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28 July to 3 August 2013 in Bolton, UK
Acting - Learning - Understanding
reflecting, collaborating, conversing, doing
Annual Conference of the
American Society for Cybernetics
This conference is designed around the exploration of
understanding and acting as circularly conjoined. Acting
and understanding will be given equal weight, with each
framing the other. The processes of learning are a major
means of moving between the two, and take place in an
environment, often framed as formal or informal education.
Discussion of these processes and context provide a
means of relating practical proposals for interventions
and theoretical debate.
The fundamental position of the conference is based in
circular causality, which was at the heart of the concerns
of the Macy Conferences where cybernetics took its
contemporary form. We see the old simplification that
acting is located in understanding and operates through
linear causality, as providing inadequate explanation
for lived experience.
As a collaborative venture between participants, the
conference is intended to generate proposals for ways of
acting and to develop understandings in the context of the
environment within which the conference takes place. The
challenges faced by the participants in their learning activities
(and, of course, experiences), as well as by the University
which is hosting the conference will provide rich opportunities
to reflect on socioeconomic, technological, political, historical,
designerly and educational concerns in a unique, delightful
and exciting way. How does understanding shape acting?
How does acting shape understanding?
The conference will be a conversational conference.
We will work together (collaborate) in small groups
and through plenary sessions, to improve understanding
and acting, explored together.
Important Dates
03-May-2013 Early bird registration deadline 1
28-May-2013 Open reviewing begins
31-May-2013 Extended Abstract due
14-Jun-2013 Returned with comments to authors
21-Jun-2013 Early bird registration deadline 2
28-Jun-2013 Revised Extended Abstracts due
28-Jul-2013 and 29-Jul-2013 Pre-conference
30-Jul-2013 to 01-Aug-2013 Main conference
02-Aug-2013 and 03-Aug-2013 Post-conference
Paper Refereeing and Proceedings
Although this is a conference that values conversation
between participants above all, we have made
arrangements for those who need or want to submit
papers. This conference is expected to generate a set
of proceedings published after the conference by one of
several high quality journals and publishers with which the
ASC is well connected. The process of refereeing and
publishing is a cumulative one that allows for continuous
improvement of each paper, especially in reflecting
discussions at the conference.
American Society for Cybernetics
Founded in 1964 and by now completely international, the
ASC has long been particularly associated with so-called
Second Order Cybernetics. Our conferences are often
experimental and attempt to capture the spirit and under-
standings of cybernetics in how we behave. Our members
come from many backgrounds, and we have a strong
commitment to relating to both arts and sciences.
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More detailed information is available from the conference web site, which is in a constant state of improvement:
Venue and Co-Organizer
The conference is hosted by the Institute for Educational
Cybernetics, University of Bolton, UK, whose goal is to
develop better understandings of how information and
communication technologies affect the organization of
education at all levels.
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