In our heated learning of the scope of genetic programming ...

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Oct 15, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


In our heated learning of the scope of genetic programming, before we knew all the players and their
inevitable disappearance, Brad and I looked hard into finding all the possible sites we could with
anything of value. This led to a flurry of emails with
about all the applicable sites. Going through all of
them is another problem. This is that log for easy searching later. I’ll note the last update on the sites to
show the trend of the owners being disappeared.

Hello World in Genetic Algorithms. Last



This site looks fairly recent. It has a couple tutorials on genetic programming. Looks fairly simple and
promising. Provides basic source
code in C but most everything else is in C++.

AI Life Games.

Last update


Made Artificial Life base games. Games include: bSerene and DungeonMaker. bSerene is a FPS with AL
based enemy tactics (unverified). DungeonMaker is what it soun
ds but is based on random map
generation. I don’t see a source code for anything. They have a big project called BigProject that is to
create a true AI or consciousness. They’re third place to Ben Goertzel and Ray Kurzweil.


Last Update


Mostly AI
centric information. Site seems very helpful but most of the links are broken. Likely it’s an
abandoned site after the owner’s demise.

The Multivers
e According to Ben

Last update


Mostly AI
centric. Information about the singularity and other such stuff.

Genetic Programming

Last upda



Home of the “Humies” Award. Lots of good official intimidating links that make me more aware that
there are many great minds doing exactly what we’re t
rying to do. Lots of Phds. And Koza’s site is
hosted here as the other is abandoned. Also Koza’s last paper was from 2004 and last reference in
Wikipedia is from 2006. He’s likely dead.

The link to The Field Guide to genetic programming.

I don’t suspect it’ll be there forever.

Gene Expression Programming

Last updated



Looks like a wealth of information about the math behind all this genetic stuff. This is badly needed for
both of us. The book,
Gene Expression Programming:

thematical Modeling by an Artificial Intelligence
, I can’t find for free. This bothers me as the sticker
price is between 140 and 180 USD. Find this book.

Karl Sims

Last updated


Last GP update 1994

He used LISP and Koza’s programs to make GP art and Evolved Virtual Creatures which were again used
for art. Little imagination beyond this. Interested in the source code. Some use in his papers as they
are another take on what

Koza wrote, which is something we’ll have to do as well.


Last update


I like

Java applet. I may be able to get source code from the address at the b
ottom of the site. I
think it would make an excellent little game if it were mixed with LineRider and maybe made more
Excellent first game potential.


Last update


This is an odd little math crunching programming finds the best sort of equation to solve the problem
under certain variables. It’s Interesting but over my head right now. I don’t know how you can
solve a math problem.


Last Update


Seems like a small application to add an evolution based element to certain C/C++ chucks of code. This
is all I could mak
e out of the poorly translated front page. “
Critticall is a digital environment, where an
input algorithm is a subject to a digital evolution. The fitness may be the speed or the length of the
code. Ever better algorithms are surviving small random change
s and are the output result.” Sounds
awesome and it’s free. Some source code is available but not to the Critticall program.

Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms

Last Update



This looks like a big thesis link dump. Tons and tons of things that need to be read here. There is no
shortage of things that need to be read it seems. Should be easier once we get a better grasp of these
programs and h
ave a better idea what we’re doing.

The Genetic Programming Software Paradigm

Last Update


This is another link dump site. Contains several large GP organizations and One could get lost in these
and we need to. When things like this are left on the internet…links break. Information is lost. I need to

aside some time and go through this site before anymore is lost. Trouble is that the links can lead to
more links and so forth.

Numerical Computation Guide

This has not so much to do with either GP or GEP but the math behind computer operations. I’ll be
willing to bet that it will become invaluable the deeper we delve into these problems. I’ve read to near
the into of floating point environmen

Artificial Life Links

Last Updated


Like the name says, it’s another link dump site. Looks fairly complete. Its onus is more on A
e and not
GP but it seems more and more those are intertwined. Although it looks to be updated the most
recently there are still a few broken links. The same names keep appearing which is helping me think
we’re grasping the major players.

neural networ
ks research group

Last Updated


The link directly leads to a synopsis on a paper about rtNEAT (real
time NeuroEvolution of Augmented
ologies). I’ve seen that name before on some other site’s I’ve visited. Basically it’s about the neural
networks, when taught specific skills, they tend to forget the old stuff. It’s mostly centric on videogame
AI so it’ll be important to understand.

The GP Mancala Project

Last Update


This was a senior project that led to some of the possible limits to GP. He had a evolution based
ram play a specific (expert) algorithm until it could win most of the time. And then he played the
evolved program against 1000 other programs and in turn, lost terribly to each. It grew to thrive in
environment and when it was taken out it was lost. It
’s a very accurate description of evolution.

Computer Programming Algorithms Directory

Looks like a link dump for algorithms. It’s helpful but not exactly relevant except the five links to Genetic
algorithms; one of which is already broken.

Survival of the Fittest: Natural Selection with Windows Forms

This shows how to genetically program in C# and CodeDOM(?). It looks horribly useful but way over my
head. Even browsing it hurts.

A definite must read. The Code has been downloaded to The Project
folder. Anything from MSDN looks awesome. Microsoft is fantastic.

