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Simrit: your Specialist for
Safety, performance and innovation in the aerospace industry rely on
robust, dependable seals in a variety of applications. That’s why
aerospace leaders depend on Simrit for reliable solutions in nearly every
application, everywhere in the world. The Simrit brand leads the industry,
because our customers trust us to provide:

The world’s largest product range
Comprehensive solutions from a
single source save you time and
assure integrated solutions to meet
your demands.

Continuous innovation
Our expertise and new products are
your competitive advantage.

Expertise in materials, product
technology and quality
Our materials expertise, paired with
certified manufacturing processes,
assure you of the safest and most
effective sealing solutions.
The continuous quest for faster, safer,
more efficient air travel demands
ongoing innovation. The industry
continues to strive for improved perfor-
mance, operational efficiency, reduc-
tions in weight and cost, and improved
environmental impact. Aircraft are
being designed to fly higher in the
atmosphere at colder temperatures,
and aircraft engines will operate with
leaner and environmentally friendly
fuel mixes at higher temperatures.
As a brand of Freudenberg-nOK
Sealing Technologies, Simrit brings
our customers the benefits of depth of
experience in aerospace seal materi-
als, solutions customized to nearly
any application and global product
availability. We drive innovation with
research, development and production
teams integrated across our global
operations to meet the demands of
worldwide and local markets. Those
are matched with Simrit Service
Centers, offering personalized support
to more than 100,000 customers every-
where they operate, around the clock.
Our comprehensive lifetime support
package covers material development,
finite element analysis (FEA), product
design and testing as well as on-site
technical and logistical support around
the world.
Simrit has the broad product range and
a global support network of experts to
be your single-source seal and service
provider, offering:
Oil seals
Fluid power seals
Silicone products
hydraulic accumulators
Special sealing products

Integrated services
Count on Simrit support at every
stage, from specialized product
development through deployment
and maintenance.

rely on our global network for
consistent quality and support
everywhere in the world, with
solutions tailored to local market
Materials expertise and industry-
specific testing
Bank on Simrit’s expertise in aero-
space materials and rigorous test
procedures to deliver sealing solutions
precisely tailored to your application.
We are the only brand that can offer
expertise with more than 100 aero-
space-specific compounds, plus state-
of-the-art FEA simulations and a variety
of test equipment. That means we can
accurately assess and verify product
behavior during the development phase
– providing you with the economic
advantages of decreased time-to-market
cycles, as well as outstanding functional
reliability and quality.
Our expertise and testing procedures
support our entire range of sealing
products for key aerospace applica-
tions, including:
Airframe & windows
Engines & transmissions
primary & secondary flight controls
Landing gears, wheel & brake
World’s largest product range and

Landing gear, wheel and brake:
o-rings, oil seals, wheel and brake seals, actuator
shaft seals, hydraulic seals, gearbox shaft seals

Sealing products for media transfer:
o-rings, fuel line shrouds, dC generator inlet
ducts, ventilation ducting, air inlet screens,
transfer tubes, inlet plenum seals, flexible
dependable sealing solutions for the
Quality and reliability you can trust
Count on the complete Simrit product
range to excel in demanding aero-
space applications with superior
sealing technology and market-specific
designs. We offer market-leading
solutions engineered to the highest
quality standards and designed with
our unrivaled materials expertise to
meet the needs of the ever-evolving
aerospace industry.
We offer a comprehensive range of
O-rings for reliable performance in all
aircraft applications. Many elastomer
materials are available in standard
AS568 and BS1806, as well as metric
Approved product quality (AMS,
For use in aircraft engines, wheel
and brakes, flight controls, hydraulic
actuators and fuel controls
Aerodynamic airframe components
Simrit airframe seals improve the aero-
dynamics of the aircraft and reliably
maintain cabin pressure.
Innovative coatings for wear
resistance and low friction
Comprehensive sealing range for
cabin doors, windows, loading
hatches and flying surfaces
proprietary low-density silicones to
reduce weight for fuel efficiency

Airframe sealing:
aerodynamic seals, window seals,
door seals, hatch seals, interior and
trim seals, firewall seals, lighting
gaskets, EMI seals

Aircraft engine sealing:
o-rings, plate seals, gaskets, oil seals, elastomeric
ducting and shrouds, air inlet screens, vane grommets,
fire seals, gearbox shaft seals, hydraulic seals, fuel
seals, lubrication seals, flexible transfer tubes, electrical
connector seals, inlet and exhaust seals, electrical
harness insulation
Oil seals
Only Simrit offers you the original
, the best oil seal in the
aerospace industry, with a wide variety
of materials and geometries – a versa-
tile standard or customized solution.

Available in imperial and metric
For use in engines, gear boxes,
flight controls, wheel and brakes
and fuel controls
Plate seals and gaskets
Available in application-specific
compounds, Simrit plate seals ensure
outstanding sealing performance in
aircraft engine and fuel systems.
Aluminum and stainless steel
substrate materials with anodization
nAS 1523 fastener seals
ire resistant/
high temperature seals
Simrit provides fire-resistant and
fire-proof products for the aerospace
industry feature proven heat resistant
proprietary silicone compounds
with or without fabric reinforcement
Fireproof capability with tempera-
ture up to 1100°C (2000°F)

Flight control systems:
o-rings, plate seals, gaskets, hydraulic
seals, fuel seals, gearbox shaft seals,
electrical/electric connector seals

Whether you need a custom-engineered solution or standard parts, you want
to know the seals you order will meet your exacting specifications. We have the
expertise, innovation, equipment and materials to meet your demands.
Manufacturing processes dedicated
to quality
All Simrit parts are produced through
a Lean manufacturing model that safe-
guards the reliability and superiority of
our products. Its focus on individual
parts production enables us to isolate
and correct problems immediately,
without jeopardizing an entire produc-
tion run. Simrit manufacturing also
features an array of expertise and
equipment to protect the quality and
performance of your parts from design
to delivery.
These include:
Extensive materials knowledge
In-house raw material mixing
Custom mold production
Automated vision measurement
systems to detect flaws
imperceptible by human eye.
Simrit products meet the highest
industry certifications and standards
for quality, including:
A2LA Laboratory
Qualifas EASE
Flexibility to meet your needs
We match our efficient production
processes to the size, material and
quantity of parts you need, including:
Compression, transfer, and injection
die cutting
hand fabrication-strip molding,
mandrel wrap, and splicing
Get the benefits of flexible manu-
facturing options for the most effective
and cost-efficient designs. Simrit
processes can incorporate elastomers
with various substrates such as metals,
fabrics, composite materials and
electro-magnetic interference (EMI).
Worldwide supply and support
With a global network of manufac-
turing and service centers, we produce
and supply parts where you need
them, giving you the benefit of:
Faster response times
Lower total cost
reliable, consistent quality
On-site design and validation to
reduce the number of parts and
vendors you need
Materials expertise and customized
product development for the preci-
sion seals you need to optimize
Innovation and hands-on consulting
Engineered for
Count on Simrit for materials expertise
and extensive modeling and testing
processes that assure your seals are
precision-designed, customized to your
application and proven to work.
Finite element computer simulations
give you the benefit of proof of
concept through feasibility studies
on materials application and seal
Save time as you select the optimal
seal for your needs with the benefit
of our analyses and simulation
models that enable simultaneous
partner with Simrit for the technical
and business consulting services
that help ensure your joint-
development projects are on-target
and on-budget.
Get on-site consulting from Simrit
application engineers whenever
and wherever you need it.

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