All set for the future: NORMA Group opts for OnDemand-Services

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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


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All set for the future:
NORMA Group opts for OnDemand-Services
NORMA Group is an international market and technology leader for
engineered joining technology. Their joining products are installed in
motor vehicles, ships, trains, airplanes and household appliances as
well as engines, water conduits and in applications for the
pharmaceutical and bio-engineering industries. The company with
approximately 4,500 employees has a global network with 18
production plants and numerous sales agencies in Europe, The
Americas and Asia.
The company is headquartered in Maintal near Frankfurt am Main.
NORMA Group in 2006 emerged from the merger between the
German Rasmussen Gruppe and ABA Group in Sweden. The
company is listed at the German stock exchange in the SDAX stock

IT- availability and flexibility
By implementing this strategic reorientation in the domain of ERP
software architecture in conjunction with relocating the data center
from the flood-prone site at company headquarters in Maintal, the
NORMA Group wanted to achieve increased IT-availability, data
integrity and flexibility. In the process of this development, NORMA
Group decided in 2011 to entrust UBL Informationssysteme GmbH
with operating the central IBM System-i environment as managed
service. The specialist for OnDemand data center solutions based in
Neu-Isenburg mirrored the system environment in two data centers.
UBL in particular demonstrated its flexibility in the issue of choosing
the data center location.
NORMA Group's international orientation requires a reliable 24/7
high-availability system environment. Negotiations between
NORMA Group and UBL were intensified in 2011. It soon became
obvious that UBL was capable of reacting very flexibly to NORMA
Group's requirements and at the same time came up with several
interesting proposals for solutions. UBL's core competencies – many
years of experience with data center operations flanked by System-i
know-how - coincide precisely with the requirements and needs of
NORMA Group.
At the end of a very competitive bidding process, the parties finally
reached a long-term agreement on modernization and operation of the
existing IBM System-i infrastructure platform which was converted to a
state-of-the-art high-availability IBM POWER environment and was at
Migration of our operative
System i
-infrastructure to a
new and contemporary
nment progressed
smoothly in all respects
Following conversion and
al of the systems, we
now have a much higher
degree of IT availability and
integrity. At the same time,
easening the IT workload on
our personnel allows us to
focus our attention o
n more
important strategic

Andreas Miehle


UBL Informationssysteme GmbH

-Ulrich-Straße 4 | 63263 Neu-Isenburg |
Telefon (06102) 303 3 | Telefax (06102) 303 888 | info@ubl

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the same time migrated to an external data center. The solution
concept was based upon 1:2 mirroring via two separate data centers
as recommended by UBL.

At those locations, UBL OnDemand Services provides SLA-supported
7/24 operations with monitoring functions and defined restoration
cycles to assure very high availability paired with services which the
customer may at any time adapt to his specific needs.

Uninterrupted data replication
The established TSP BUS400 solution for software mirroring warrants
for permanent data synchronization between production system and
backup environment. At the same time, the backup infrastructure is
divided into two partitions to assure data protection autonomously from
the backup system's mirror partitions. The major advantage of this
concept is that there is no need for a backup window on the production
system side, which assures 7/24 system availability without any
This uninterrupted production is an essential characteristic for NORMA
Group, as it warrants for consistent system availability at all NORMA
Group sites.

NORMA Group IT-Infrastructure Manager Gerhard Walter emphasized
that the entire project of transferring the NORMA Group-ERP
environment to the data center lasted only six weeks. "With the help of
UBL, we managed to accomplish a perfect one-to-one transferal right
on the first scheduled week-end," is how Gerhard Walter appreciated
the project progression. "We were absolutely delighted with UBL's
short reaction times and outstanding reliability."

Efficient migration and reliable operation
"Migration of our existing System-i infrastructure to a new and more
contemporary environment progressed smoothly in all respects," said
Andreas Miehle, NORMA Group CIO. "Following conversion and
transferal of the systems, we now have a much higher degree of IT
availability and integrity. At the same time, easening the IT workload on
our personnel allows us to focus our attention on more important
strategic assignments."
"Our partners at UBL provided
us with very competent and
cooperative support throughout
the entire migration of our
system infrastructure
Operation of the new high
environment has been running
smoothly and absolutely
reliably right from the very

Gerhard Walter

Infrastructure M
UBL Informationssysteme GmbH
IBM Premier Partner UBL looks back to
more than 25 years of competence in
engineering consolidation and availability
solutions in the domain of IBM POWER,
Intel and storage systems.
In software development, UBL commands
extensive know-how in the field of system
i- and WebSphere-solutions as well as non-
platform applications based on Java and

With the UBL OnDemand Services, UBL
makes available managed services for
- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
- PaaS (Platform as a Service)
- SaaS (Software as a Service)