are spending an increasing amount of their

Consumers can now share feedback about product and services, ask questions and get answers, and share their

all without leaving Facebook.

These new Bazaarvoice Applications are a powerful foundation for Facebook experiences that are customized to fit a brand

identity, target audience and business goals. Now, within minutes, a brand can supercharge their Facebook presence with the
Bazaarvoice application that is right for them

brand experiences, product reviews, Q&A, idea exchanges, advice and tips, and
seasonal campaigns.
Social Innovation: Personalization
In tandem with the new applications and expanded sharing capabilities, Bazaarvoice is introducing new on
site modules that
allow brands to use friends as a guide for commerce by personalizing the social interactions on their site.

N e w


modules leverage a customer

s Facebook identity and social graph to surface the right products,
services, and user content across the site

not just on the product page.

site experiences encourage consumers to interact with friends and

people like me

in a new way

for example, by
discovering products and reviews, asking questions about a specific item, or seeing friends

recent activity.

Clients can now enhance their site with entire pages dedicated to social discussions, making an unprecedented link between
community and commerce.
Continued Hurt,

It is important to realize that we are still only in the first chapter of this long
term journey with so much more
social innovation to build

but only the innovation that we prove works best.

Additional Resources

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s sold
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, which also features a keynote from Facebook

s Gavin Sathianathan.

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