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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Our  Services,  Website  Samples,  &  Testimonials
We specialize in helping businesses and online retailers increase website and customer
conversions. We are experts in dynamic web design and integration into third-party
ecommerce and website software platforms like osCommerce, Zen Cart, Miva Merchant,
Joomla, WordPress, CORESense, and many others. Meticulosity can help you plan and
design your website from the ground up, perform graphic and HTML updates to existing
sites, and offer consulting services like online advertising management (PPC), search
engine optimization, back-office management, and content development.
At Meticulosity, our main goal is helping customers get the most out of their website. We
are better then our competition because:

We have over thirty years of combined web and software design experience;

We make SEO a primary component of our design framework;

We provide a full range of web development and management solutions;

We are a boutique firm with unmatched personal attention.
We know what is important to your business – our services are tailored specifically to the
needs of small and medium businesses. We have an extreme attention to detail that other
design firms simply don't have.
Meticulosity: Vision for Detail.
Our  Services
We don’t try to be everything to everyone - we focus on what we are great at doing. Meticulosity
offers web design, integration, and consulting services that are tailored to the needs of small and medium
sized businesses and online retailers.
Web/Graphic Design & Maintenance
We can provide our own in-house design services or work directly with your marketing
or branding department:

Third-party Software Integration & Design
We specialize in integrating designs into third-party software applications. We work
with many popular platforms, including:
Consulting Services
With over 30 years of combined experience in web design and ecommerce, chances are,
we’ve done it:

Custom Website Design

Website Redesign

Ecommerce Templates

Landing Page Design

Banner Ads

Homepage Promotional Images

iPhone & Smart Phone Applications

Website Content/Text Updates

Graphic Updates

Seasonal/Holiday Site Skins

Back-office Management

Adobe Flash Animation


Zen Cart


Joomla + Virtue Mart



Miva Merchant


Channel Advisor


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pay Per Click (PPC) & Online

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Smart Search

Content Development &

Ecommerce Strategy

Website Architecture

User Interface Design

Software & Application Design

Social Networking & Media

Web 2.0/3.0

CORESense Web Design
As a CORESense Web Design Partner, we are fully trained in CORESense’s back-end
software and website management tools. We have expert knowledge in implementing,
maintaining, and maximizing CORESense websites to get the most out of their suite
of ecommerce tools. If you’re looking for a powerful multi-channel ecommerce software
system, CORESense offers more flexibility and features than other ecommerce platforms;
and Meticulosity can help bring your design to life. Contact us today to find out how
we can help.
WordPress Integration
While best known for blogging, WordPress has proven to be a powerful Content
Management System (CMS) and social media platform for business websites. WordPress
offers a vast number plug-in extensions for customer interaction, event calendars, SEO,
content delivery, social media integration, and much more. What’s more, as a free
open-source platform, you get the power of one of the most currently supported and
secure website CMS systems without the cost of developing your own. Meticulosity has
integrated and managed dozens of WordPress.org installations, including our own website.
Why re-invent the wheel when WordPress already has everything you’re looking for?
Contact us for more information.
Our  Work:  Before  &  After                      
Our  Work:  Before  &  After                    
Our  Work:  Before  &  After              
Our  Work:  Before  &  After                      
Our  Work:  Other  Samples                  
                       DONNA  KAREN
Our  Work:  Other  Samples              
“When my company CORESense was experiencing rapid growth, Dave Ward and his
company became an integral part of our customer implementation team. His focus on
the clients success was unwavering. His involvement with my company helped to
improve client relations, implementation processes and ultimately our product. I would
recommend Dave Ward to anyone seeking to have the expectations exceeded.”
- Jason Jacobs, CORESense
“When Dave Ward took control of our company's web needs, it was like a huge burden
was lifted. We had struggled for several years with getting our web presence to exactly
mirror our other branding and marketing efforts. Dave has tremendous expertise in
both creative and technical aspects of web development. He's a strategic thinker AND
someone who gets the job done.”
- Tom Nardacci, Gramercy Communications
“Dave helped us overhaul www.curtainworks.com - raising our conversion rate by 30%
in the process. Dave also helped us convert dknyhome.com into the universe of Donna
Karan Home brands known as donnakaranhome.com. In both cases, Dave came in on
time and under budget. No project bloat - no cost over-runs.... just a mountain of
thoughtful, detail work in a tight time frame. Tweaks, customization, and in-depth
problem solving are no problem for Dave - he puts his thinking cap on and figures it
out...always with the consumer in mind. Dave and Meticulosity are our "go to" partners
for web development and ecommerce customization.”
- David Spain, CHF Industries
“Dave and the team at Meticulosity delivered so much more than we expected! The web
design is fantastic and the insight provided into applications and additions to our
website were invaluable. We look great and that's all thanks to Meticulosity!”
- Tammy Marchi, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company