April 28, 2010 Boston CiviCRM Meetup

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April 28, 2010 Boston CiviCRM Meetup

One Laptop Per Child, Kendall Square, Cambridge

Present: Eli, Peter, TJ, SJ, Mary, Eric, James, Evan, Chris, Alex


Eli, Currently using out
box Civi+Drupal for MCHC

memberships, contributions, ev
Also with Green
Rainbow Party, hopes to develop a lot more functionality over time with Civi.

Peter, work for EDC (healthcare education all over the world) in Netwon. Contact management
database, but looking to expand in. Spent a lot of time on ret
urn channels in civimail, not fun.


Freelancer over in Chelsea, works mostly with nonprofits & small businesses, helping a couple of
orgs do Civi, looking to learn more



migrating some of our customer data. 100,000 people. Moving it out of
Request Tracker
into a more structured database. Also a trustee at wikipedia, 250,000 records at wikimedia foundation.


web producer

working with Eli on GRP and jillstein.org


works for C, Murray Consulting. Wordpress & Drupal, looking to do
more with CiviCRM.


Mass Equality moving over to Drupal and CiviCRM for website & field operations



getting faith based organizations volunteers, have online college


consults with nonprofits, working with one in Ohio th
at is doing CiviCRM on Joomla, they
have a developer. She's the liaison between the strategy and implementation within the organization


Project Laundry List. (New Hampshire). Try to get people to hang up their clothes to save
energy. Have all these
cool things to add on Joomla, but it's not integrated. iContact for email &
newsletter. Quickbooks for store clotheslines & drying racks in volusion. Suggestion for Alex: do
donor stuff out of the box with Civi, reminder emails, etc.


ivi had a really nice presence at DrupalCon. Growth at Civi is just straight up. Hitting the sweet spot
of getting well
enough known that it's picking up. About to release another book sprint. A lot more
detail, more into case management.

There was discu
ssion of advocacy toolkits. Dave Greenberg said there are some things going on.
Canvassing will be one of the first parts coming out. Mapping out using geolocation. Piece by piece
approach to it. There's been a lot of work done, doesn't quite understand wh
y it hasn't been released
into the community. Customizations not generic enough. Advocacy stuff, address
parsing, different
means of de
duping records

Birds of a feather

civiEngage and other advocacy stuff.

Project management distribution of Drupal

ackend thing

called Open Atrium put out by
development seed. Someone was showing a proof of concept integration bet. CiviCRM user records
being shown in records as part of open atrium. CiviCRM feature as part of a group in Civi. Like
BaseCamp projects...

Open Atrium

groups or spaces where you could have, e.g., your campaign team
from Cambridge, another being your camp team from Boston. Using civicrm ACLs you could have
blocks showing up people with the right access in the right context. Hasn't been full
y worked out, but
something that would be possible, getting them into Drupal blocks. Hope that Civi exposes in terms of
ACL. Stars without Stripes name of organization. (Brian Hersh??) Sites for political candidates. Drupal
sites dynamically themeable with

GUI. Default looked like Whitehouse.gov.

More general Drupal for Nonprofits birds of afeather. Lots of people disaffected with CiviCRM.
Usability of back
end interface. People who work at non
profits. Found it difficult to get support from
community. Th
ey were gonna try to do everything in Drupal. Question: were they disaffected by
earlier experiences and earlier versions of Civi?

Introductory user training w Dave Greenberg and Civic Actions guy. Doing them around the country.
Trying to get more opportu
nities for people to get these. Entry barrier is high for a lot of non
They're going to stop development on independent stand
alone Civi. 70% Drupal, 30% joomla. Most
of the excitement on Drupal side.

Unbelievable demos, main organization with a
ffiliate organizations. Log in but not have complete
access. Only for Drupal.



Stuff for next release: Case Management to track Constituents, CiviSchool, large optimizations for the
end, new flexibility to customize templates, colors &

styles to style it so it really looks like web
pages. Theming extensively changed and really nice

profiles exposed. Drop
down menus, anybody
can do it. You can style it, switch it up, do it again. More WYSIWYG.

HTML for email receipts, multi
civicrm a
ccess controls, more granular access controls for Drupal.
Multiple domain names running on same code base, access control based on current domain. One
CiviCRM db being shared.

They know CiviMail one of weakest links of all the modules

they are working o
n blacklists &
whitelists. Make it more of a campaign monitor, fully featured.

Canvassing will be the first thing to be released. They’ll be adding early bird registration to CiviEvent.

Impressive presentations: TJ Cook from HiDef web solutions. In Canad
a, does a lot of faith based
work, bible study, etc.Back
end styling

his forms looked great. Canadian Bible Society.

Alan Berstein, c3 communications. He basically did Moodle in Civi. a 3
year project. Continuing
education credits, highly regulatory envi
ronment. All the course tracking and credit hours. Like back
end of moodle. Don't let the developer go down a path that's so customized that you can't upgrade,
locking in. Ask what the upgrade process is for significant customizations. CiviSchool is coming


Rayogram demonstrated NY State Senate site. Vastness of amount of constituent relationships they're

really in
depth case management. Someone calls, opens a case. They're releasing it to the
community, working hand
hand with core team.
Should be available in 3.2.

