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COMP 2903


Moore’s Law and Technical

Danny Silver

JSOCS, Acadia University

Paul E. Ceruzzi

Technology and Culture, July, 2005

Curator of the National Air and Space Museum,
Smithsonian Institution, Wash., DC.

BA, Yale University in 1970 in American studies

PhD, University of Kansas in 1981.

Author and co
author of several books on the history
of computing and aerospace technology.

Author of
A History of Modern Computing (second edition,
MIT Press, 2003)

Coeditor of The Internet and American Business (MIT Press,

Moore’s Law

Gordon E. Moore, 1965, Director of of R&D of
Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp

In a publication predicted that number of
transistors in ICs would continue to double every

Sometimes closer to 18 months

Has held true for 45 years

Demise has been predicted several times

typically 10 years in advance

Technological Determinism

Believed to have been coined by Thorstein Veblen
1929), an American sociologist

Presumes that technology drives development of
social structure and cultural values

Follows a predictable, traceable path largely beyond
cultural or political influence

Technology in turn has "effects" on societies that are
inherent, rather than socially conditioned

Sees technology as the basis for all human activity.

SHOT hits the Fan

Society for History of Technology


Promote a softer “social construction” of

Considering technology as part of a larger
spectrum of human activity

Believe the influence of technology differs
based on how much a technology is used by

Examples of Tech. Determinism

PowerPoint: Curse or Wonder

Vint Cerf: “Power corrupts; PowerPoint
corrupts absolutely

Edward Tufte: PP “elevates format over
content, betraying an attitude of
commercialism that turns everything into a
sales pitch”

But many would argue that Tufte and Cerf
have failed to persuade us

The classroom: Six years from now

What will it look like?

Do we have a choice?

Bill Gates / Steve Jobs

The makers of TD ???

Open Source: Savior from TD?

Will it come to dominate over MS and Adobe
proprietary products and formats?