Network Management with JMX

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Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Network Management
with JMX

Thu Nguyen

Oliver Argente


JMX Overview


Java Management Extensions

Technology for managing and monitoring
networks, systems, applications, and services

Provides tools for building modular and dynamic
managing and monitoring solutions

platform Alternative to SNMP

Uses Java classes called MBeans to expose mgmt
interface of the managed devices

JMX Manager

JMX Overview…

Benefits of JMX



Implementation Cost

Where is it used?

web phones to set
top boxes to network devices
and servers

Who uses JMX?

IBM, HP, AdventNet, Sun, Tomcat, Oracle

J2EE vendors such as: JBoss, Enhydra, Weblogic

JMX Architecture (3 Layers)

Manager Level

Link between mgmt application and
JMX agent

Making integration possible

Where JMX Manager resides

Agent Level

Contains JMX agents

Has 2 components: MBean Server &
Agent Services

Instrumentation Level

Defines manageable resources

Has 3 components

Architectural Components

(Instrumentation Level)

MBeans (Managed Beans)

central blocks of the instrumentation level

Makes resources manageable by defining characteristics and

Employs dynamic class loading

Notification Model

Can be manipulated to send critical messages

Similar to SNMP Trap

MBean Metadata Classes

Defines MBean components (i.e. attributes, operations, etc…)

Also contains names, description, characteristics, etc…

Architectural Components


Standard MBean

Java objects that conform to certain design pattern

Simpler and quicker to implement

Mgmt interfaces, operations, & attributes are static

Method names describe the mgmt interface.

Best used for setting up new manageable resources

Dynamic MBean

Generic methods are used for setting/getting attributes

Mgmt interfaces exposed at run time

Quite complex to implement

They can be used to access non
Java native resources

Architectural Components


Model MBean

Fully configurable and self describe at run time

It’s an MBean template because it uses generic,
configurable MBean classes

Gives managers additional info about managed
resources such as runtime & behavioral data.

Open MBean

self defining and portable

Can be managed by non
Java based mgmt

Architectural Components

(Agent Level)

MBean Server

Repository of MBeans

Involved in the MBean registration

Agent Services

customizable objects

Dynamic Class Loader

can load new
classes from any network location


Observes changes


Scheduling mechanism

Relation Services

defines relationship
between MBeans

JMX Connectors and
Protocol Adapters

Remote Monitoring with JMX Connectors

Create point to point communication

Consists of 2 components

Connector Server

Connector Client

Connector Heartbeats

Protocol Adapters

Provides view of an agent and its MBeans thru different

Accessing Non
Java Programs

Software components residing on the server/managed devices

On Example of JMX

Router Management

Program Demonstration

Network Management
with JMX

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Who uses jmx:

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