Installing Pronto PC Remote software v1.0.

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Oct 27, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Installing Pronto PC Remote software v1.0.

1. Download setup.exe file from
2. Execute setup.exe to start the installation. Follow the instructions
3. Install IPX drivers in case they aren't already installed (see below)
4. In the Start menu, select the Pronto PC Remote Control/View application.
Note: If you get a message that there is a problem with the network resources when you
try to start the utility, this is probably due to a missing IPX protocol (see below)
Setting up:
By selecting Network setup on the Settings menu, you can select which of the logical
networks you should listen on. The utility will automatically detect any Pronto on any of
the enabled logical networks.
In Network setup, you can give each network a logical name that will be shown in the
Chat window.
Installing IPX Drivers under Windows:
Normally, only TCP/IP is installed as default. If the IPX/SPX protocol isn't installed, click on
Install, select Protocol and select the IPX/SPX protocol from the list.
When the IPX/SPX protocol is installed, select Properties for it and verify that Frame type
is set to 802.3.

Note: Exactly what this configuration looks like depends on the Windows version you are
running. However, the general principle described above should always be the same.

Enjoy the application!