Room packed

50,60 people there, it's really carrying it's own, and there's no sales team. A lot of
former BlackBaud people. Need to go where you can own your data and not keep paying somebody.

Presentation by Evan Donovon
on TechMission.org and UrbanMinistry.org


TechMission.org They do online volunteer
matching to faith
based social service organizations.
Modeled after volunteermatch or idealist.org. Largest one that's targeted the faith
based community.
Internship progr
am through TechMission Corps, an AmeriCorps program. Their 2008 numbers 5,981
volunteers through christianvolunteering.org

UrbanMinistry.org puts out videos, wikis,

CityVision College uses Drupal, Moodle, civicrm & ubercart integrated together in a regis
tration flow.

All these sites run off the same Drupal database. None operating as a drupal multi
site. They're actually
using a symbolic link in the file system

it was the simplest way they were aware of at the time.

christianvolunteering.org is a JSP
site that uses the drupal database, pulling stuff from CCK nodes (all
custom). They're in the process of releasing that on google code.


How it works in terms of gauging interest in the college

UrbanMinistry.org, primary Drupal sie.
Use CiviCRM in 4 different primary ways here.

1. Manage inquiries into the college & internship program through civicrm_subscribe

2. Register for cityvision college w/ CiviContribute

3. Donations to their programs in general w/ CiviContribute

4. Use i
t to send out mailings to various groups through CiviMail. Custom perl script that interfaces
with SOAP interface for CiviCRM b/c they found using the PHP script that comes with Civi 3.1 was
too slow, added load to server if you were trying to send out 40,
000 emails at once. Perl script doesn't
affect the server.

Normal integration w/ Drupal is through a custom profile, profile of custom fields, one of those field is
"groups" field. List of all the different groups users may subscribe to, shows during use
r registration


alter to change look of form in Drupal, wanted to change the label of the group to
say "subscribe me to... __ newsletter" checkbox

wanted it checked by default so people would have
to opt
out. Added a jquery t
hat would show up on user/register page and find that checkbox and make
it checked will release that code on github.com/evandonovan

Civicrm_Subscribe. Created by doug green, Civic Actions, never upgraded for versions of civi past
2.0, evan and some other
people worked with some people t make it compatible with 2.1+

Hopefully can commit his patch soon, he became maintainer of it right before DrupalCon. Drupal 6
release that's out currently doesn't work unless you apply the patch.

CiviCRM groups marked as

hidden in CiviCRM. Won't show up in user/register. But can show up in
blocks. Civicrm_subscribe module lets him have newsletter subscribe block without it showing up in
custom profile.

Use to be double opt
in, later versions

it's the default that you h
ave to opt in to groups unless you
change it in civicrm settings file that you don't want double opt in.

Defined civicrm groups available to the civicrm_subscribe module. Looked at initial block

w/ all those different groups

changed html & d
estination of form action (group w/ gid...) Would
change it so it could provide different blocks. They have recaptcha enabled on the donation page &
catalog download page (civicrm profiles), but not on subscribe page, and they do have an issue with
bogus e
mail addresses that have got in through this system. Basic process for people going through on
the college

fill in email address, then fill out form. Individual forms created as nodes in Drupal... but
recommends using Drupal form API

very easy for you
to use forms that integrate with standard
Drupal workflow

create custom registration processes (ants to add people to a particular user role b/c
they use user roles for differentiation in moodle.

Use external db for authentication (by default in moodle)
. (question: are you using LDAP?)

(Doesn't get you single
on). Course listings
> purchase course. Handling payment through
ubercart. Moodle not as good for payment. Had no end of troubles getting it to work with our payment
processor (authorize.net
). Moodle just worked with paypal but authorize.net lets you export to
quickbooks, etc.

Issue tracker for civicrm Jira. CiviMail PHP command line cli (in civicrm forums).


Tuesday May 25

Request for next meeting

potential having CiviMa
il actually working. People who have found best
case for certain # of records, Presentations on CiviMail! How you integrate with 3rd party services.
Roundtable. Lots of pain but worth it. Get this out to broader drupal community, lobo, etc.

Mailchimp. Orga
nic groups? Is anyone tying in to VerticalResponse

potentially tied in to civi?

Integrated with an exchange server. Fighting the return path. Popular way is to just set up a gmail
account. Strips off the part with the VERP. Evan used perl script for the

return path.

Who uses it successfully? Jane Goodall Institute through Trellon

Riche? NEXUS Roundtable

Annie? Tova? Bikes Not Bombs

Sean Madsen? Agaric Design

Ben Melançon? Peter can present.


Civi as an enterprise CRM. Creating

a mobile theme in drupal. Capture process in Drupal blocks.

Geolocation geocoding good? Hold up your device

that person's house is in that direction (enhanced
reality). Some app in Drupal or Joomla. Google API maps. Evan

iphone app

NY State Senate

walking routes

Mail standardizaton?

Latest NTEN report

CiviCRM got an A across the board for user satisfaction. Broken down into a lot
of categories.



specializes in data migration,
migrating data into Drupal