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Dec 8, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


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South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is experiencing a serious
shortage of blood.

The organisation is appealing to all blood donors, especially Group ' O '
to visit any blood bank in your region and d
onate your gift of life.

Group O blood is compatible with other blood types and can be used in
most emergency cases.

The criteria to become a blood donor is that you must be between the
ages of 16 and 65, weigh 50 kg or more and lead a safe and healthy

Please remember to drink plenty of fluids and have a balanced meal
prior to donating blood .

We would like to thank all our existing, regular donors

contribution plays a big role in saving lives.

For more information regarding blood don
ations , please visit
www.sanbs.org.za, and join our Facebook page (South African National
Blood Service).

Happenings at Rio

Rio Resort assisted Ikaheng Self Help Group (community members
with disabilities) greatly with the renovation of their school ins
ide and
outside, paving, industrial sewing machines etc. all to the value of

Portuguese Dance

Tickets only R150pp. Includes incredible selection of Portuguese dining
and hosted with well
know talented SA performers! Book in person at
Rio Res
ort to secure your seating for incredible night

(018) 469 9100 for more info or speak to Rosey Lucas, coordinator for
the Portuguese Dinner and Show night.

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Name: Lourinda Steyn

Birthday: 22 April

Star sign: Taurus

Somatologist at Danika Spa

When I look into the mirror every morning I think: Another Day

My favourite people in the world are:

People that care for animals

My favourite quote is: “Everything is possible”

Leon makes me laugh.

The greatest lesson l
ife has taught me so far is: “Don’t let fear hold
you back”

I'll do almost anything for: Fireballs

When I get stressed I am most likely to throw almost anything out a

I want my tombstone to read: Will be deeply missed

I wouldn't mind being st
uck in an elevator with: Josh Hartnett

In three words I am: Like my sister

If I had a million rand to spare I would: Buy an Audi TT

I live in Klerksdorp because: All the people I love live here

The first thing I would save from a house fire is: Bink
ie my miniature
maltese poodle

My nickname is: Pluimvina (ask my grandmother),
Krokkelwaantjie(ask my father) & Gogompie (ask my boyfriend)

I love my job because: I can spoil people


Freedom and Tolerance

Recent political e
vents got me thinking about freedom and tolerance.
These two concepts have troubled mankind down through the ages. I
say troubled, as they seem to exist only in times of turbulence and

Put another way they only make an appearance when thre
atened. So
in a quite paradoxical way we say, we will fight for our freedom. Why
should one have to fight for freedom? Should it not be self
that we are free? When I talk of freedom (I will get to tolerance
shortly) I am not suggesting that a p
erson is free to do what they like!
you are not free to steal from you neighbour. You should, and it's this
form of freedom that I am referring to, however, feel free to discuss a
particular political or religious point of view with your neighbour,
ut incurring the loss of teeth or a black eye.

Taken further, you should, in fact be free to differ from your
neighbour, on such issues. However, and this is where the wheels
tend to come off, we exercise very little tolerance when it comes to
such mat
ters. Tolerance, a virtue, is the ability to put up with things
that we don't necessarily agree with and herein lies the rub, and in
fact, the difficulty.

The milder your aggravation, the milder your tolerance and the milder
your virtuosity. You can r
atchet the situation up until you are a full
blown saint, complete with halo. But is it right to tolerate a situation
where your neighbour continuously abuses his wife? Clearly not. At
some point you have a moral duty to intervene. That point is
unately not that easy to discern. Your sense of natural justice
will determine when you respond and how you respond.

One of the best examples I can think of when it comes tolerance is
from the Bible. In Matt. 5:38
40 Jesus states: 'You have heard tha
t it
was said, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. But I tell you, Do not resist
an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him
the other also.' In his case he kept his cheek turned to the very end.
And merely because he challenged

the religious order of the day.

There is an odd thing about religion that never fails to amaze me how
is it possible that the very thing that is supposed to bring out the best
in us, also succeeds in bringing out the very worst in us? Some years
I was listening to the then Secretary
General of the U.N.
delivering a report to the security council of that body. He made
mention that some 95% of world conflict is over religious intolerance!
Put more euphemistically, most of the drama that plays out
in our
world is due to our inability to accept and tolerate views that don't
necessarily dovetail with ours.

At the heart of this lies our freedom and our perceived notion that it
must be protected all costs.

Consider this: 'Is life so dear, or peace so

sweet, as to be purchased
at the price of chains and slavery'. Forbid it, Almighty God! I know
not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or
give me death.' These famous words were uttered by the Virginian
Patrick Henry in 1775 whe
n exhorting his countrymen to take up arms
against the British in order to secure independence.

