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notes of Jon Peck for Bit 286


A domain name registered

is needed

Crawling is the process of going over web

You can help and hinder

Resources are Beginner guide…

My site keep search engineer friendly

Lynx viewer

As crawlers look at yo
ur page

doesn’t care how it gets there

Page layout and links are shown

You need to have a file to prove you own the site add delorie.htm

It determines the structure, then looking at the content

Considers can it get to all the pages, notification

Also the

layers of content, visible text and underlying html

Malware and hacking

You can hire SEO companies

You can buy search ads, organic search

the results naturally happening from the search

Google ads

they are paid to get there

Primarily google as they are
the Number 1 search in the world

leader in development and techniques

Same ideas apply for yahoo, bing , etc.. . they have other specific tools

Google tools work often in other search engines

Text search is the focus, image search also

Web Crawlers look a
t the pg, the links and go down the page,

Sometimes you may not want them to find or not

regular users then the whole world

robots.text is a plain text file that you can add to not crawl

entries included

you could password protect, but this is easier, ot
her search engines works

robots.text has a syntax, specific user agents, one for each search engine…

also an allow tag that is otherwise allowed

the sitemap directory is a separate file created to give the search engine hints

good to add as example xml fil
e a list of urls with each saying url details like

last modified

there is an algorithm, google will index site if updated more

less often changes, if you add a last modified detail, semi regular basis, a flag to the crawler

some cms

do this automatical

also you can change frequency

how often

priority directive is relative to other pages on your site

decide what is more important and priority

sitemaps make crawlers aware of unlinked urls

if xml includes other not linked, you can add to the site

SE friendly urls include

If parameters are defined, you get values with ? etc..

SE ignore form submissions, it is slow and annoying, makes spam

they don’t know if it is spam or what

They do not do forms, but static links

url rewrite

can write to convey
info alter to format

can be automatically, or url rewrite, built into most web servers

http rewrite engine

link to tool to write over with translation

directives are regex mapping to one format from another at webconfs.com

take the code and put into .hta
cess file in root directory
, save and non writable

non readable, you don’t want it modified

not visible to outside world, just the process

two versions available

when you create rewrites, makes a pattern may overwrite access

make sure urls are unique enou
gh to not get it confused

? may be a dirty url

Another improving is cross linking

another refers to yours

Good quality link to other good quality sites, that is what search engines think

Takes ideas of links into account as crawled, spam not good

will grow if links to other things related from forums or interested users

Open site explorer.org

get linked data lists sites linked to it

Idea of
links accessed and volumes, top pges hit most often,

For seo specific pages for each page google considers


You can ask google how to

Page rank

technical algorithm detail explained


actual content is most important interesting and legible

Why you need site map

deep resources=

also private pages,

However in your server config

if you get somethi
ng from a certain location,

You can make it so google can see

a refer

Scripted and non html may be google does not run the javascript

If you have a php file, then puts out html, you can see that

With a banner image, the name is not read

Flash is non index

So not good to use a lot of flash in seo

Dynamic or contextual content, as long as from php, but results are not going to be as other users

Default should be useful to most users

Go see text only browsers

Alt and meta tags

give an idea of what the pa
ge is about include a tag

Alt = a picture of a house

if browser does not render and blind

Iframe is ignored for seo

Meta tag goes in the header

Always have title tags for the page name for seo

Description is a natural language description of a page

ds is a comma delimited list of words related to the site

Flag to see that what is related, helps

Words under link are taken from the site


google states most recently , if you go to the site latest uploaded


by keywords and searches for si
milar things, may be


you can provide to google and rest to rest of world

Only a black hat

is hackers only, but not only it is white hat

different but represented

In the page itself

is the browser capable of seeing images

By looking at the ref

where are you coming from

Black hat is when you show something completely different

To capture search direction

when you lie to fool google, useless spam pages

White hat cloaking represent qualitatively similar content

If you don’t follow google it w
ill not recognize you

Malware most effects websites if you have not closed out

Or the content management systems, like joomla, people try to hack, if you find a hole to insert content
in unauthorized ways then they try
give a virus

use autoupdate.

Most o
ften they change the content, take it down or add ads, insert new index.html

Cloaking is more suttle, index inserted may be on top, you still see, when google comes along they see
other page, when google indexes, it is not the same as the cached version

ogle may think a site is bad, then forms submitted to renew the site to be findable again,

Keep cms and security updated.

Google has useful tools to detect malware

make a login and tools for infections

Fetch as googlebot

type in url and will look at it a
nd see if it is ok to see what google actually sees

Tags it sees are revealed

Suggested html suggestions

missing title tags

may not need if you don’t need

May find something to help you with your site.

Third party seo for a fee, some good and some not

ittle money not much

If specific will be good
, need to have references to find a good one.

Do it yourself SEO

Google starter guide is available

Register your site

Site map, crawl rate, settings, etc…

Keyword selections

use in the content itself write to
a middle school English level

Think of balance of target audience and search ability

Google keyword selection took, insights for search by keywords

Interest level or area of where you have your market, time, categories possible

Webmaster tool checklist

eas to consider, just a checklist and useful links

Buying search ads, you need to pay money to get results, on good keywords

That are most relevant

on Google ads on the side

Just to know too, you can have more than one and vary

You can make keyword sets,
for each one there is a cost per click

Pay per click the more it is more prominent, up to you to make the user do something on your site

Looked verses clicked on rates, CPM, cost per million, CPC is more effective