A survey of tag cloud presentation techniques

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Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


A survey of tag cloud
presentation techniques

Mogens Nielsen

June 6th 2007


About tag clouds

What and why?

Current presentation techniques

New presentation techniques

Proof of concept


Show current presentation techniques

Show new presentation techniques

Discuss different presentation techniques

Show suggestions to second generation tag


Literature study

Read weblogs to find general interest in tag

Proof of concept to show an example of a
second generation tag cloud


Tag clouds are a new information visualization

Still in the ”prototype” phase

More users and areas of implementation leads
to more needs for functionality

Many suggestions to new techniques

This paper will try to gather the available
information (create ”order” in the ”chaos”)

Current presentation techniques

First generation tag cloud (from Flickr)

Current presentation techniques

Some limitations of the first generation tag

Alphabetical arrangement does not infer
relationships between tags

One or more topics tend to dominate the cloud
with their tags

Static; no implementation of time

No interactivity

New presentation techniques

Clustering tags in the tag cloud

Time management


Clustered tag clouds

Shows relations between tags

Limits the synonym problem of tagging

Less significant tags disappears

Tags with higher meaning emerge and thereby
reducing semantic density

The dominating topics are less dominating

Clustered tag clouds

Temporal tag clouds

Ability to discover trends and emerging tags

Shorter popularity decay gives us a less static
tag cloud

Cloudalicious: Shows how a webpage is
tagged over time

Google Trends: Shows search trends on

Flickr: Three stages of tag cloud time frame

Interactive tag clouds

Allow the user to choose the presentation of
the tag cloud at her choice

Interactivity gives the user a greater impact on
which information the tag cloud should

No interactive tag clouds

Delicious Tagrolls

Proof of concept

PoC to show a vision of abilities in a second
generation tag cloud

Implements interactivity which enables the

To choose time frame

To zoom


Tag clouds are in the starting phase as
information visualization interfaces

New implementations and presentation
techniques are needed

This paper intends to

Create an order in the chaos

Show a vision of a second generation tag cloud

Demo and questions

Thank you for listening