Few would argue that such words fail to stir up emotions that run to
the very core of our being. For at that level lies, in every man, the
unwritten desire to

be free of oppression. Something worth fighting
for. But what is the nature of this freedom. Something that we
naturally take for granted possibly because we have not been
challenged by a threat to it. Not yet, anyhow.

The influential 20th century p
olitical philosopher Isaiah Berlin
developed, in an attempt to define the nature of liberty, a two
approach to the issue. In an inaugural lecture before the University of
Oxford in 1958 he put forward the critical idea of positive freedom and
tive freedom, and most importantly, the difference between the

The easier of the two is negative freedom. Quite simply you are free
so long as there is no obstacle preventing you from doing what you
want to do. This is all well and good but impossi
ble to achieve as you
cannot enjoy unfettered freedom without encroaching (negative
freedom according to Berlin) on the freedom of others. In other words
freedom without external interference or coercion is not possible.

Positive freedom by contrast is i
ntrapersonal something that develops
and rises within oneself. So for example the right for one to choose
who will govern the society of which one is a part, is known as positive

Of the two, according to Berlin, however, positive freedom is the

sinister. Why? Think about this. I like the freedom to choose. I, and
others, are of similar mind. So in order to protect these freedoms, we
surrender them to some higher authority eg. a government. You
might think this absurd, but this is prec
isely what happened during the
previous century. What were the totalitarian horrors of Stalin's Soviet
Union, other than the product of ordinary folk surrendering their
liberty for a supposedly better future? Berlin went on to argue that
positive liberty

or freedom could be an authentic form of freedom, so
long as it ensures the continued autonomy of individuals.

There is another form of freedom that is no less important intellectual

Socrates, one of the great Greek thinkers said: 'The unexam
ined life
is not worth living'. Socrates was living at a time (c 399 B.C.) when
there was very little questioning of established convention. He goes
on to say: 'The most knowledgeable man is he who knows he knows
nothing? Socrates was not suggesting th
at the people of Greece were
ignorant. He was, on the contrary, challenging them to stimulate their
minds into not accepting the conventional wisdom of the day. A few
weeks ago I wrote about Christopher Columbus. He dared to think
that the world was rou
nd instead of flat. He risked his life on it and
showed us that it was round.

I cannot think of a more awful prison than that of being held
intellectually captive. A prison that we all know about and 'escape' to
when conditions are right when your boss

bullies you; you are a
captive audience at a church or school meeting, or you are in an
abusive relationship.

You would like to do or say something. But you don't have the
freedom to do so. Maybe its fear. Or maybe its dogma. Either way
it's your c
all. For if you don't do something about it you will always be
an intellectual prisoner. Sometimes you need to risk it. T.S. Eliot, the
Nobel Prize
winning writer wrote: 'Only those who will risk going too
far can possibly find out how far [they] can g

We have just celebrated Freedom Day this week. Going forward you
may want to ponder the relevance of freedom and tolerance and your
role in ensuring their continued importance as agents for a better

Chat again next week.

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NW Polic
e recognised for

Sterling work and loyalty

North West MEC for Public Safety, Howard Yawa on Thursday
expressed gratitude to Rustenburg businessman, Elias Koketso
Mongale (43) for safeguarding 15 firearms, cash and other belongings
of injured police reserv
ists at an accident scene.

“Crime would not be an issue in our communities if we had more
people like Mongale, a model law abiding citizen,” Yawa told the
parade for the handover of medals to members of the South African
Police Service held at the Old Mol
opo Area Parade Ground commonly
known as TTA. Four police reservists had died at the scene of the
accident and eleven others were seriously after the minibus they were
travelling in overturned near Tlhabane. They were rushing to a parade
to report for duty

during the FIFA Confederation Cup.

Mongale received a certificate of commendation and a R5000 cash
award in recognition of his patriotic duty from the National
Commissioner, General Bheki Cele.MEC Yawa presented 20 years and
10 years long service medal
s to 72 policemen and women at the
medals awards ceremony. Among those who were awarded certificates
of commendation from the National Commissioner for their
commitment and dedication and R10 000 cash awards were Detective
Captain Loago Modise from Rustenb
urg and Warrant Officer Sefora
from Ikageng.

