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CAS Highlights

March/April 2011

Over 100
CAS students

were recognized at the
College of Arts and Sciences

Student Recognition Ceremony on April 26.

The 2011 CAS Outstanding Student Award
went to
Alyssa DeGrace,
major in

and a member of the Honors College,
Adrian Kohut, Chemistry
and a member of the Honors College

Honorable Mention.

CAS faculty serving on the selection committee were
Karen Usher, Chemistry, Geeta Shivde, Psychology; Graham MacPhee, English;
Daniel Forbes, Philosophy
Karen Vanlandingham, Geology/Astronomy.

names of other students who were honored at the event can be found on the program
posted on a C
AS Bulletin board inside the CAS Dean’s offices.

The faculty members
who organized the reception are
Professors Blaise Frost, Chemistry; John Hanson,
English; Martin Helmke, Geology/Astronomy; LaTonya Thames
Taylor, History
Alice Speh, Languages and

Liberal Studies Program.

CAS Faculty
who received the 2011 Presidential Faculty grants were:

Daria Nikitina,
Geology/Astronomy; Oné Pagan, Biology, Lisa Ruchti, Anthropology/Sociology
Women’s and Gender Studies
; and
Allison Kol
pas, Mathematics

he following
CAS faculty

received CASSDA awards in the Spring 2011

Kim Bridgford, English
Poetry Center; Valerian DeSousa,
Anthropology/Sociology; Lisa Kirschenbaum, History; Graham MacPhee, English
ege Literature; Carolyn Sorisio, English;
Jessica Schedlbauer,

CAS faculty
serving on the selection committee were:
Matthew Pierlott,
Philosophy; Ellie Brown, Psychology; Hyoejin Yoon, English; Jeffrey Sudol,
Michael Moran, Chemi

The following
CAS students

have received CAS Undergraduate Research Awards in
the Spring 2011 semester:

Margaret Harris, Anthropology/Sociology; Karl
Girthofer, Computer Science; Brittany Johnstone, Physics; Robert Wasylyk

Languages and Cultures; Alannah Crooms and Terra Spotts, Psychology; Ashley
Duffy, Geology/Astronomy; Hannah Mistovich, Languages and Cultures; Tyler
Scharadin, Psychology;
Danielle Mosby, Psychology.

CAS faculty
who served
on the selection comm
ittee were:
Mehran Asadi, Computer Science; Ola Kopacz,
Communication Studies; John Leveille, Anthropology/Sociology; Rosemary
Sullivan, Mathematics;
Kuhio Walters, English.

On April 27, 2011, the
Geology/Astronomy Department

held the “Trial of Galil
eo” in
the Main Hall Auditorium, which was well attended by CAS Dean, faculty and

The student production which recreated the events leading to Galileo’s
stunning conviction by the Holy Office of the Inquisition, included singing nuns and
te costumes.

The WCU Master of Science degree and graduate certification in
Applied Statistics

was featured in an article in
Pennsylvania Biowatch
, Vol. 9, Issue 3, the online journal
covering Pennsylvania’s Bioscience Industry.

Mathematics Depart

third annual Integration Bee held on April 13, 2011,
was a huge success.

Mike Savoy, Mathematics

Physics major,

took first

Alex Meade, Mathematics major
, took second place, and
Brian Kolins,
Mathematics major
, took third place.

Pharmaceutical Product Development

program held Alumni Night on April

Cassie Callmann, PPD major
and AMGEN (biotech company) Scholar, organized
the event.

Students were interactive with the alumni panel:

Dan Farina, with the
consulting firm Junto HL
S; Sara McKowan, who works for Omnicare (a clinical research
organization); and Nina Moore, who is with a pharmaceutical company.

The event was
well attended and students are looking forward to holding another Alumni Night next

Philosophy Depa

held a conference on Buddhist Ethics at WCU in
February, which featured several of the biggest names in Buddhist scholarship in the

David R. Loy, Jin Y. Park, American University, Washington, D.C.; Dr. Charles
Johnson, Professor Emeritus,
University of Washington, Seattle, who spoke on “Why
Buddhism for Black America Now?”

Over 100 students, faculty, and members of the
public attended.

Faculty from Haverford College, the University of Pennsylvania,
Temple University, Rosemont College, an
d LaSalle University offered commentary, as
Professor Frank Hoffman, Philosophy
, who is the current Chair of the Greater
Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium.

Members of the organizing committee

Helen Schroepfer, Frank Hoffman, Joan Wo
, and
Moore, Philosophy

Engineering majors

put their design skills to the test by building a 12
trebuchet that launches a cantaloupe
sized object.

