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Good morning/ Good Afternoon everyone. I am Nat Grade 7J and today we will
learn about Computer Basic. It Important to know about it because computer
now is the basic of life and if they don't know about it they
couldn't work
because in the future doing work in a good company require you to know about
computer and how to use it
. Let start with the definition of Computer

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What is a Computer

A computer is an electronic device that store, process and retrieve

data. You
can make some Presentation and Document in this computer. Also you can
listen to music, watch TV and best of all play games.
Computer also uses

accounting income for the business man.

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what are types of Computer and How they are use?

There are 7 types of Computer which were

Desktop Computer

Not Portable, Make Document…..

Laptop Computer

Portable, Make document….


Stored Web page, Web apps

Tablet Computer

Play games, Look at internet

Mobile Phone

Call people or play gam

Game Console

Play games

and access to the internet


Watch Program
, (Some TVs can access to the internet like Samsung Smart
TV etc.)

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What is an Operating System? List types?

An Operating system (OS) manages the computer. It boots up the
computer and
run test to check is everything running fine and access to CPU when it finish
booting. There were more than 3 types of OS but I only selected 3 which were
Windows, OS X or MAC and Linux Logos.

Slide 5 W
hat is an application? List type and how

they are use

An application or apps perform specific task order by you. You can open a lot
of apps at a time because apps are multi working. There are some apps like
word processor that make a document, Quicken or personal finance that help
track your in
come, games like Solitaire, FreeCell, Chess….

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What is an Operating System? List types?

loud Computing is just like t
he internet, it was s
tored on Server
. Also it l
et you
access you to E
mail, Calendars …….
are Types like Mozyhome it b

your data
. A lot of people use Cloud because it is c
onvenience and
In addition it made you l
ose your data harder

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What is web apps and how they are use?

Web apps are apps the works in the cloud, so you don’t need to install it down
e other application. It just like Facebook where you don’t need to

in to
your computer also
mail also one of the web apps too. There are more web
apps than what I mentioned, but if I mention all it will cost like 1 hour or more.

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What is
Desktop Computer and it basic parts?

Now we are looking closer to the desktop computer. Again desktop computer
isn’t portable; it can only be set on one place. Desktop computer is usually be
cheap. The main parts of Desktop computer were:

Computer Case

ontains Motherboard and CPU


Video card and LCD

(where you look into)


Primary way to Communicate



Move your cursor and click on things

Power Cord

Link Power outlet and Power supply

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What is a Laptop computer and

its basic parts?

After you learn about desktop we will go into laptops. Laptops are portable to
use. It has 2 mode which were Ac and Battery mode. It was expensive than a
desktop computer. The basic parts of laptops are:


Battery or AC Computer







The same as mouse, but on your keyboard



Help your computer stay for some amount of time without charging


AC adapter

Link to the plug and your battery to charge


Prevent damage from when some trip th
e cable




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What is difference between laptop and desktop computer

Now you learn about 2 types of Computer so let compare them


Laptop is more portable than desktop

Laptop gains you more freedom

Laptop is easier to view phot
os or use the internet than desktop.


Desktop can store

more music files, games, or others computer
Desktop is much cheaper than the powerful laptops.

The desktop is much easier to upgrade or change some parts

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What is a mobile
computer and how they are use?

Mobile Computer is like I
pad or tablet. It can access to the internet. Mobile
Computer should have:


Tablets and E



Virtual Keyboard


Play games, Watch Video, listen to music…..




Mobile OS



Fi 3G/4G

Access internet



Wireless connection

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you set up a desktop and laptop computer?

After you bought a desktop or laptop, this is the way you set it up




Plug in AC adapter and open your computer and us it


1. Unpack your Computer case and monitor and set it

2. Find Monitor Cable

3. Plug it into the Computer case

4. Unpack keyboard and plug the cable to the case

5. Unpack the mouse and plug in the cable to the case

6. If you have speakers, audio … plug it in to the case (Not necessary if you
don’t have one)

7. Locate your power supply cable, plug one to computer case and surge
protector. Another cable to Monitor and surge protector

8. Plug the surge protector to w
all outlet and you’re done.

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How find files on PC or MAC?

After you set up all things when you want to find files in different OS like in
MAC or PC you need to do these:


Click Windows Explorer on your tab bar and it will appear


Click Fi
nder on your tab and it will appear

Slide 14 What

need to be done to keep your computer Healthy

After setting up and known all technique you need to find some way to keep
your computer clean, here are some tips:

Keep it Cool


Backing up

Keep your computer clean (Monitor, Case…..) From ash……

Slide 15 How you create a safe work space?

Finally after you learn how to keep your computer clean, you need to keep
yourself healthy so you need to do:

Adjust your Chair

Keep Keyboard and
Comfortable Height

Keep the Mouse Close to the Keyboard

Place the Monitor at a comfortable distance

Avoid Clutter

Take Frequent Breaks

Finally you learn about basic of computer. You will need to remember it
because when you grow up you will need this s
kills in ICT and maybe you will
need to do this project as same as what I done today, so keep it in mind that it
important to know this skills. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! GOOD BYE!