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Feb 12, 2013 (6 years and 1 month ago)


Attendance Policy for Biotechnology

for students obtaining college credit

Microbiology Principles and Practices



Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Student;

Daily attendance is necessary in order to keep up with Biotechnology/Microbiolo
gy and to maintain the
integrity of this program. If an absence occurs, all information given during the absence must be obtained on the
day the student returns to school. If the lab(s) can be done after school, the make
up day will be the first
Monday fo
llowing an excused absence.

*The exact make
up day will always be given well in advance

Unfortunately many labs cannot be done for make
up due to cost and time involved in the preparation of the
lab. Because of these lab restrictions, students will be a
ssigned an alternative
project to learn the
information missed. Since a daily grade is given for Biotechnology/Microbiology, the alternative assignment
will allow the students to obtain the points missed during their absence.
(Generally the alte
rnative assignment
will be 1.5 research pages per missed laboratory period).

The alternative assignment will only be provided to the student if the absence meets the following criteria.

The following are acceptable excused absences:



with p
arent/guardian or doctor note

Court appointments

with court documentation

Religious holidays


with parent/guardian note



with parent/guardian note

School sponsored activity


with coach/teacher notification

Senior college v


with completed college visit form

Approved family vacation days


with completed vacation form

The maximum number of

absences/quarter is 5 in order to obtain
college credit with an
of "C"
or better. No exceptions will be


An excused absence note must be presented within the time limit designated in the Londonderry High School
attendance policy (see student handbook) in order to receive credit for work missed during absences. The
note should be presented

to me, and then I will bring the note to the appropriate house office.

Thank you,

Patricia Lawson

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