Summit on Translational Bioinformatics 2012


Oct 2, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


AMIA Joint Summits

TBI Summit: March 19

, 2012

CRI Summit: March 21

, 2012

Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco

CRI Summit: Year 3

Year 1 (Chair:Embi): Shortened meeting time (1.5 days)

Year 2 (Chair:Payne): First full meeting (2.5 days)

Year 3 highlights

104 submissions

17 rejections (mostly not CRI related topics)

18 full papers (8 journal eligible)

15 podium presentations

44 posters

10 panels

New Presentation Formats

Full papers get most time/exposure

20 minutes (15 presentation/5 Q&A)

Podiums get less time/exposure

15 minutes (10 presentation/ 5 Q&A)

Posters get 5 minutes (3 slides) to present highlights
prior to poster session

6 poster presentations in each 90 minute session

New Presentation Formats

45 minute live platform demos like IKFC F2F.

three open slots
!!! Let me know if you are interested.

Tool(s)/platform must be freely available.

WARNING: Only wireless connectivity in hotel

One Friday AM informal Birds of a Feather session
focused on IHE integration (Bain, Payne, Tachinardi).

Let me know if you want to host a BoF session.

CRI Headliners

Opening Bridge Day keynote:

Robert M. Califf MD

Vice Chancellor for Clinical Research

Director, Duke Translational Medicine Institute

Professor of Cardiology

Closing CRI Year in review by Peter Embi MS, MD

Invited Panels:

The role of the Clinical Research Informatics Officer

AcademyHealth Electronic Data Methods Forum

Next generation distributed network technologies

Created using:

JAMIA: Special Issue on CRI

May 2012:

JAMIA issue dedicated entirely to CRI!

December 2011 extra issue features eleven CRI papers

JAMIA (and AMIA) have recognized CRI as a emerging
field in biomedical informatics

Our publications make this case