Captain Modise was recognised for her arrest of a suspect and
subsequent conviction to an effective 18 years imprisonment for the
repeated rape and abuse of his daughter while Warrant Officer Sefora
for the arr
est and conviction and imprisonment of suspects for several
murder cases, arson, kidnapping, housebreaking and possession of an
unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

Members of task teams from Klerksdorp. Ex Colonel Venter, Warrant
Officers Mokaleng and Moah
loli received recognition for arresting
suspects for housebreaking and theft and recovering stolen cash.The
task team from Mahikeng, Colonel Dince, Lieutenant Colonel
Thekoeng, Captain Tanke, Warrants Officer Mothoagae, Letlonkane,
Mokoka and Sergeant Tlha
giso received recognition for arresting
suspects for various cases of theft of cattle and recovered several

In congratulating the recipients of the medals for their loyal service,
MEC Yawa said that they should wear the medals received with pride
and dignity.

“We are proud of your achievements, courage and patriotism and
salute you for your selflessness, loyalty and sacrifices . We are
confident that with the dedication of men and women of your calibre,
victory is certain, we are going to win the

war against crime and host
the best ever Football World Cup in a safe and secure environment,”
added Yawa.


Die Besturende Direkteur onder wie se leiding Senwes sowat 'n dekade
vantevore deur 'n suksesvolle omdraai
proses gegaan het en intussen
van krag tot krag gegroei het, het aangedui dat hy op 31 Mei 2010 die
diens van Senwes sal verlaat.

Johan Dique het in Augustus 2001 by Senwes aangesluit toe die
maatskappy in 'n kritieke stadium van finansiële trauma verkeer


Na drie kontraktermyne van bykans gesamentlik nege jaar, wat met
groot sukses, voortreflike diens en uitsonderlike waardeskepping vir
aandeelhouers afgehandel is, het hy aangedui dat dit 'n gepaste tyd is
om die leisels oor te gee en ander geleenth
ede aan te pak.

Johan Dique het die maatskappy geneem vanaf 'n wesentlike
laagtepunt in 2001, die omdraai

en herstelproses gelei, 'n
uitsonderlike SEB
transaksie gefasiliteer met die Bafokeng Konsortium
in 2006 en

in 2009 die grootste wins nog in die

maatskappy se 100 jarige bestaan
saam met sy bestuurspan afgelewer. Senwes bevind hom nou aan die
vooraand van 'n nuwe era.

“Die omstandighede bied 'n gepaste tydstip vir iemand anders om die
proses hiervandaan vorentoe te neem,” het Johan Dique aangedui

Francois Strydom, die Direkteur Bedryf sedert Junie 2002, sal vanaf
Junie 2010 die leiding neem as waarnemende Besturende Direkteur
totdat 'n verdere aankondiging gemaak kan word.

Die gevestigde sterk leierskap binne die maatskappy sal verseker dat
e besigheid hierdie verandering ook suksesvol sal akkommodeer.

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Good Reasons to Treat Your Mom on Mother’s Day

It is your mother who brings you to see the light of this world. It is she
who looks after the helpless you and serves you with all her

heart and
does everything to make your life comfortable. Just for a day, at least,
we shall stop taking our mothers for granted.

Mother's Day is one occasion that gives you the opportunity to do
something for your mother. And if you start wondering about

reasons you need to treat your mother, you would end up with nothing
less than a zillion reasons.

Let's just remember the most important reasons for which we need to
be grateful to our mom and that would be enough to arrange a lavish
treat for her o
n the special occasion of Mother's Day.

Since your childhood you have watched your

mom washing
and ironing your clothes, keeping

your school uniform sparkling and
spotless, and

your jumpers without a single crease.

You have been lucky enough to
be picked and

dropped to and
from your school every single

day right form your first day at

Whenever you had a fight and for the slightest

reason or if you
needed a reason to cry on

someone's shoulders, your mom was the

giving you the
comfort and patiently listening to

all your
heartburns and grumbling.

Just remember the innumerable times you

wanted a fresh
new set of designer clothes and

your mother dug out her pocket
money to fulfill

your wish.

The food world in which you
gorged ever since

you were a child
and grew up on, was cooked

day in and day out by your beloved
mother. Just

think of the hundreds of incredible dishes she

prepared for you, the tasty lunchboxes she fixed

for you, the
cakes she baked, the snacks, the

cups of tea and delicious suppers.
It surely

makes your mouth water even now.

Your mother is always there for you through

every thick
thin of your life. She is the

person you can depend upon to stand by

anytime you need her.

all those difficult undecided

moments of life and
you needed someone who

could make you see reason and pour

wise advice in your ears. It was surely

mother who lent you patient ears and then

pulled you out of the

in your life.

Think about the tons of

love she professes for

You everyday through all

her acts, big and small. It

even be measured. It

can only be felt.

What your mother does for you is absolutely beyond assessment but
when the enormity of her love and
sacrifice is felt you realize that
surely your mom deserves a special treat this Mother's Day.