The Genetic Programming Notebook.

This has a bunch of current links and a list of books, some of which I’ve never heard. It’s actually a very
useful site by the look of things for the book links alone. A found a couple broken links in my quick
perusing of the site.

The Home of Genet
ic Programming

Last Updated

July 8, 2007


This is the site that hosts Koza’s site. They have tons of papers and is probably the most official site on
the subject of g
enetic programming.

AITopics on Genetic Algorithms

This website is scary how close ideas a
re coming in line with Brad’s and mine. Koza apparently invented
an invention machine in 2006. I’m pretty sure it invented a knife to stab its inventor and Koza now lives
through his machine. About the site: It’s a subtopic of artificial life on the po
int of GP and GAs. Lots of
really cool links to good reads.

Memrister minds

It’s a maddening article about a new electronic component called the memrister. It was theorized by its
absence in the early 70s. Now it’s been discovered and explains so many thing
s about the human mind.
It’s being used to build incredibly complex and wholly new circuits to attempt conciseness. Sadly as
deep as we are in GP (not very) and how far off this is from commercial use, our AI will be of a different
archetype. Maybe we’l
l get them to fight. Ours will be an unyielding, unstopping computational
hellspawn, half birthed and trying to become complete. Theirs will be a new life trying to learn how to
love in an artificial field of flowers.

A Robot That's Learning to Smile

It’s a short article about a computer placed in an external feedback loop to control Einstein’s face.

We are not alone: Artif
icial Life Growing on the Internet

This is a small site with several examples of faux life on the internet. Touches briefly on Tierra,
Polyworld, Boids, and
Conway’s Game of Life. Okay stuff. Links at the bottom. Pictures!


It’s an artificial ecosystem. Just a good reference and watermark.


Similar to PolyWorld. Good reference. Here’s the download for the distributed world.

Evolving Game
Playing Strategies with Genetic Programming

Kind of our exact idea. Too bad there’s been nothing done since 20

Using Genetic Programming To Evolve Soccer Teams


Same as above. Last update was 2007.

My Genes Can Do Reverse Engineering

I think this counts as GEP. Still can’t have too much stuff.

Artificial Life

Link dump to about a hundred little programs that mimic life. Tons of Applets.


Genetic Art. Meh.

NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) Users Page

It is a method for evolving artificial neural networks with a genetic algorithm.
” Sounds good and it’s
very open source. In fact it sounds awesome. And then I saw this page.

I began
to panic because this is partially what Brad and I are doing. But then the last update was
in 2007. So it’s
all good.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

A lot about AI. I couldn’t find anything to peak my interest but there could be something. I di
dn’t want
to exclude it because of my hasty browsing.

Gene Expression Programming (GEP) in C# and .NET


I love this article. It explains everything lacking in GEP. It’s a better example of its capabilites than the
home website. Plus, it shows how cool C# is.

ECJ 19

A Java
based Evolutionary Computation Research System

I was planning on going to GMU but I chose UAT (they chose me, more like it). Now I learn they have a
EC research lab. Hell. This is the fruits of their labor. I don’t know
what it does. I read the description a
few times but still no synapses fired in my brain. Lost on this one.



Software For Predictive Modeling and Forecasting

It’s like a system for building tree hierarchies. And most GP takes after Koza’s initial design of trees in
LISP. But this has examples of GEP rather than GP.

Gene Expression Programming: Mathematical Modeling by an Artificial Intelligence


This is the book for GEP. It’s the first edition but still good. I can’t find the second edition anywhere.
I’ve l
ooked too. Hard.

Get A

Not much going on here. Links to Dawkins and something called CoreWars. Also this book called
Armchair Universe

Out of Control
. That might be the fruit of this site.

Neural and Evolutionary Approaches to Domain Independent Object Recognition

Title sums it all up very well. Mostly medical use for genetic search algorithms. Finding tumors and
such. I don’t know why I linked this.

Visual Aesthe
tic Evolutionary Design Links

I hate all the “Art through GP” concept. But this is about the best link for it all I could find. Very
complete and verbose.

ognitive Science & Robotics


This site, sigh, had an ass ton of helpful looking links. Eight out of eight that I tried to quickly ch
failed. As far as I can tell, the whole site is one giant broken link. But there are five books at the title
that look interesting. That’s about all there is here.

Books we need.

Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 App


Sync: How Order Emerges From Chaos In the Universe, Nature, and Daily Life

by Steven H. Strogatz

Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence by Andries P. Engelbrecht

Evolutionary Dynamics: Exploring the Equations of Life by
Martin A. Nowak

Foundations of
Genetic Programming by William B. Langdon, Riccardo Poli

Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning

David E. Goldberg

Introduction to Evolutionary Computing (Natural Computing Series) by A.E. Eiben,
J.E. Smith

David E.

How to Solve It
: Modern Heuristics (Hardcover)
by Zbigniew Michalewicz
David B. Fogel

Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems (Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of
lexity Proceedings)
by Eric Bonab
, Marco Dorigo, Guy Theraulaz

Creation: Life

and How to Make It
by Steve Grand

An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms (Compl
ex Adaptive Systems)
by Melanie Mitchell

Artificial Life: A Report from the Frontie
r Where Computers Meet Biology
by Steven Levy