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Nov 25, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


The Bridges of the
Suwannee River

Built in 1984

Concrete Pylon

Steel Girder

Concrete Deck

County Rd. 751

Concrete Pylon

Steel Wrapped

Steel Girder

CSX Railroad

Old SR 90


Concrete Pylon

Steel Truss

US 90

Built in 1986

Concrete Pylon

Concrete Beam

Interstate 10

Built in 1971

Concrete Pylon

Concrete Beam

Dowling Park Rd

Built in 1955

Concrete Pylon

Steel Beam

Abandoned Railroad

Concrete Pylon

Steel Truss

Top Deck

Built in 1947

Wire Cable


647 feet length

Hal Adams Bridge @ FL 51

Abandoned Turnstile Bridge

Built in 1989

Concrete Piers

Concrete Beams

Hwy 27 Bridge


“The Bridges of the

Suwannee River”

created by Jack Reece © 2009


All photos property of Jack Reece

Aerial Photos from Google Earth, 2009

Bridge information from