Preventing the Worst Case Scenario: An Analysis of RFID Technology and

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Nov 29, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


My choice of article for this article critique focuses on security of the hospitals and
security systems that are used in facilities such as those for newborn babies and parents like
Women’s and Babies for example. The “Worst case Scenario” suggests that
in order for a
hospital to maintain their safety high and their abductions low they should have RFID (radio
frequency identification) based systems



I think that radio frequency identification based systems are very important in facilities
such as those providing care for newborn babies and their families. I was very aware of these
systems as I could recall the ones at W&B hospital that make a lullaby tune when the mother and
baby RFID tags are within range. The radio frequency systems also
known as HUGS or HUGS
and KISSES seem to bring a sort of comfort to parents knowing their baby is safe and is their
child. Healthcare administrators propose these ideas in hopes of having a successful outcome
which is a scary thought that such a security s
tem could fail. It has

happened in the past and it
seems they are trying to improve it as much as they can to enforce safety. Healthcare
administrators also want what is best for their patients as well as their facility. If something goes
wrong Healthcar
e administrators are then the ones who are blamed for not having some type of
security system to prevent such problem. This is interesting to me because this is my major, and
it gives me an idea of something I may be doing or even trying to improve someday


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reventing the Worst Case Scenario: An Analysis of RFID Technology and
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