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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Jenna Hiltbrand

Reading Response Chapter 3

April 4, 2011

There are a number of themes with in the world of digital art. Some of these themes are:
artificial life, telepresence, database aesthetics, mapping, data visualizations, tactical media,
mobile media, social networks and lastly virtual worlds. In this paper we can get a brief
understanding of these themes and why and how they fit into the category of digital art themes.

Starting with artificial life and intelligence, this can be describes

as an area of research
and science mixed with the idea of combining humans and machines together. This could be
through humans and machines interacting, to machines being able to duplicate our human
behaviors into informational units and characters.

rd Dawkins consider

the social and
cultural evolution of the species to

happen through information. This theory

is in turn
shape AI
related art

Telepresence, Telematics, and Telerobotics are among another theme in digital art.
According to Chri
stine Paul, the author of our book
Digital Art,
telecommunication translates as
communication over a distance. (From the Greek, tele, meaning ‘far off’, ‘distant’) An example
of this could be a long distance telegraph message. A message that is sent and re
ceived from
people that are not near one another. Another example of this theme could be like Eduardo Kac,
an artist who allowed his viewers to have the
same viewing experience that of a macaw bird and
be transported into the macaws world.

Databases, Da
ta Visualization, and Mapping

are all a grouped theme in digital art. This
can be understood in a way that data is not a tangible thing that one can hold, data is something
that can be saved on database or mapped out for us in a way on other computers or d
describes it as information and data sets are intrinsically visible, that is they exist as processes
that are not necessarily visible or graspable such as the transferal and transmission of a data via

Another theme found within dig
ital art
world is
Text and Narrative Environments
. In
today’s time period the best example I can provide is the internet. This is a place where no one
can physically visit but we can all log onto our computers and find information that is stored in
this d
igital environment. In this specific environment there are also networks that can be
accessed to other certain smaller environments.

Another large theme in digital art is gaming. Gaming can be seen all over today in
arcades and at home with the invention
of this like PlayStations and Wii. These at home devices
allow us to play video games that lead us to believe that we have control of a make
fantasy land where we control the outcomes. These games can consist of you playing as a solo
player and gam
es where multiple people can log in and everyone plays from different computers
and televisions.

Here we have covered just a short amount of information about digital themes, as there
are a few more that were listed at the beginning of the paper, but this


touched on some of
the main key themes that people can most relate to even if they have never really been exposed
to digital art.