Revving up for RFID

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Nov 27, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Revving up for RFID

in Contra Costa County Library

Alameda Free Library

Alhambra Public Library

Berkeley Public Library

Carlsbad City Library

Cerritos Public Library

El Centro Public Library

El Dorado County Library

Folsom Public Library

Fresno County Public Library

Long Beach Public Library

Los Angeles Public Library

Monterey County Free Library

Murrieta Public Library

Napa City
County Library

National City Public Library

Ontario City Library

Orange Public Library

Oxnard Public Library

Porterville Public Library

Rancho Cucamonga Public Library

Riverside County Library

San Bernardino County Library

San Mateo Public Library

Santa Monica Public Library

Shasta Public Library

Ventura County Public Library

Eureka Project Proposal

Develop effective yet flexible recommendations to assist
libraries transitioning to Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) to facilitate a more self service model

RFID Implementation Plan

Customer and Staff Talking Points

RFID Best Practices for Staff

RFID Advisory Panel

Transition of other libraries to RFID in CCCL

RFID Tagging at Danville

Strategic Planning in CCCL

New approach to customer service as library customers
indicate their preference for more self
directed service

Enhance self
service accessibility

Fewer fixed service points

checkout machines

return station and slots

External and Internal Customers

General library patrons who check out materials

Customers with reference or readers’ advisory questions

Public computer users who require assistance

Libraries outside of CCCL who may be transitioning to RFID

RFID Tagging Staff and Volunteers

Circulation and reference staff at RFID libraries

Volunteer RFID self
check greeters

RFID/AMHS (automated materials handling system) and

Single Service Desk/Roving Reference task teams

Progress of RFID Project

Piloted RFID and the Digital Library Assistant
held wand at the Danville Community Library

chaired the Single Service Desk/Roving
Reference task team

Joined the new RFID/AMHS task team to develop
countywide RFID implementation strategies

Completed a draft RFID implementation plan,
staff best practices and staff and customer talking
points to serve as guidelines for other community

Provided support to Brentwood and Lafayette
Libraries with the initial tagging of their collections

3M RFID Conversion Machine

RFID Next Steps in CCCL

Assemble RFID Advisory Panel

Training, guidance, questions

Continue to explore effective functions of the DLA at Danville

daily router, weeding reports, inventory

Formal approval of RFID implementation plan, staff and
customer talking points and staff best practices from County
Librarian and Senior Management

Assist and/or advise future CCCL libraries transitioning to

New Walnut Creek Library in June 2010, Kensington
Library and others

RFID Success Measures

Smooth transition

of community
libraries to RFID

Initial tagging, staff
training, public education

Effective and ongoing RFID support

for staff and volunteers

training, questions, etc.

80/20 Self
service model

for library

Self return rate, self
usage, public confidence

Ability to
maximize new RFID and
DLA wand technology

to reduce staff
time spent on daily or regular tasks

Community Impact

Provides CCCL patrons
additional autonomy

in the
library so they have the capability to explore and
conduct transactions independently

Frees up staffing and resources

as usage continues to
increase to be more available to better assist patrons,
develop library programming, conduct community
outreach, etc.

Positions the CCCL as a leader

in innovative library