It would only be a small way to show your gratefulness to her.


There are a lot of things money can't buy. Love and tim
e for instance.
On a very special occasion such as a Mothers Day, it would be a nice
idea to give your mom exactly these. Mom's are not looking for
expensive or flashy things from their children. What a mother needs
most is a relaxed atmosphere in the comp
any of her most priced

her children and lot of love, warmth and affection. Here
are some unique, special and priceless Mothers Day gift ideas for a
wonderful Mother's Day. The ideas can be used on grand
law or for women who

are just like a mom in your life.

Spending Time Together

The best Mothers Day gift you can give your mother is to spend quality
time with her. Your mother is specially going to appreciate the idea if
she is staying along away from her kids. Take the Mo
ther's Day as the
opportunity do discuss yours and her life. Share secrets, tell her how
much you miss her and care for her. You must always thank your
mother for all she has done for you in bringing you up.

Making a Meal

Mom's provide us with tasty foo
d with lot of love. This is appreciated
by us but this must not be taken for granted. Mothers too get tired
and bored working in kitchen all throughout the year. Take her
responsibilities for a day and make a meal for her. Surprise her with a
delicious Mot
hers day special breakfast. A bed tea presented in a nice
tray with a bunch of flowers will definitely cheer her up. Besides, a
sumptuous lunch or a dinner prepared with love by kids will be a nice
Mothers Day gift idea.

Cleaning the House

There are endl
ess tasks that Moms perform day in and day out without
even making us understand the enormity of the jobs she perform. But
she is not a super human being. She too needs rest and a helping
hand. Take up the job of cleaning the house, dishes, the car, pet or

the laundry for a day. This gesture of yours will be appreciated as a
perfect Mother's Day gift idea by an Mother.

Gift Certificates

You know your Mom is the greatest in the world. Then why don't you
say it in writing? This Mothers Day gift her a decora
ted certificate
saying how much she is appreciated and that she is the best Mom in
the world. You may also like to frame the certificate your self with a
little imagination and creativity. This will receive the best possible

in your Mother's heart!

Mom's day out from the Kitchen

Most Mom's don't need flowers, cakes or jewelry what they
desperately need is a day's break from the kitchen so that they may
relax a little and spend a little time on themselves. This Mother's day
make it a truly your moth
er's day by giving her a day's rest from the
kitchen. If you are unable to take the charge of the kitchen yourself,
get the food ordered or hire a maid to do the cooking. She will give
you lot of blessings and look forward to the coming Mother's Day with
ot of enthusiasm.

Plan a Family Picnic

A day of complete rest and full of fun may be your gift ideas on
Mother's Day. Figure out her idea of an ideal picnic spot. Does she
wish to relax near a river, or does she loves adventure, then
accordingly select
a suitable destination. Gather the necessary items
for the picnic and save your mother from the trouble. Make her relax
and enjoy a memorable Mothers Day.

A Collage or Handicrafts

If you are creative and you love your Mom, you can unleash your
talent an
d touch your mother's heart with an artistic touch. A family
pictures collage is good idea for a Mothers Day gift. You may also try
your hand at decorating a pot, a vase or a jewelry box for her. This
will be nice Mothers Day gift with a lot of sentimental


Mother’s Day

09 May 2010

Spoil yout MOM!

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Rotariers betrokke by Masel
inenting Program

Op 21 April was die personeel van die Sunningdale Hospitaal hard aan
die werk met die masel
inenting program.

Die program vorm ook deel van die R
otariers se betrokkenheid by

Al die kinders van Unie Laerskool is ook op 21 April inge

Raadslid Petro Nel het gaan hand bysit deur te help om die kinders 'n
drukkie te gee, moed in te praat en die saal in te stuur.

Daar was
heelwat trane en baie bang mensies maar op die uiteinde is
almal inge
ent en was dit n groot sukses

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Regular meetings with farmers to discuss issues affecting farming

Mafikeng North West Provincial Government and the farming
community has agreed

to host regular meetings with farmers to
discuss issues affecting farming communities and their well being in
the province.

The agreement was made at a recent meeting between Premier
Modiselle, Members of the Executive Council and the farming

Present at the meeting were the MEC for Agriculture, Conservation,
Environment and Rural Development, Boitumelo Tshwene, Transport,
Roads and Public Works MEC Mahlakeng Mahlakeng, and Public Safety
MEC Howard Yawa.