WCU students chose the “floating
arm trebuchet” design, and took second
place in the competition held at Kutztown
University on April 10. Their best launch hurled their object 350 ft. The trebuchet
competitions are becoming very popular due to their alluring combination of technical
challenges and good old fashioned fun. The p
roject team included
Desmond Frost,
Chris Massaro, Caleb Keay, Jacob Lawton
, and
Kurt van Mol

The trebuchet was
funded by the Society of Physics Students. Additional information can be found at the
WCU Physics’ Department website:

The 4th Annual TESOL/Applied Linguistics/Foreign Languages (TALFL) Conference
entitled “Best Practices in Language Teaching and Learning” was held at WCU’s
Graduate Business Center on March 26, 2011.

There were presentations by current
WCU TESOL students,

Santo Federico, Leslie Greenlee, Meredith Benson,
Alethea Eichhoefer
; and by

Andrea Varricchio
Languages and Cultures
with undergraduate students
Maggie Busch, Mark Engler, Kara Metz,

Deb Ousey, WCU TESOL gradua
, with Dr. Myra Goldschmidt,
Penn State University.

Professor Cate Crosby, TESOL

Languages and

organized and chaired the conference.


Afrand Agah
Mehran Asadi, Computer Science,
had several
and presentations along with C. Zimmerman:

“Incorporating Economical
Modeling to Extend Battery Life in Wireless Sensor Networks” at the Graduate
Research and Creative Projects Symposium, Harrisburg, PA, in April; “Applying
Economical Modeling to Wireless

Sensor Networks for Maximizing the Battery Life” at
the 26th Pennsylvania Computer and Information Science Educators (PACISE)
Conference, Poster Presentation, in Shippensburg, PA, in April; and “Maximizing
Battery Life:

Applying Game Theory to Wireless S
ensor Networks” Poster Presentation
for Research Day at WCU in April.

Kevin Aptowicz, Physics,
received financial support from Gordon Research
Conferences’ Predominantly Undergraduate Institution (PUI) to attend the 2011 Soft
Condensed Matt
er Physics Gordon Research Conference in New Hampshire in

Professor Aptowicz and
Physics undergraduates, Matthew Colagreco

Ryan Margolis
; with Peter Yunker, Ke Chen, and Arjun Yodh, University of
Pennsylvania; published the paper, “Low
cy vibrational modes and
rearrangements in a colloidal glass subject to point expansion,” which Professor
Aptowicz presented on behalf of the research group at the March meeting of the
American physical Society in Dallas, Texas.

Marshall Be
cker, Anthropology/Sociology (retired),
published the book
review on, “Osteoarchaeological Analyses from Medieval Bergen,” edited by Ingvild
Oye, 2009, (The Bryggen Papers, Supplementary Series No. 8).

Fagbokforlaget Vignostad & Bjorke AS. In
eval Archaeology,
2010, 54: 505

He also had the article, “The Printzhof (36DE3), a Swedish Colonial Site that was
the first European Center of Government in present Pennsylvania,” appear in
Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Delaware,

, No. 43.

Jennifer Bunk, Psychology,
J. Karabin, and T. Lear (Psychology graduate students),
published, “Understanding why workers engage in rude behaviors: A social
interactionist perspective,” in
Current Psychology
, (2011), 30, 74

a José Cabrera
Puche, Languages and Cultures,
Garrett Molholt,
gave a virtual presentation of “Human
Technology Interaction: Quantitative,
Notional, and Comprehensive Evaluations of Spontaneous Engaged Speech” at the
Seventh International
Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society held at the
University of Basque Country in Spain, March 25
27, 2011.

Professor Cabrera
presented “Crossing Linguistic Borders? Linguistic Change in Dominican Spanish” at
the 64th Kentucky Foreign Lan
guage Conference 2011 held at the University of
Kentucky, Lexington, KY, in April.

Marcos Campillo
Fenoll, Languages and Cultures,
presented “Forging a
Poetic Canon: The Work of José Domingo Cortés and the Debates on the Foundation of
a Nati
onal Literature in Chile” at the 64th Kentucky Foreign Language Conference 2011
held at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, April 14

Angela Clarke, Psychology,
published the article, “Engaging high
adolescents in pregnancy pr
evention programming: Service delivery in low
housing developments,” with R. Foster
Drain, C.S. Milligan, I. Shah, D. Mack and B.J.
Lowe, in
Journal of Children and Poverty,

2011, 17, 7

Lynne Cooke, English
, presented the poster,
“Interdisciplinary Intersections in
Research Methods: Technical Communication, Eye Tracking, and Usability,” at the
Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) Conference in Atlanta, GA, April,

Margaret Ervin

William Lalick
er, WCU Writing Center

, co
chaired and hosted the Mid
Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference on April

The conference was well attended
there were over 200 attendees from a five

Professor Ervin published the chapter
, “The Might of the Metrosexual: How a
Mere Marketing Tool Challenges Hegemonic Masculinity,” in
Performing American
Masculinities: The 21st Century Man in Popular Culture
, eds. Elwood Watson and Marc
E. Shaw, Indiana University Press, 2011.

