The world around us

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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


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The world around us


Our world is very nice but also horrible. There are a lot of beautiful places here which fascinates us. Take Niagara falls
the nature in than Alps for example. We can stay also in

our republic. Bo
ín forest, Česká tabule, Moravský Kras...

lot of machines help us, scientists develop still new technologies which makes life easier, the standard of living
increases in majority of countries, the most of illnesses are curable, the len
gths of life also

increases but this all brings
some negative facts. People live very spoilt life. Many people suffer from workholism, they have no time for their
private life, the relationships make worse, each person lives only for himself, some people p
rophesies that it will be
even worse in the era of computers. On the other side a lot of people are unemployed, big factories go bankrupt. People
suffer from psychic diseases, stress...


Environment is a big problem. We need it but we are destro
ying it. The Eart
h bears (trpět) to the prejudice of (na
our comfort. We need electricity so we have power stations which burn million and million coal and make pollution
which I am not able to explain. We don’t know what to do with radioactive waste
, even today we c
an see results of
Chernobyl. The alternative power supplies (zdroje energie) are too expensive for our governments. We use cars which
make also pollution, in big cities it’s sometimes very big problem. There is also “too much people” in th
e world. It is
sad that there will be not enough land and food for people. The capacity of Earth will be over and people will starve.
The access of people to the environment is also nor very good. Just look around. You will see rubbish everywhere,
The worst of all is that we nearly have no place for waste. Green house effect is a problem too.



a problem especially with young, it usually starts as fun or a new experience but sometimes it finishes as
horror. Drugs are very expensive and the “vi
ctims” have no money so they have to steal, women have to cruise (šlapat
chodník). It ‘s very tough to stop it. Most of them are not able to do it. We can meet it also in small towns.


doesn’t look as a problem but we can develop dependency (z
slost). It could be also a drug, we can’t get
out of it. It is forbidden in some countries but there are a lot of illegal gambling houses all over the world. Some of them
they are just for rich people, you can see it in stupid American series. The companie
s earn a lot of money.


factories go bankrupt and people have no work

it’s very popular in our country. Employers don’t
want to give work young men because of army, women because of children or people over 40 years because they are
too old,

so it’s hard to find the job. After Velvet revlution people built small private shpos and companies and they are
going bankrupt because of big supermarkets and hypermarkets like Makro, Tesco, Kaufland... Some people don’t look
for a job because they can l
ive from buroo (podpora v

ěstnanosti). There is a problem with gypsies. They usually
don’t want to work and when someone has anything against they throw in on racism. But I know some of them (not
personally) which really work but the majority of them
are different.


have no home, family, money, they live in a street, a lot of them are able to find the job but they don’t
want. They are used to their life and they don’t want to change it. I’ve heart about homeless near F
M which dig holes
in the land and build their own house with pipes with gas as the heater. S
ome of them play music in the street to earn


problem especially in Africa or Asia, the relief in unpleasant they cannot grow enough food. They have
nowhere to store f
ood so in one period they have too much food and in another period they starve. One family has a lot
of children. {see Population Fears}


problem also in our country, usually white people thing their race is better, gypsies

problem in our country
racism used to be a big problem in the time of Hitler

ewry (židé) were killed because they were “low
class race”
rasa). In America problems with black. I thing it going better now. My opinion is that some people take
advantage of it like gyp
sies in our country.


it used to be a problem and

it will be a problem, there can be some problems in countries where are two

with some extreme groups, which fight for freedom or for their religion

this is in Ireland or in West Asia
Islam is very problematic because they are allowed to expand Islam using all methods so Muslims are very aggressive.
There used to be a lot of wars because of religion. Problems are also with denominations (sekty). They force people to
give them all thei
r money and then escape.

Political problem

it’s normal t
hat two states want one land or country, it can develop in a war sometimes in a another
case for example one part of the state want to be independent, they can solve (vy
it) it quiet but there ca
n be also
some big accidents

this was case of Kuvajt. Som
governments have big conflicts inside.
arties want the best
place for them

don’t care about people

and do noth
ng for state

Anything optimistic

Health care is still getting better, new m
edicaments are produced, new technologies are used

laser, ultra sonic tech.
People are more and more educated, people can travel where they want, travel is faster and faster, world seems to be
smaller, the care about environment is better now, there are

some limits of pollution and companies are fined when they
are over limits, hard work is done by machines...

