New Venture Competiton

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


New Venture Competiton


Katie Kapler, NYU College of Arts and Sciences 2008

Nihal Parthasarathi, Stern 2008


is a community course catalog that partners with local education providers to
make recreational classes easier for New Yorkers to find and enroll in.

Students may browse,
or filter classes by schedule, curriculum, price and location, with the ability to t
hen enroll
directly into the desired course. By centralizing course info and reviews, CourseHorse aims
to simplify the class research process and increase enrollment in programs offered within
communities. The team plans to launch the website in Q1 2011.


Connell McGill, Babson College 2008

Olesya Livanova, Stern 2006

Pavel Khodorkovskiy, Babson College 2007

Enertiv manufactures hardware that monitors buildings’ electrical circuit functioning using a
subscription service model. This hardware allo
ws Enertiv to evaluate the energy efficiency of
the circuit and determine its contribution to the monthly utility bill. In the monitoring and
analysis of circuits’ energy use, Enertiv can advise customers on how to better manage their
equipment remotely an
d lower both their energy consumption and electrical bills.

Event Now Inc.

Alex Kombos, Stern BS 1997

Said Amin, Clark University BA 1995


provides an online space for event and party industry vendors to offer their best
prices and services, allowing potential customers to easily filter through companies based
on their needs and budgets. This site aims to incite competition amongst vendors t
o ensure
consumers receive the best deals when planning their events.

EN launched an alpha version of the site in Feb. 2010 and a beta version in April. They’ve
signed up 14,800 vendors and launched an updated version of the site in Sept 2010.

sed International

Nathalie Parizat, NYU Stern BS 2011

Romy Schreiber, Parsons School of Design BA May 2011

Showcased International is a virtual fashion showcase that will alleviate the traditional
constraints of cost, selection and accessibility encountered by both buyers and designers
alike when attending traditional fashion shows. These shows will last one mo
nth and will
coincide with traditional market weeks, providing an online runway for under

Social Genius, Inc.

Marcos R. Lara, RPI BS 1996

Sanem Alkan, Stern MBA 1999

Mentors: Isaac Arias, Carlos Cesta, Daniel Katz

Designer of mob
ile device applications that allow everyone, no matter how

music or tech savvy, discover music based on friend recommendations and

share music preferences in a fun, social, legal and inexpensive way not

yet done since the birth of digital music.



Alexandra Choli, Stern MBA 2011

Elli Stefanides, Stern MBA 2010

Romina Laouri

Metavallon functions as an innovation hub for Greek university students, fostering a
community for entrepreneurial endeavors through its Incubation Progr
am. The program will
provide mentorship for five to ten fellows, supporting them in planning, launching and
sustaining high impact ventures relevant to new industries (high tech) and the social sector.
Workshops in business fundamentals, skills
building se
ssions, work space, business services,
a network of experts and seed funding of €50,000 per venture, will all be provided in an
effort to ignite change in the Greek market and create a culture of innovative, quality

Cai, Stern 2007

David Cole, Hamilton College BA 2008

Volkan Unsal, Baruch College BA & BS 2004 is an online marketplace that connects people to create and market new
products made from salvaged waste material.

See & Be Seen

Drexler, NYU MS 2011

Ben Lillienthal, Stern MBA 2004

Kelley Litzner, Stern MBA 2011

Lindsay Newman, NYU PhD 2012

Jeffrey Witte, Founder,; S&BS partner NGO

See & Be Seen produces and distributes reflector
enhanced book bags made for African
dren ages 5
14 in Tanzania and Ghana to help reduce the threat of road traffic injuries
(RTI). By arming these children with bags communicating caution and encouraging road
safety, See & Be Seen LLC hopes to reduce a leading cause of death, injury and disa
bility in

Tech Ventures


Kalle Levon

Samir Ajmera

Avdar San

Margarita Shinder


is a biotechnology company working to develop a disruptive transistor based
biosensor to detect biological reactions such as DNA hybridization and protein binding for
disease detection. By leveraging the semiconductor industry’s manufacturing infrastructu
Anzenna plans to provide an integrated diagnostic device capable of performing multiple
tests with label
free simplicity and speed at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

The team is currently in the prototype research and development phase.

They have begun to
develop large scale sensors with hundreds of transistors and expect to soon have thousands
of sensors on a chip which will allow for large scale reaction measurements that can be
moved over to an R&D product for sales purposes.


Jared Feldman, NYU Tisch/Stern 2010

Sam Hui, Stern Assistant Professor of Marketing

Mashwork is a breakthrough social media listening service that understands opinions.

Suneris Technologies

Joseph Landolina, NYU Poly 2014

Kenny Mai

Isaac Miller, Stern BS 2012

Suneris Technologies has developed a sustainable, eco
friendly, and durable way to seal,
protect, and heal wounds of all sizes with its product, Medi
gel. A spray
on, gelatinous,
organic bandage that adheres to the wound, Med
gel disinfects, protects and facilitates a
better healing process. From minor cuts and scrapes to severe lacerations, the Medi
alternative bandage is ideal for military application, sports medicine, consumers, and
emergency medical technicians.