Design of FRP-wrapped reinforced concrete columns for enhancing ...

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Design of FRP
wrapped reinforced concrete columns for enhancing axial load carrying capacity

Wang, Yung
Chih (Department of Civil Engineering, National Central University); Hsu, K. Source:
Composite Structures, v 82, n 1, January, 2008, p 132

ay of superconductivity and rattling phenomena in β
pyrochlore KOs2O6 studied by
photoemission spectroscopy

Shimojima, T. (Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), University of Tokyo); Shibata, Y.; Ishizaka,
K.; Kiss, T.; Chainani, A.; Yokoya, T.; Togash
i, T.; Wang, X.
Y.; Chen, C.T.; Watanabe, S.;
Yamaura, J.; Yonezawa, S.; Muraoka, Y.; Hiroi, Z.; Saitoh, T.; Shin, S. Source: Physical Review
Letters, v 99, n 11, Sep 13, 2007, p 117003

Database: Compendex

The electronic structure near the Fermi level (E
F) of the
pyrochlore superconductor KOs2O6 is
studied using laser
excited ultrahigh
resolution photoemission spectroscopy. The superconducting
gap clearly opens across the superconducting transition (Tc=9
.6 K), with the strong
phonon coupling value of 2(0)/kBTc4.56. A fitting analysis identifies clear anomalies at
Tp=7.5 K in the temperature dependencies of the superconducting gap size and the quasiparticle
relaxation lifetime. These anomalies and

the fine spectral structures arising from phonons suggest
that the existence of the rattling behavior of K ions significantly affects the superconductivity in