Frank Fish, Biology,
attended an invited workshop, “NSF Bio
Workshop: Charting a Course for Computer
Aided Bio
inspired Design Research,” held
in Palo Alto, CA, on March 20.

He presented an invited talk, “Kinematics of swimming
manta rays as a
basis for design and construction of bio
inspired AUV’s,” at the Manta
Ray Robot Competition, which was held at the Carderock Division of the Naval Surface
Warfare Center, West Bethesda, MD, on April 25. Professor Fish along with
graduate students,

Jessica Hoffman

Rachel Nichols
, presented an invited talk,
“Morphometrics and ray kinematics: update,” at the Biologically
Inspired Autonomous
Sea Vehicle MURI Review Meeting held at the University of Virginia, Charlesville, VA,
on May 20.

Fish published the cartoon, “Bottles show how sharks filter feed,”
in the
Journal of Experimental Biology,
214 (10): iii (may 2011).

Dan Forbes

Matthew Pierlott, Philosophy,
presented papers at the 37th
Conference on Value Inquiry, host
ed this year at Creighton University, Omaha, NE,
April 14

Professor Forbes presented “Are Kantian Ethics and Care Ethics
Incompatible?” and Professor Pierlott presented the paper, “The Ends and Means of

Sara Franklin, C
ommunication Studies senior
and member of the WCU
Forensics team
captured the Sixth Place Award at the Interstate Oratorical Contest
(IOC) held April 21
23 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.

Her speech
on cleaning up hydraulic fracturing, t
he process for extracting gas from shale, will be
published in
Winning Orations

later this year.

Marc Gagne, Geology/Astronomy,

published the following 7
refereed papers:

“Carina OB Stars: X
ay Signatures of Wind Shocks and Magnetic
Fields” with
Garrett Fehon, Mathematics: Stats major, Astronomy minor
Michael Savoy, Mathematics and Physics majors, Psychology minor,
et al. in
Astrophysical Journal Supplement,
2011, 194, 5; “An Introduction to the Chandra Carina
Complex Project” with Leisa Townsley, Patrick Broos, Michael Corcoran, Eric Feigelson,
et al.,
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement,
2011, 194, 1; “Candidate X
OB Stars in the Carina Nebula Identified Via Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions,”
with Matthew Povich, Leisa Townsley, Patrick Broos, et al. in
The Astrophysical Journal
2011, 194, 6; “Global X
ray Properties of the O and B Stars in
Carina” with
Y. Nazé, P.S. Broos, L. Oskinova, L. Townsley, D. Cohen, M.F. Corcoran, N.R. Evans,
et al. in
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement,
2011, 194, 7; and “The Search for Low
mass Companions of B Stars in the Carina Nebula Cluster Trumpler 16,” wit
h N.
Remage Evans, K. DeGioia
Eastwood, et al.,
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement,
2011, 194, 13.

Charles Hardy, History,
published a new history on in
March, “The Peopling of Pennsylvania: The Creation of a Multicul
tural Society,” co
authored by D. Downey, Millersville University.

Professor Hardy who is the website’s
Supervising Historian, also edited the story and selected and wrote the captions for
more than 150 images.

Also, in March, he participated as a histor
ical advisor in a
charrette at the Philadelphia History Museum, which will reopen in the Fall 2011 with all
new exhibits.

Frank Hoffman, Philosophy,
has published two book reviews in
Magazine of the American Library Association:


March a review on
How much is

Buddhism, consumerism, and the human environment,
Richard Payne, ed.
and in April on
Twelve examples of illusion
, by Jan Westerhoff.

On Research Day, he
presented a table display on Ethnic Studies and Symbols wi
Joshua Gessner,
Philosophy undergraduate,

Professor Bonita Freeman
Ethnic Studies.

Professor Hoffman introduced two
Philosophy undergraduate students who presented at the Greater Philadelphia Asian
Studies Conso
rtium Undergraduate Conference at the University of Pennsylvania on
April 9, 2011:

Alexander Hickman

presented a paper on China in Africa, and

presented his paper on Early Chinese Philosophy, which won an essay prize.
Professor Hoffman was elec
ted Chair of the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy
Consortium on April 18.

