Using Microsoft IIS as a Proxy for MitsWeb


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MitsWeb Proxy Setup Guide
Using MitsWeb Gateway with a Proxy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Using Apache as a Proxy for MitsWeb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Using Microsoft IIS as a Proxy for MitsWeb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Using MitsWeb Gateway with a Proxy
Using MitsWeb Gateway with a Proxy
MitsWeb can be configured to use Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
or Apache as a proxy. When MitsWeb is configured this way, users connect to
the proxy server instead of directly to the MitsWeb Gateway.
In the above diagram, MitsWeb Gateway connects to MitsServer using the same
method as it does without using a Proxy Server. The Proxy Server (which resides
outside the company’s firewall in the example above), is set up to forward
requests back to the MitsWeb Gateway and forward the responses back to the
requesting browsers. For added security, the proxy server can also be placed
behind a firewall.
Using Apache as a Proxy for MitsWeb
Using Apache as a Proxy for MitsWeb
Note: If your Apache server hosts or wi l l host web pages avai l abl e to the
publ i c i nternet, do not perform these steps unti l your Apache server has
been properl y secured to prevent unauthori zed access. An “open” proxy
server is dangerous to your network as wel l as the i nternet at l arge, and
runni ng an unsecured proxy server coul d al l ow unauthori zed access to
your potenti al l y sensi ti ve MITS data. Ti ps for securi ng Apache HTTP
Ser ver can be acqui red from
. From the l ist of
l inks on the l eft sel ect Docs, then Vers i on 2.0, then Modul es, then
• Open the httpd.conf Apache configuration file in a text editor and make the
following changes:
• Locate the following lines in the Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Sup-
port section based on the version of Apache HTTP Server in use. Verify
that these lines are not disabled. (A disabled line begins with a # sign.
To enable a disabled line, simply remove the # character from the begin-
ning of the line.)
If you’re using Apache version 2.x
LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/
If you’re using Apache version 1.x
AddModule mod_proxy.c
LoadModule proxy_module modules/
• Locate the section labeled <IfModule mod_proxy.c>. If this section
does not exist, add it as follows:
<IfModule mod_proxy.c>
ProxyRequests off
ProxyPass /mitsweb http://SERVER:PORT
Using Apache as a Proxy for MitsWeb
• If this section already exists, add the following line between the <IfMod-
ule mod_proxy.c> and </IfModule> tags:
ProxyPass /mitsweb http://SERVER:PORT
Note: In the two steps above, “SERVER” and “PORT” shoul d be
repl aced wi th the IP address or DNS name and appropriate port
number for the Mi tsWeb Gateway.)
• Save the modified httpd.conf file.
• Restart the Apache HTTP server to apply the new configuration.
• In the MitsWeb Gateway interface, verify that the Web Service Status is
stopped. If it is listening, open the Web Connection menu and select Stop
• From the MitsWeb Gateway File menu, select Properties then select Web
• Set the Location property to:
Using Microsoft IIS as a Proxy for MitsWeb
Using Microsoft IIS as a Proxy for MitsWeb
This installation process must be performed on the server hosting IIS.

These i nstal l ation instructions are i ntended for MITS versi on 5.3 and
Mi crosoft Internet Information Servi ces versi on 5.0 or greater. The
Mi crosoft .NET Framework versi on 1.1 or greater must be instal l ed
before begi nni ng these confi gurati on steps. The Mi crosoft .NET
Framework can be downl oaded from
Note: If you are usi ng Wi ndows 2003 and IIS i s not al ready runni ng on
the server, the fol l owi ng command wi l l need to be executed to regi ster
ASP.NET wi th IIS:
aspnet_regiis.exe -i
By default, this program is located in the following location:
1. Install the MitsWeb Proxy Software
• Disconnect and close the MitsWeb Gateway software if it is running. If
MitsWeb is running as a Windows service, stop the service.
• Unzip the file into a temporary folder.
• Execute the Setup.exe installation file from the temporary folder.
• Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
Note: The Compl ete i nstal l ation opti on wil l create the Mi tsWeb IIS vi rtual
directory under the defaul t IIS root directory. The Cus tom i nstal l ati on
option al l ows you to speci fy where the Mi tsWeb IIS vi rtual directory
wi l l be i nstal l ed.
Using Microsoft IIS as a Proxy for MitsWeb
Note: If you are usi ng Wi ndows Server 2003: When the i nstal l ati on
process i s f i ni shed, l aunch the Internet Inf ormati on Ser vi ces
configurati on tool whi ch can be accessed through the Wi ndows control
panel under Admi nis trative Tool s. Expand the entr y for your computer
and cl i ck on the Web Servi ce Extens i ons di rector y. Sel ect Acti ve Server
Pages and cl ick Al l ow then sel ect ASP.NETv1.1.x and cl i ck Al l ow.
Cl ose the IIS configurati on tool.
2. Configure the MitsWeb Proxy Settings
• Using Windows Explorer, browse to the IIS MitsWeb directory. (The default
is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MitsWeb.)
• Open the web.config file in any standard text editor.
• Change the value for WebGatewayLocation to point to your MitsWeb Gate-
way. (The default is http://localhost:8080.)
<!-- Proxy Setting
Modify this key to point to the MitsWeb gateway
<add key="WebGatewayLocation" value="http://localhost:8080" />
• Locate the file in the IIS MitsWeb directory named colors.css. Copy this file
to the installation directory for the MitsWeb Gateway application, overwriting
any existing version of this file in this directory. (The default is C:\Program
• Open the MitsWeb Gateway application from the Windows Start menu.
(Select the standard MitsWeb shortcut from the Start menu. Do not use the
MitsWeb AutoStart shortcut for this step.)
• From the File menu select Properties.
• On the Properties page select Web Properties.
• Change the Location field to point to the HTTP address of the MitsWeb vir-
tual directory on your IIS server. Include “MitsWeb.aspx?” at the end of the
location address.