Drawer Runner Pleasanton


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We know everyone has unique need for their homes. This site tries to provide you with the resources to make your home just the way you want. We have one stop shopping catalog for custom home and remodeling. We are also wholesaler of glass, drawer slides.

Drawer Runner Pleasanton

Custom Maker was formed in 1996, and is the leading importer committed to provide home owners or
builders with inclusive, high quality products at low cost.

We have partnerships with groups of
manufacturers around the world for various products. We also j
oint ventured with some factories in order
to make sure that only high quality products are delivered to customers.



We are a national wholesaler for cabinet hardware. We have over ten patterns on our drawer slides and
organizing products and we are the registrant of one of the top slide brands in North America

. And we possess a factory in Asia where we pose strict quality cont
rol. In addition, we have
great sources for

decorative glass


wall hanging aquarium tank



We have hundreds and thousands of collections for your floors, walls, roofs, gardens, windows and doors,
etc. Even if you can’t find what you are looking for from our web
site, we still can make it just for

Your bulk orders will be shipped directly from manufacturers to you and there will be no wholesaler
and distributors so you will truly get the best quality at the lowest prices. And our architectural experts
can hel
p you get rid of the hass

les of finding the right products at the right price from different stores.

Custom Maker started from importing and distributing drawer slides in North America. Now we are a
joint venture with a few manufacturers in Asia. Therefore, we have the capacity to fulfill your need in
term of timely delivery and quality.

Our China

hardware manufacturer has a site of 356,000 sqft, production area of 108,000 sqft, and a
capacity of 500,000 sets of slides per month, and has been manufacturing ball bearing drawer slides for
over 20 years. We place strict quality control practice, payin
g close attention on movement smoothness,
loading capacity, and noise level.

Not only that the factory implement ERP system and Total Quality Control, we also hire an independent
inspector to do pre
shipment quality inspection to ensure each pair of FineS
lide® drawer slides meet our
quality standards.

We are currently have a stock in our California warehouse of side
mounted and under mounted full
extension, ball bearing drawer slides with features of self closing, solf closing, push
open, and heavy
y, etc.

. Very Low cost shipping, plus free shipping for order $150+(US ONLY)

. Cumalative discout. The more you buys, the higher discount level you are,

. this discount also apply to your past purchasing.

. additional quantity discount.

. Before you star
t shopping, Please sign in to see and receive the cumalative discount price.

. The additional discount will not be shown until the final comfirmation page.

. The cumalative discount will be updated in a weekly acounts review.

. For wholesale & large quanti
ty(1000+), Please contact us at

. fineslide@custommaker.net or 925

Glass Art

Glass is not only functional but also beautiful.Custom Maker manufactures and delivers the beauty of
glass art that might leave out in your home, restuarant, or office

Fine Collection Glass Art specializes in decorative glass that can be installed to your wall, doors,
windows, ceiling, floor, etc. We have great selection of patterns and designs that can be made into glass
using different techniques. We can also make an
d craft the glass to your own design.

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