Erin Hurt, English,
presented, “The Genre of Chica Lit:

Constructing a New
Kind of Latina/o Cultural Citizenship,” at the National/Transnational/Global Cultures
rch Group on April 11, 2011.

Zhen Jiang, Computer Science,
published the article entitled “Capability
Information: A Cost
Effective Information Model for Multi
hop Routing of Wireless Ad
Hoc Networks in the Real Environment” in
Journal of P
arallel and Distributed
April 2011.

He gave the talk, “Handling dynamics in real time wireless
sensor systems,” at the CIS Department, University of Delaware on March 23.

On April
18, he presented, “Minimal latency broadcasting in wireless sen
sor networks,” at Grid
Computing Center and Wireless and Sensor Network Lab at Shanghai Jiaotong

Professor Jiang chaired the session “Wireless Ad Hoc Networks” at the
2011 IEEE.ACM INFOCOM on April 14.

Susan Johnston, Anthropol
gave a presentation at the
meeting of the Human Biology Association in Minneapolis, MN, on April 13, entitled
“Evolutionary dimensions of human meal patterns.”

An abstract of the presentation was
published in
American Journal of Human Biolo
, 23(2): 262

Kurt Kolasinski, Chemistry,
gave an invited talk, “Nanostructure Formation
via Electroless Etching, at the Villa Conference on Interactions Among

(VCIAN 2011), Las Vegas, NV, in April 2011.

His two research students reported on
their research at the Intercollegiate Student Chemists Convention on April 16:


presented “Stain Etching on Silicon Surfaces via Strong Oxidizer
s,” and
Carolyn Sommerville

presented “Silicon Nanowires in an Ordered Array.”

William Lalicker, English,
gave a paper entitled “Global Fortunes and the
Transcultural Flow of Discourses in Diaz’s
Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”
at the
lege English Association in St. Petersburg, FL, on March 31, and at the Conference
on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta, GA, on April 6, he spoke in a
workshop called “Strategic Coalition Building Across (Contested) Spaces Serving Basic

Tim Lutz, Geology/Astronomy,
presented “Framing Geoscience Courses and
Curricula in the Context of Sustainability” at the Northeast/North Central Meeting of the
Geological Society of America in Pittsburgh in March.

Also in March, he
“Toward a New Conceptual Framework for Teaching About Flood Risk in Introductory
Geoscience Courses” in
Journal of Geoscience Education,
Vol. 59, pp. 5

Lutz co
authored three posters with student sustainability interns for WCU’s Research
Day in April:

“Sustainability @ WCU: Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating
System (STARS)” with Geoscience major
Ashley Duffy
; “Su
stainability @ WCU: The
American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment,” with Biology major,
Kaloni Baylor
; and, “Sustainability @ WCU: The Outdoor Classroom and Garden at
Merion Hall,” with Heather Sowers, graduate student in Social Work.

On March 24,
Professor Lutz was recognized by WCU President Weisenstein and the Council of
Trustees for his service as the University sustainability coordinator since January 2010.

Rodney Mader, English
Women’s & Gender Stud
published a
transcription of Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson’s long poem, “The Deserted Wife,” with
notes and an introduction, in the April issue of
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History
and Biography.

Garrett Molholt, English,
served on the scientific re
view committee for the 2011
International Conference on Spoken Language Processing in Florence, Italy, in March.

Anthony Nicastro, Physics; Frank Fish, Biology;
Jana Parson, Biology
published the paper entitled “Turning performance of
Limitations of a rigid body” in the
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
2011, 402, 12

Oné Pagan, Biology,
published the paper entitled “Parthenolide Blocks
Cocaine’s Effect on Spontaneous Firing Activity of Dopa
minergic Neurons in the Ventral
Tegmental Area” in
Current Neuropharmacology
, 9(1):17

Scott Parsell, Mathematics,
gave an invited talk entitled “Multi
Weyl Sums” at the University of Bristol (U.K.) on March 9, 2011.

Rebecca Pauly, Languages and Cultures,
presented the paper, “Origin
Sources and Adaptations of Francophone Voices” at the first “Forging Linguistic
Identities” Conference at Towson University, March 17

She presented “Le Petit
ce dans notre millénaire” to the French AP classes at Unionville High School on
March 30.

