Manuscript Submission and Review: My Views and Stories


Oct 2, 2013 (4 years and 9 months ago)


Wei Pan

PubH 8400

December 12, 2012

Manuscript Submission and Review:
My Views and Stories as an Author

How to Choose A Journal

Why to publish?


to disseminate your results


to advance your career


Journal reputation, impact factor


Review time, open access, publishers etc

A practical approach:

where are the references published?

Some Journals

Example, but not complete, list; debatable

Top Stat methods/theory journals: JASA, JRSS
B, Biometrika, Ann

Top Biostat or applied stat journals: Biometrics, JASA (Case
Studies), JRSS
C (Applied Statistics), Ann Applied Statist,
(Controlled) Clinical Trials, …

More specialized Stat journals: JCGS, SADM, JBES, BA, …

Top Machine Learning Journal: JMLR

Bioinformatics and Stat Genetics journals: Nature Genetics, AJHG,
Bioinformatics, Genetic Epidemiology, …

Personal stories

My first (and only one) in
Comm Statist
Pan and
Chappell (1998); EMS (EM + Smoothing) algorithm ~ a penalized/regularized

My first (and only one ) in
Controlled Clinical Trials:
Pan (2001); sample size calculations for GEE; the editor at the time?

My first in

Pan (2001); a small
sample size adjustment
in GEE; needed a theory.

My QIC paper in
Pan (2001); model selection in
GEE; my most highly cited paper; implemented in SAS Genmod and other

More stories

My first in
Pan (2002), stat analysis of
microarray data; barely got published; now my 2

most highly cited.

My first in
Genetic Epi:
Pan (2009);

testing H0: b1=b2=…=bk in a GLM:

g(u)=b0+X1*b1+X2*b2+…+Xk*bk; X1,…, Xk are correlated;

use the Wald (or Score or LR) test?

Surprises: in forming a test stat, 1) incorrect assuming b1=b2=…=bk; 2)
incorrectly ignoring the correlations among the estimates of b’s;


Of course I have bad ones: rejected after 1
or 2 revisions (after 2 or 3 years); some
comments are not nice; …

Most important: don’t give up! Do what you
are interested in.

I look forward to hearing your own stories,
hopefully successful ones…