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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Take full advantage of the power and flexibility of Sharp OSA® technology
to take MFP scanning to the next level. Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs can now
become the most versatile document capture device in your office.
With the Sharp Business Systems MyFolder feature, your Sharp MFP now
becomes a convenient way to scan and save routine hardcopy documents to
any network share. For IT Administrators who want to simplify the scanning
process and give users access to the “Home Folders” without a complex setup,
MyFolder is the solution.
With seamless integration to Microsoft® Active Directory® networks, authenticated
users will have access to all shared network folders right from the Sharp OSA-
enabled MFP’s control panel. For security conscious organizations, network
administrators have full control of what is displayed on the Sharp MFP’s front
panel via Microsoft Active Directory and the easy to use configuration utility.
For easy integration, MyFolder supports Microsoft Active Directory log-in scripts
that automatically map shared drives once authenticated, just like when you
log-in on a Windows® PC.

Scan directly to your home folder

Browse network shares to

locate folders

Make new sub-folders

on demand

Rename files

Quick and easy set-up

Requires scanner user


Supports Active Directory

log-in scripts

Network Administrators can

set user access

Supports Windows

security policies

Optional ability to add data to a
scanned image file
Sharp, Sharp OSA and all related trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sharp
Corporation and/or its affiliated companies. Microsoft, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, Windows,
Windows Vista, Windows Server are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other trademarks
are the property of their respected holders. Design specifications subject to change without notice.
Required Sharp MFP Additional Equipment
• MX-AMX2/ Sharp OSA® Application Communication Module (ACM)

• MX-NSX1 / Sharp Network Scanner Expansion Kit
MyFolder Server Requirements
• Processor speed of 1.5GHz or greater, 5GB+ of free HDD space and

• Microsoft Windows® XP Professional SP3+ or Windows 2003 Server

SP2+ (32-bit version only), Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/

Ultimate edition SP2+, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7

• Microsoft IIS Web Services running
• Domain administrator and/or local administrator access to the host

• Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
• IIS FTP Services installed and running (for Sharp OSA version 2.0

enabled MFPs)
• MyFolder cannot be installed on a server with Microsoft

SharePoint® or SharePoint Server
Standard on most models.
For scan transfers via FTP protocol, the configuration application installed on Windows Vista or
Windows 2008 Server S2 (IIS 7.0) require IIS 6 Management Compatibility be installed in order to
create the virtual directory for FTP. For transfers via FTP, the configuration application installed on
Windows 7 (IIS 7.5) requires the FTP virtual directory to be manually created. These prerequisites are
not required for scan transfers via http and SMB protocols on Sharp OSA 3.x enabled devices.

Delivering the Next Generation

of Productivity
The Sharp Business Systems software development
and professional services team is dedicated to
transforming your Sharp MFP into a powerful
information portal by creating Sharp OSA software
and application connectors that are unique to
Sharp. Our application connectors can provide
instant access to your current business applications
like accounting or document management
software right on the MFP.
Our Sharp Partner Program has a long list of
available connectors; however, if a connector
for your business application doesn’t exist, we
can customize one for you. That’s not all; SBS is
available for custom development engagements,
providing detailed Statements of Work, mobile
application development and integration, as
well as digital signage development. We can
also provide Proof of Concepts, often within a
few weeks, depending on the complexity of the
required integration.
The power to integrate and customize your Sharp
MFP is virtually limitless with our dedicated
development and professional services team and
our Sharp Partner Program. To learn more, ask your
Sharp Business Systems Representative for more
details or visit
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