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Sencha Touch


Mobile application for
gathering information from
a remote location in real
time by sending requests
for photos to smartphone
owners in the target area
and receiving their
responses back


The Company wanted to
showcase the cutting edge
and solid skills of its team in
a convincing and exciting


The Company combined
Sencha Touch, PhoneGap,
and Urban Airship to build
an elegant and easy
user interface for a complex


Winner of the 2011 Sencha
Con Share mobile
application contest

Case Study


Remote information gathering in real

The Opportunity

Labs is a web and mobile application services company.
The Company’s partners are seasoned high
tech start
executives who have collectively started and built over a dozen
successful high technology firms in the networking, software,
and semiconductor industries. In addition, the Company has
built a network of some of the best Sencha developers in the
World to work with its clients

The Company wanted to showcase the cutting edge and solid
skills of its team in a
and exciting way. They chose the
Sencha Touch framework to do this because of its HTML5 basis
and its abilities to turn web browsers into rich application
platforms, to support all of the leading smartphone operating
systems, to accommodate interoperation with PhoneGap for
sophisticated geolocation and camera capabilities, and to
leverage Urban Airship for push notifications.

The Solution

The solution 535 Labs built is called Getographer. It facilitates real
time remote information gathering by allowing: (1) a requester to
use a mobile phone to send photo requests to smart phone users in
the target area and (2) responders to receive the request, take the
desired photos, and return them to the requester in real

Highlights from the application include:

Interoperation with PhoneGap for sophisticated geolocation
and camera integration

Customized PhoneGap plugins to extend functionality

Integration with the Sencha Touch data package on the
server to manage geolocation
based functionality

Integrated with Facebook for login and Single Sign On

Optimization of location updates for efficient battery usage

Use of a wide array of core Sencha Touch capabilities such
as: List Paging, Tab Panels, Form UI, MVC, and data

Use of for managing photo size on the devices

Created custom components to deal with connection
monitoring, push notifications, and seamless integration
with Google Maps

Support for both Android and iOS.

According to Sencha, “The judges loved this application partly
because its user interface is elegant and easy to use, but
belies a complex application underneath. The camera
integration into this Sencha Touch app is seamless and
effective, as was the use of system notifications. The app is
themed elegantly and works equally well on both Android and
iOS devices.”

535 Labs also chose Sencha Touch because they knew Ext
JS was battle hardened in the world of desktop applications.
“We took a calculated risk going with a web
based application
over native. But it was important for us to leverage HTML5,
the future of mobile app development. Knowing Sencha’s
strong reputation for cutting edge capabilities and rock solid
performance made Sencha Touch an obvious choice.”

The Results

Getographer won the 2011 SenchaCon mobile app contest,
and it is proving to be a highly effective demonstration of 535
Labs’ skills.

To download the app, go to

and click
on the link that applies to your smartphone.

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