How Much Should a Web Design Cost?

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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


How Much Should a Web Design Cost

Budgeting for a Professional Design for a Small Business Website

Jennifer Kyrnin
, Guide

It can be exciting to get started on a new business, and in a lot of ways, the web has made it easy to
get a new
business website

off the ground quickly and with very little cash. Here is a common
nario for small business owners (all prices are estimates):


I’ve got a great idea for a website, and the perfect
domain name

for it is available! (


I’ll get a decent

web hosting

package, with a good price. (

for two years of hosting, pre


I’m going to use WordPress, and this theme is perfect. (

At first glance this looks great, $200
to start a business! And you don’t even need a designer. And for
many businesses, this will be fine at first.

But once you get past the initial stages of a business, you will notice that the theme you bought isn’t
doing all that you want it to do. Many tec
hnical people will start looking at plugins to try and get it
running the way they want, but ultimately, their site is going to look and act like every other
commerically themed WordPress site out there. And to differentiate your site, you’re going to need


You’re going to need a killer design and possibly some web development work on top of it. And all this
is going to cost you money.

What to Pay For

The first thing you need to know when trying to budget web design costs is what you’re going to need.

There are a number of things that can cost you money, including:

Is this a new site or a redesign?

Do you need blog or
content management


Do you have graphics
already created for the site? Or are you using a template? Or do you need
completely custom images created?

How are you planning on servicing mobile customers?

Do you need multimedia (Flash, video, etc.) on the site?

How much content do you have and how mu
ch do you need created?

Do you need other special features like social media, SEO, ecommerce, or something else?

And who is going to maintain the site?

Below I will go into details about all these things, and a general idea of how much you should budget
r them. The prices I list are based on my experience and prices may be higher or lower in your area.
Be sure to shop around and request proposals from any designer or firm you’re thinking of hiring.

New Sites Often Cost More Than Redesigns

When you’re star
ting from scratch, so is the web designer. They have nothing to work from, they can’t
look at your site and get an idea of what you already love or hate. They advantage to starting from
scratch is that you can work more closely with the designer to get the

exact site that you want (for
your budget). But you should assume that you’re going to pay at least an additional $100 more than if
you were redesigning an existing website.

For your budget, you should include at least

as a base cost for building a s
ite from scratch, and

if you’re looking at a redesign.

Blogs and Content Management Tools

If you’re already running a WordPress site then you have the advantage of already having some type
of content management on your site, but these tools (including

WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal) have
their own challenges. Creating a site using these tools takes more time than building a site from
scratch using HTML and CSS because you have to integrate the designs into the CMS systems. (Decide
if you need these too
Dreamweaver vs. Drupal vs. WordPress

Which is Best to Use

And don’t assume that if you already have a WordPress

theme it should be cheaper. Many themes are
sold as
is and designers are not licensed to change them. Often, the cost of purchasing a theme that
can be modified is as expensive as just building a new theme from scratch.

Your budget should include another

if you want a blog or CMS. Include this in your budget even
if you already have the system running. If you don’t have it running, you should plan to include

to get it installed and running.


Graphics are tricky because they can be

difficult to create and stock images are expensive. You don’t
want to skimp on this area of your site, however as graphics can cause you more grief down the road
if you’re not careful.

If you supply all of the images, you will still need to budget some fu
nds to get those images integrated
into the new design (budget at least
). And don’t assume that if you’ve already got a template
you want to use that you won’t need any images re
done. Customizing templates can take time, and
you want to be sure that
the designer has the rights to customize the images in the template. If this is
the route you go, you should budget
. And if you’re looking for the design firm to create an
entirely new design and images for you, either in a template or not, you should

budget at least

But that’s not all there is regarding images. You will probably also need icons and buttons created to
go with your design. Budget

for them. And any other custom images you need you should
budget another
. The more images t
hat you need, the more money you should budget.

You should always make sure that your designer uses licensed stock images (
where to find stock
) or creates brand new graphics for your site. Be sure to get the license information in writing
for any images you will use on your site. Otherwise, you could be looking at a several thousand dollar
bill from a stock photo company down the road. If your d
esigner is going to add stock photos, budget
at least

per photo

and remember that this could be an annual fee.

Mobile Designs

Mobile devices are getting more and more common and your design should at least make a nod
towards mobile customers. The best

designs are responsive to the device viewing the page, but
creating that type of design is difficult and will cost more than a simple site for a desktop web
browser. The best sites are designed to handle at least three different device sizes: smartphones,

tablets, and desktop computers. You should budget

to get a responsive design, and expect to
add on

per device size (such as tablet in landscape and portrait) beyond the basic three. (Mobile
designs are different from desktop designs:
Writing a Mobile Friendly Website


Multimedia like


can be difficult to integrate with a website. And if you’re having the
design firm create the multimedia devices the you should be prepared to pay more. You should budget

to get some basic Flash or video on the sit
e and another

or more to create the

Content Creation and Addtion

The cheapest way to go is to create all the

yourself and add it into the site yourself. Most
designers have no problem delivering a design template that you populate for no additional cost. But if
you want the design firm to add the content you’ve already got into the site, you should budget


per page of typed content (more if they have to type it in) and

per page if you
want them to create the content for you as well.

Special Features Always Cost Extra

With the above elements, you will have a website that most people would agree is
sufficient, but there
are a lot of extra features that many designers can provide that will up the price, but can also improve
your business:

Site membership and registration

Forums or chat rooms

News feeds of both your content (outgoing) and add
ing content to the site (incoming)

Contact forms and surveys

Email addresses for the domain and auto


Advertising integration (such as with AdSense)

Photo gallery

Ecommerce: shopping carts, catalogs, paym
ent processing

$5000 or more

Metrics: custom reports, Google analytics, etc.


SEO: page optimization, submission to search engines, etc.


Social media: Twitter, FaceBook, etc.


And Don’t Forget Maintenance

Websites don’t
just build themselves, and the best are changing all the time. Maintenance is
something that most businesses forget to budget. Or if they remember, they think that they’ll just do
it themselves. But the first time you delete your entire home page by mistak
e and lose 8 hours of
sales trying to get it back up and running, you’ll wish you’d spent the extra money on a maintenance

Maintenance contracts vary greatly depending upon what you expect from the firm. You should budget
a minimum of
$50 per mon

to have a designer on call if you have a problem that you can’t fix. And
if you expect them to do additional work such as creating new images, adding new content,
maintaining social media or newsletters, etc. expect the price to go up. Many designers
dislike doing
site maintenance
, so it can sometimes be hard to find a firm that will do it for you.

So, How Much Does it All Cost?


Basic Site

Some Extras

Full Site

Base site costs




Content Management or Blog




Basic graphics




Additional graphics








Adding in addtional features increases the price.


Basic Site

Some Extras

Full Site




$700 (two extra devices)







$750 (adding 5 pages)

$1500 (creating 5 pages)




$5000 (or more)



$50 per month

$500 per month



$1800 ($50 monthly)

$9200 ($500 monthly)

So, for a
minimal site you can spend as little as $1200 or as much as $20,000 or more. What you
budget should be based on what your business needs, but this article should give you a good starting

Remember, all these prices are approximate and based on prices

in my area, and web design prices
fluxuate all the time. You may spend more or less depending upon the size and scope of the design
firm you hire or if you decide to outsource or offshore the development and design work.