The main purpose of the meeting was to d
iscuss issues of common
interest among which were rural safety and security, the state of
provincial roads and relationships between farmers and farm

Representatives of AgriNorth West (AgriNW) who also met with the
premier, made a commitment to

support government initiatives
especially in agriculture and rural development.

Mr.Boeta du Toit, on behalf of AgriNW, made a commitment to Premier
Modiselle and the Executive Council that they will work and continue to
support all government initiatives

especially in agriculture and rural

Reacting to the concerns, the Premier committed government to work
closely with the farmers, the South African Police Service and all law
abiding citizens and stakeholders in the province.

Premier Modise
lle said the commitment they make is to ensure rural
safety and betterment of roads infrastructure, among other things.

In respect of agriculture, MEC Tshwene confirmed he will launch the
Provincial Agriculture Master Plan during May 2010.

He urged the
farming community to fully participate and support the
Agricultural Master Plan.

At the end of the meeting both parties, Government and AgriNW,
agreed to have regular (monthly) meetings to discuss issues affecting
farming communities and their well



very own star

M, a 21 year old rapper and singer with a goal to represent
South African music internationally.

He is South Africa's newest and upcoming artist and has been featured
on some of the biggest hiphop site maga
zines such as heavywords and
streetsheet. Furious is originally from jozi but now lives in Klersdorp
recording under Surreal Records & Ent.

Although Klerksdorp is a small place Furious hopes to inspire people to
see how much talent & potential Klerksdorp

has to offer.

Furious is releasing his new album in June and is on the process of
shooting his new music video of "hood on fire" a song which has been
turning heads nation wide.

Page 7:


Good commission structure

Must have own car and

cellphone. Email CV to

news@yourcity.co.za Or fax to 088 018 46 88 88 3

DISTRIBUTION: Supervised teams distribute flyers, newspapers,
brochures almost anything almost anywhere in the North
Province. Flyers, newspapers etc. are handed out postbox to

and also at robots the choice is yours!Should you require distribution
please contact Wayne @ 082 563 7576. REMEMBER, more flyers out
……..more business in!

6956 018 468 7143 GOUT APROVE


Kinders vir nasorg in Goudkop Laerskool, doen alles met hulle.

Kontak jeanne by 0743759962


PRAG HUIS TE KOOP! 4 Slaapkamer, 2
Badkamer,Dubbel Garage,

Swembad, Bediende kamer. R750 000. Skakel Wayne 0
82 563 7576



5000 vkm teen R550 000.

Skakel 083 702 3499


Vr. 08:00

16:00 Saterdae 08:00

11:00. Sondae en Vakansiedae
sal DBV gesluit wees.Tel: 018 469 2885.

Noodnr: 079 493 7043.


Opreg, KUSA geregistreerd, inge
ent en ontwurm.

Skakel 072 247 6242

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The RCL of THS organised an alfresco DVD & barbeque evening on Thursday, 22 April.

An enclosed area was erected on the school's rugb
y field and learners placed their
blankets on the grass, creating a perfect night
time picnic scene.

While waiting for the film to start, learners tried their hand at cooking their meat on the
fires some were successful; others were left with charred m
eat! In spite of the chilly
weather, learners cuddled up to watch the blockbuster “Avatar”.



Die volgende leerders is aangewys as die top 3 leerders in elke graad:

Foto regs:

Agter: Emilija Stankovic (Gr. 7 1st
e); Leoné Viljoen (Gr. 7 2de); Nucinda du Buisson
(Gr. 7 3de); Zoë Koekemoer (Gr. 6 1ste);

Middel: Chandré Jeppe (Gr. 6 2de ); Michelle Strydom (Gr. 6 3de); Ellen
Mari (Gr. 5
1ste) en Jeandré Viljoen (Gr. 5 2de)

Voor: AnneMart Otto(Gr. 5

3de); J
Lize Swart (Gr. 4 1ste); Amoryn Swartz (Gr. 4
2de); Sherilee Vieira (Gr. 4 3de)

rugbyspelers kan

Sewe van Hoërskool Wesvalia se rugbyspelers is verkies om die Klerksdorp
sirkel by die
Luiperd Hoërskole proewe te verteenwoordig wat plaasvind o
p 30 April en 1 Mei te
Hoërskool Volkskool. Die spelers is: Willem Meyer, Johan Erasmus, Casper Badenhorst,
Barend Swanepoel, Eugene Pettit, Ruan Jansen van Rensburg en SJ Louw.

Foto Regs:

Voor v.l.n.r: Eugene Pettit en Willem Meyer.

Agter v.l.n.r: Johan

Erasmus, Casper Badenhorst, Barend Swanepoel, , Ruan Jansen van
Rensburg en SJ Louw.