Capacity building and KM

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Capacity building and KM

explore relationship between KM and capacity building

perhaps develop training modules, e

In some centres the two are separate, in others they are combined

wayne our projec
t was for the three A's

how to have shared learning resources

projects have tried to do this

building capacities of partners

we need more of a strategic vision and process

lots of unfinished business here

practically: capacity building often not well
resourced in terms of finance

a lot o KM ans KS products, if there is a pedagogical aspect

how to? not clear

joanna: not work as separate dept, with people monodisciplinairy

macro apraoch: global actor approach. You heve got to make that globall tripl
e A.

micro approach with indiv researcher projects: have a strategy and deal with

uptake of the research and it might mean different things: different media, or lobbying,

all projects will have to have a research uptake strategy

impact pathway as

a tool, for uptake strategy, impact assessment, gender angle

single entrypoint

intention to evolve

different partners involved

can we have tools, processes, document in a single place?

joomla by Thomas CYMMIT

exchange of young people to different cente
rs. this should be easier under the change

also inside a centre to prevent headquarters syndrome. proposal post
docs should be
system wide, synchronized and rotated

where does capacity development community stand? 5 yr ago there was a more vi
community. the open food and agriculture university was a dissappointing experience,
now it is hard to get going

Q: are there success stories in capacity development that can be showcased? is it
working? where do young, just qualified scientist go?

A: it is working. copyright issues of e
learning materials

Q: is there a KM community in CGIAR?

A: there are tools, that both KM and capacity building people are interested in.

A: we could try and target capacity building people with our next KS workshop

linking it to change management

be proactive in your community and articulate what it is you want to do; do not wait for
them to tell you where to go

capacity building community is not embodied in a single person

KM has supported the e
learning as muc
h as KS

capacity building could be one of the linkages

enrica: you would need to come forward. eg do you need a chief learning officer? now is
the time

think of principles. in research we should be allowing opportunities for learning

if we made this a p
rinciple we could each try and identify actions for it

maybe we should put our strategy paper along the research cycle. what are the different
intervention areas

another angle could be participation

accessing and valuing different sources and types of kno

the new buzz word is partnership, maybe we should capatilize on that

evaluate not partners but partnerships: what did you get out of each partnership in
which area. what is the evidence

proposal development

we have been looking at number of partn
ers and not much quality of relationships.
some of it is lip

like the gates foundation are now looking at processess.

in many centres Info, communication and capacity building is combined or close

the inclusion of capacity building is a tangibl
e outcome


Q: presence at minsterial meeting?

A: what will we be presenting?

Q: would it be possible to get money on doing the success stories?

A: do you need a pot of money? could be done in the form of some emails.

Comment: but we need to rai
se some excitement

not just technology, also processes

opportunity for new jobs? Broadening views (influence within center)

IT department within our centre doesn't help us with open infrastucture for knowledge
sharing / knowledge management; IT depts

seem to work against us

Steve: we don't need them. They just need to make sure we have connectivity and allow
us to be open.

R: But institutionally this is not right. they are valued and we are not.