Associate Dean Deirdre Pettipiece
College of Arts and Sciences
, co
chair of the
new area in Pulp Studies, presented the paper entitled ”Spear and Fang: Finding Jac
London in Robert E. Howard’s Early Pulps.”

This is an excerpt from her book,
Than Human: The Evolutionary Heroes of Robert E. Howard
, co
authored with Dr.
Justin Everett.

Ruth Porritt, Philosophy,
presented the paper entitled “

From Your
The Figurative Sculpture of Rose Simpson” at Idaho State University at a
conference, March 10

Timothy Ray, English,
presented the paper, “Digitally Dead:

How Podcasts, Facebook
and Other Aspects of Web 20 are Facilitating Online
Building among
Today’s Deadheads,” at the joint meeting of the Southwest/Texas PCA/ACA and
national PCA/ACA in San Antonio, TX, on April 23.

Lisa Ruchti, Anthropology/Sociology
Women’s and Gender Studies,
was interviewed on th
e WCHE1520 morning show about the advancement in women
and education and the importance of gender equity in schools.

Eleanor Shevlin, English,
presented “The state of scholarly editing and
publishing: challenges and opportunities” at the Am
erican Society for Eighteenth
Century Studies in Vancouver, Canada, March 17

Alice Speh, Languages and Cultures

Liberal Studies,

served as a translator for an interview with Philadelphia Flyers goalie, Serge
i Bobrovsky
for an article, “Gabbing with the Goalie,” in the March issue of Delaware County

Bobrovsky is from Novokuznetsk, Russia, and speaks very little

Professor Speh was elected executive secretary of the Northeast Slavic, East
ropean Studies Conference (NESEEES), a regional division of the national American
Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.

Her term officially begins July

Professor Speh’s Russian Drama Class produced an original film entitled “Ivan’s
t Chesterrible Adventure.”

The one
hour film is acted entirely in Russian by her
students and was photographed and edited by Joseph Watts, the student intern in the
WCU Digital Media Center.

Lee Ann Srogi, Geology/Astronomy,
added a servi
learning option to her
ESS302/502 class (mineralogy, earth materials) in the spring.

Student teams organized
informal learning experiences for groups of children.

Geoscience majors
Smith and Cory Broderick
, planned activities for Mrs. Mary
Smith’s second
class from St. Mary Magdalene elementary school.

Mrs. Smith and her students were
grateful for the unique college experience.

Paul Stoller, Anthropology/Sociology,
presented the keynote address at the
Southern Anthropo
logical Association’s annual meeting in Richmond, VA, March 25
He was honoured for his work in African studies during the University of North
Carolina’s Department of Africana Studies’ International Conference in Africana Studies
in Charlotte, NC, Apri
l 14

Cassie Striblen, Philosophy,
presented a paper entitled “Obama and the
Transformation of Group Narrative Identities” at the Race, Gender, and Class
Conference held in New Orleans, LO, hosted by the University of New

ssor Striblen chaired a session “On Judgment” at the5th Independent
Conference on Hannah Arendt hosted by John Carroll University, April 8

Heather Wholey, Anthropology/Sociology,
has recently been appointed to
the Society for American A
rchaeology Committee on Curriculum.

In March, she
presented “Perspectives on Steatite” at a workshop on Prehistoric Lithic Technologies,
along with
Susan Bachor, Anthropology undergraduate
, at the Middle Atlantic
Archaeological Conference in Ocean City, M
D, March 17

In addition, Professor
Wholey organized a symposium on “The Archaic Period in Southeastern Pennsylvania”
for the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council, where she presented “Stealtite: Macro and
Micro Landscapes” in Morgantown, PA, April 8.

She had the article entitled “Charms,
Skinners and Slickstones: The Wilson Collection Documentation Project” with
Falchetta, Anthropology undergraduate
, appear in
Pennsylvania Archaeologist.

Joan Woolfrey, Philosophy,
Carolyn S
ealfon, Physics,
presented their
poster for the NSF project “Applying Virtual Worlds to Ethics Education in the Sciences”
at the NSF’s Ethics Education in Science and Engineering 2011 Principle Investigator
Meeting held in Washington, D.C, February 27
h 1.

In addition, they both
participated in workshops and attended presentations at the meeting.

Deanne Zotter, Psychology,
presented the paper entitled “Feminist identity,
empowerment, and social action in relation to eating pathology and body image” at the
Association of Women in Psychology meeting in Philadelphia in March.

Also, she
presented “Eating disorders in cultural c
ontext: The role of ethnic identity” at the same

Professor Zotter received an award on April 10, 2011, for “Faculty Leader of
the Year” 2010
11, selected by the WCU Greek Community.