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entre for Values, Ethics and the

law in Medic

Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics

Faculty of Pharmacy

Australian Institute of Health Inno
vation, University of New South Wales


“Doing Drugs: The ethics, economics and politics

of national and international medicines policies.”

Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre

Level 3, Eastern Avenue

(lift access)

Tuesday 29

November, 2011


e and introduction

Associate Professor Ian Kerridge

Director, Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine


Barbara Mintzes

Member, Drug Assessment Working Group, Therapeutics Initiative , Assistant
Professor, Department of
Pharmacology & The
rapeutics, University of British Columbia


consumer advertising of prescription medicines: evidence
based policy or policy
based evidence?


Philip Clark

Associate Professor (Research), Health Economics, Sydney School of Public Heal
University of Sydney


The price is wrong: Pharmaceutical benefits scheme and generic drugs in Australia


Morning tea break


Tony Smith


Emeritus Professor , Clinical Pharmacology, Calvary Mater Hospital,



and im
plementing medicines policy in developing countries


Hans Lofgren


Senior Lecturer and Associate Head (International and Community Engagement), School
of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University.


The pharmaceutical industry in India:

product patents and affordability


Lunch break


Ken Harvey

Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health, La Trobe University

Topic: The SensaSlim Saga: Containing unethical promotion nationally and internationally


Evan Doran

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Topic: Smells like mean spirit: Australia’s prescription medicine cost
sharing policy


Afternoon tea break


Wendy Lipworth


NH&MRC Postdoctoral Resea
rch Fellow at the Australian Institute of Health
Innovation (UNSW) and an Affiliate of the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (University
of Sydney).

plus panel


label prescribing


Seminar closes

istant Professor Barbara Mintzes

the Department of An
Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of British Columbia, and works with
UBC’s Therapeutics Initiative to carry out evaluations of the effectiveness and safety of
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T楲散瑥T p牯mo瑩on on pr敳e物ring 慮T
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students on drug promotion. She has worked for many years with women’s health and
捯n獵s敲e group
猬s 慮T 楳i 愠 memb敲 of 瑨攠 却敥物rg g牯up o映 坯m敮e 慮T H敡汴栠
P牯瑥c瑩tnⰠ愠䍡C慤楡i non
p牯晩琠g牯up⸠卨攠Uo汤猠愠M楣i慥氠Sm楴i 䙯unT慴aon 景r
Health Research Scholar Award, and is a faculty associate with UBC’s Centre for Health
卥牶楣S猠慮s Po汩cy⁒敳e慲

A/Prof Philip Clarke

has spent the last ten years primarily involved in the economic
analysis of diabetes using patient level data from several large scale clinical trials
including United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) and the FIELD and

ADVANCE studies. He has ongoing collaborative research projects with several
overseas research groups at Harvard University, Oxford University, the University of
Lund and the University of Antwerp. His research interests include developing methods
to valu
e the benefits of improving access to health care, measurement of health
inequalities and the use of simulation models in health economic evaluation.

He has also undertaken several international comparisons of pharmaceutical prices
and engaged in health po
licy debates in regarding the pricing of generic
pharmaceuticals in Australia.

Emeritus Professor Anthony J Smith
was b
orn and educated in UK. Medical degree
and research doctorate from Oxford University. Fellow, of the Royal College of
Physicians (Lo
ndon). Lecturer in Medicine. Lagos University, Nigeria 1963
1965. Senior
Lecturer, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Sheffield, UK 1965
Foundation Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Newcastle, NSW,
Australia 1978
1997. Emer
itus Professor, Clinical Pharmacology, University of
Newcastle, 1997

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now renamed

Advisory Committee on Comp
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2009. Consul tant for vari ous organi sati ons (WHO, AusAID, HIC
Worl d Bank).
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Hans Lofgren

is Senior Lecturer and Associate Head (International and Community
Engagement), School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University. His
principal rese
arch interest is the political economy of pharmaceuticals and
biotechnology. He also teaches Indian Politics and has travelled widely in India. Recent
publications include Lofgren, H and Benner, M (2011) 'A Global Knowledge Economy?:
Biopolitical Strategie
s in India and the European Union', Journal of Sociology, 47 (2)
180; and Lofgren, H, de Leeuw, E & M Leahy (eds) ( 2011) Democratising Health:
Consumer Groups in the Policy Process, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

Dr Ken Harvey

is a public health phy
sician with a particular interest in medicines
policy. He was a member of the expert group that drafted the World Health
Organization "Ethical Criteria for Medicinal Drug Promotion". He has been a member
of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Health and Ration
al use of Medicines (PHARM)
Committee that formulated the quality use of medicines pillar of Australian medicines
policy. He recently served on Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Transparency
Review Panel and also the government Working Group on Promot
ion of Therapeutic
Products. Dr. Harvey has been awarded life membership of Choice (the Australia
Consumer's Association) for services to the consumer movement, is Chair of the
Governing Council, Health Action International, Asia Pacific and currently hold
s the
position of Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health, La Trobe University.

Dr Evan Doran

is a
health social scientist who
joined VELiM in 2010 as a Senior
Research Fellow on the Clinical Ethics Capacity Building Project, collaboration be
VELiM and NSW Health. Before joining VELiM , Evan was a member of the Discipline of
Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Newcastle undertaking public health and
epidemiological research with particular focus on the political
economic a
cultural factors influencing patient pharmaceutical demand. Evan’s work has
been published journals such as Social Science and Medicine, Medical Journal of
Australia, Australian, Journal of Australian Political Economy, Australian Health

Dr Wendy Lipworth

is medical graduate (UNSW 1999) and was awarded her PhD in
2009 (University of Sydney). Wendy is now a NH&MRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at
the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (UNSW) and an Affiliate of the Centre for
ues, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (University of Sydney). Her research focuses
primarily on the ethics of drug development/clinical research, as well as the links
between clinical research, rational prescribing, evidence
based medicine and the
"Quality U
se of Medicines" (QUM). Other research interests include the peer review
process in biomedicine and the ethics and law of biobanking (tissue banking).