Wireless sensor networks in day care

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Nov 21, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Wireless sensor networks

day care


Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Rector’s office
, Oulu



Wireless sensor networks will become common in
few years. One of future users will be also
day care
system. In this paper is some analyzing and situation
survey what could WSN technologies offer for day
care problems.
Also few new possibilities is
These include
for example new time
, which enables monitoring exact hours of
ay care time for part time day care children
security and

also monitor children welfare
during day care day. Used example of the day care
center is located in Oulu area.

There is 4 groups of
children, divided by age of children and need of day
care time. What would costs be and how much will
all participants benefit for wireless sensor networks?
Also SWOT analyze is used to find out how well
WSN fits for day care.

Adopting new technologies in
traditional non
technological areas can be slow and
ifficult. Technology has to be easy to take use and
adopt and it can’t cost very much. Well designed,
cheap, easy to install and easy use system will have
global markets.

ireless sensor networks, W
SN, Day Care,



day care


includes many
variety of different

day care

methods. Only one third of
age of under 3 years children are in day care center.

Family day care is also one option for day care. Both

mentioned options also include

a po
ssibility to be as a
part time day care and that causes difficulties to monitor
exact hours of day care per day. Wireless sensor
networks could solve this issue.

Also security has become a major issue in day care.
There are external threats which are comi
ng from
completely strangers and also custody problems with
other parent can cause threats too. Also preventing
children to escape from day care center is important.

Day care center’s

environment and
facilities and

All day care centers have bee
n very well fenced. It
has already been considered that children should not be
able to climb over fence. Gates are heavy and made
difficult to children to open but are still relatively easy
to open for adults. Despite of that some older children
have opene
d gate and made a runaway from day care
centers area. That problem can be solved with wireless
sensor networks.

Building is architecturally designed for needs of day
care. It provides good

for all of those 4 groups.
It could be very easy to add

wireless sensor network
inside the building.

Staff members
are not trained to use any kind of
technological equipment, so if there is going to be some
new techniques to use, it has to be easy to use and all
users has to be trained to use those equipment.

Oulu area has become world widely used as a
technology city, using wireless sensor networks would
also be very new world wide.

of the wireless sensor system in day care

It is necessarily that something has to be done for
problems in day ca
re. There is going to be changes to
this day’s day care system. When price of intelligent
chips is decreasing all the time, that one who has
already some 100% proof working easily usable system
for day care is going to b a market leader.

City administratio
n is going to benefit financially
when day care needs are measured more exactly as
before. Also especially family day care children
‘working hours’ are calculated much more exactly as at
the moment. It is clear that

a worker in a

family day
care will also
be one major
benefit gainers. Also child
does not have to be in day care from early to hours to
late hours without anybody knowing it.


If wireless sensor networks are going to be adopted
in day care, only way to start properly is c
dialogue between the
day care


city administration
and the company who is going to desing and implement
that system. Also some experimental users are going to
be needed when first demos are ready to be

Funding should not come problem, only

thing what
really is needed is certain amount of Oulu's knowhow

good will and strong attidute!