Various governments plan that there will be car free places

in big
towns, there will be only public transport and the centers will be redesign as

pedestrian areas (Venezia, Amsterdam)

Population fears

e could be alarmed. In 1950 the world’s population was 2.5 billion people in 1992 it was 5.4 billion. Scientists predict
it will be 8.5 billion by the year 2025 and it will reached 10 billion in 205
0. Will we run out of land energy or minerals?
Optimists will say that world food will production has kept well ahead of population Growth, exploration and new
technologies will save minerals and fossil fuels.
f we go on using our natural resources at

today rates we will have
no copper, natural gas and oil by the ear 2054. Problems are also with the waste. It includes all solids, liquids and gasses
we emit and
we destroy

all the forests
in the process of living. Special programs can cut down two billio
n off the 10
billion expected in 2050. If women have fewer than 2 children each the world population will decline after 2050.

Street violence

You can come in touch with street violence everyday. It is said that it is dangerous to go through Přívoz at night
. I don
want to propagate racism but gypsies constitute one of the biggest dangers. I don’t know it from my experience but a
friend of my father had been onslaught there. A few gypsies surrounded him, sloshed him with a big chain and st

new jack
wallet. But you can meet with street violence also in villages. Usually after parties or discos.
Drunken teenagers
(fucking discofils)

destroy fences, road signs, letterboxes or they just want to fight
People usually don’t do anything. They just shout a
nd make complaints and say: ”When we were younger we had better
world. Today’s children are horrible. They destroy everything.” Fortunately I don’t have bad experience with street
violence. When I was in Ostrava last month I meet a group of skinheads. It w
as late in Sunday afternoon and there was
no one around us. I was afraid of them when they come more closely. But they have just asked whether I had some
money or anything to eat and when I said that I was coming back from a holiday with no money and also
hungry and
that there were only dirty clothes in my bag they did nothing. We have been chatting for a while and than they went out.
I was very surprised and I realized that people could look strange but don’t have to be as bad as the most of people

Virtual reality

We are in the period of computers and virtual reality is normal part of someone’s lives. A lot of children use it just for

for playing games

ut there are some other places where VR is very useful. It is used as flight simulator that

used to train pilots. Instead of looking on two
dimensional screen the person in surrounded by a 3
D computer
generated representation and it’s able to move around in a simulated world, seeing it from different angles. You have to
wear some special equ

Shutter glasses

you sit with them if front of the screen of the computer

ead mounted
displays which are rather expensive, but the quality of view is very high, you can use data gloves


you can pick thinks
or touch something, the best is data s
uit, which is very expensive, you have it all over your body.

VR is used in medicine to improve X
rays, you see a 3 dimensional view of body.
’s used in surgery.
wear a
helmet and whole operation is done by computer.
It’s also used in police tra
ining schools or in army to train in special
situations. You can also learn to drive with VR

set. There are some dangers as well.
t could be used to for pornography.
It could
also raise some psychic diseases.

Environmental disasters

The biggest disaster w

I thing

the ex
plosion of nuclear power station cause problems all over the world
not only in Ukraine. The wind blew radioactive waste in Europe as well as in Asia. A lot of people died and many of
them are handicapped and have handicapped chi
ldren. A lot of animals died and the nature was spoiled for many years.
It the time of Chernobyl people cannot eat fresh vegetables or fruit, the water was spoiled too. Another problem are oil
sticks. Time to time tankers can come into collision and effect
s are horrible. Oil sticks c
an be 40

miles large and sea
streams can carry it away. See is spoilt and al

animals are dead. It costs a lot to clean the sea but no one will liven up
) dead animals. The companies are fined but they usually have a lot
of money so it doesn’t

to them

Endangered species (animals in need)

Everyone now “
ed Book of Endangered species”. There used to be a lot of different kind of animals few centuries ago.
Indians hunted bison for food but when white men came they hun
ted it for fun. People hunt whales of dolphins for
money. There used to be a lot of elephants in Africa but Humans nearly extirpate (vyhubit) them. But it’s better now
than few years ago. Special organizations care about endangered species and they helped
them. They try to save what
they can. Poachers (pytlák) are punished (potrest
) but sometimes it’s not enough.

How to be green?



recharging batteries

they are maybe more expensive but they will last longer

we throw away millions of tonn
es of rubbish every year. Half of it is paper, which we can recycle. If we

we will save trees.

can cycle

to school or work if it is possible and not so far. Or we can use public transport

one bus (or train) is
environmentally frie

than 20 cars (it uses less petrol).

we can buy thing (e.g. shampoo) and when we use everything, we’ll go to the shop and they will
fill it again

for us.

or we can
give back bottles

from beer or milk

they will use them again

don’t leave water r

we could care more about the environment, we could use environmentally friendly products, we could call attention
on thinks which are wrong, we could use unleaded petrol or travel more by bike not just by car, we could give some
money to charity..








radioaktivní spad


vhodný, vyhovující


znovu použít

recycling point

sběrné suroviny



nuclear waste

rný odpad

acid rain

kyselý déšť






skládka, smetiště




životní prostředí