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Improve Efficiency & Cut Operating Costs
The crush is on for public sector IT organizations to do more with less funding and staff—even as demand for more
services and faster delivery increases—against an ever-changing regulatory environment.
Reduce Database Costs
Federal, state local governments, and their associated departments and agencies are increasingly finding that
the license and support fees for their proprietary relational databases are a constant budget drain. The high costs
associated with both proprietary relational and non-relational database products can be significantly reduced by
migrating to PostgreSQL, an open source relational solution. PostgreSQL offers a feature set that stands up to
any of the expensive proprietary relational databases, and has proven itself to be both performant and reliable in
a number of public sector environments. Getting the most value from scarce taxpayer dollars is both necessary
and responsible, and PostgreSQL helps public sector IT organizations do just that.
Cost Savings Advantages of Using PostgreSQL in the Public Sector
Open Source License PostgreSQL source code is available under a liberal open source license. Download
it, use it, modify it, and distribute it in any form you like as widely as required, without incurring any cost.
Open Standards Thanks to open standards used by PostgreSQL, your IT department can easily implement
and cost-effectively deploy solutions, regardless of the complexity of the IT infrastructure.
Maintenance and Tuning PostgreSQL has lower maintenance and tuning requirements than proprietary
database systems.
Lower Recurring Costs, including Support Costs Simply stated—anything you save in these costs
can allow you to provide new services.
Compatibility Use existing database applications on a PostgreSQL platform, or build new PostgreSQL
applications. Either way, you save money because there's no retraining or recoding.
Vendor Independence Get true bids from vendors for both OS and hardware. Get bids from multiple
vendors for support/maintenance contracts.
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PostgreSQL Users in the Public Sector
PostgreSQL is used in the public sector worldwide, including:
Over 30 U.S. States & Canadian Provinces The PostgreSQL-based Evergreen library system is used
in over 1000 public & academic libraries.
City of Garden Grove, California Relies on PostgreSQL for backups, application development,
and administration.
Wisconsin Court Systems Executes 80 million database transactions in about 100 databases distributed
around the state.
CNAF (one of France's largest social service organizations) Migrated their largest Batch and OLTP
applications to PostgreSQL—1 billion SQL statements per day.
Other PostgreSQL users are listed on the PostgreSQL web site:
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Support Services
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