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May 14, 2015 (6 years and 6 months ago)


http://www.dcs-is-edi.com Data Communication Solutions (DCS), leading EDI Consulting Specialists, offer EDI solutions, integration, implementation and EDI training for business-to-business Electronic Data Interchange.

Data Communication Solutions, Inc. (DCS) was founded in 1991 by Darcy Running to provide affordable
EDI consulting to companies that were just learning how

to do business electronically. Running began
working in data communication in 1983 and on EDI specifically in 1988 making him a leader in the
automation age. After two decades of consulting, DCS is still helping companies of all sizes become more
ive using EDI. History

In 1981, Running started his career working for a retail merchant connecting point
sale terminals
(cash registers) and select vendors. In 1988, the business was sold prompting Running to move to
Minnesota for a new start. There, h
e was hired by Richard J. York & Associates, an I.T. developer, who
wrote an EDI system for 3M (v.2001) and was granted permission to take the work to the market,
opening EDI to the public. Only two other companies were doing similar work at the time.

r Richard J. York & Associates was sold to Sterling Commerce, Running decided he didn’t want to
move his family to Columbus, Ohio which began his entrepreneurship. In 1991, Running started
supporting Gentran which increasingly grew his business. DCS’ growt
h continued with the development
and use of search engines, such as Google (1998), and became partners with IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

In 1996, Running knew it was time to bring on additional help for his thriving business. Three Specialists
were hired and spac
e was leased in Eden Prairie, Minnesota where DCS still resides. All original
associates still work for DCS two decades later.

Maintaining our partnership with IBM, Oracle, and SAP through the years has proven beneficial as these
leaders give us insider knowledge to be passed on to our customers.

DCS is also members of standard
groups GS1

and OAGi while supporting companies all over the U.S. as well as Canada and Mexico.

Although DCS is headquartered in Minnesota, DCS specialists and customers can be found all around the
country. Often supporting customers remotely, specialists rely on rem
ote access tools allowing faster
service for a lower cost to customers. DCS specialists travel to customer sites for project kick
training sessions, or for important “go
live” deadlines.

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to learn more about the services that DCS specialist can provide you in your search for EDI
solutions and success.

Achieve Your EDI Goals Quickly and Thoroughly

Since 1
991, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has solved EDI challenges of all sizes and
assisted hundreds of companies behind the scenes or to become

. DCS starts with a
assessment of your existing system and in
house expertise. Once strengths
weaknesses are determined, a strategy is implemented which will enable your company to
quickly become more productive and achieve its goals.

Two decades of EDI experience make us:



We know what must be done immediately, and what can be delaye



By starting
we can relieve immediate pressure.



Solutions will be won in a shorter time with a possibility of
100% ROI

thanks to our
years of experience.

DCS services are tailored to meet your needs because we know there is no one else just like
you. You will receive a one
kind implementation plan honoring your unique qualities as a
growing business. With EDI automat
ion, your process will run smoother and allow for the
quality control needed to become
. If you aren’t looking to be self
reliant, but instead

interested in outsourcing your EDI problems, let us find the cure.

We take the time to learn your sys
tem thoroughly before providing a task list with time
estimates and priorities. The first step is to e
mail DCS for your FREE Assessment. We look
forward to clearing your EDI headaches!

Each industry has unique customs, protocols, and requirements. Plus, industry requirements
vary and your customers’ demands are often at odds.

And, if you work across multiple
industries you may have different challe

Our experience with the commonalities and the
specific adaptations needed by you can ensure your implementation is thorough, quick, and
economical. For more about our services,
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. Take adv
antage of our
FREE assessment
it’s your first step in reliable, secure, effective and economical EDI.

DCS has compiled a list of more than 800 companies, organized by industry, that are currently

View our list

to see if any of your customers are capable. If not, we can contact

company’s I.T. department (not the buyer) for their EDI guidelines to get the process started for

DCS is ready to help you with all your EDI needs!

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