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100% Canadian Shared Hosting
With Canadian Web Hosting’s Shared Hosting plans, you get
the best, fully loaded, comprehensive suite of services to sup
port your business starting as low as $3.95 per month. You
can choose from an entire suite of web applications (or web
platforms) from our easy-to-use 1-Click Installation Helper.
An advanced tool that not only installs your software, but also
helps you install updates as they become available. Some of our
most popular applications:
• Zen Cart - truly is the art of e-commerce
• Xoops - ideal tool for small or large projects
• Drupal - CMS that supports pluggable modules
• WordPress - state-of-the-art blogging software
• Joomla! - powerful open source CMS and much more!
No need to worry about updates – at Canadian Web Hosting,
we provide automatic updates with the assurance that our sup
port engineers assist you every step of the way.
Easy Upgrades
When the time comes that your website traffic and data needs
exceed your current plan – we make it easy to upgrade your
plan! We offer premium Canadian customer support that is
24/7 to guide you through your options, and provide recom
mendations on scaling up strategically and for what makes the
most sense for your business. Your service upgrade features
• VPS or Cloud Server Options
• Business Plans with free SSL certificate
• Unlimited MySQL/MSSQL databases
• Mobile website design software package
Shared Hosting
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Canadian Web Hosting offers 100% Canadian Linux and Windows Shared Hosting that gives
you the flexibility in your choice of platform and the best features, reliability and pricing
without the cost of owning any expensive hardware.
Control Panels/Manage Your Website
Every Shared Hosting plan includes cPanel or Plesk, advanced,
easy-to-use control panels that act as the primary tool to man
age your web hosting account. It is easy to navigate, full of
website tools and highly reliable. Once you login, you will
have easy access to all the account tools you will need to con
figure, setup or tweak your website. In addition, with a few
clicks you can access your server information, website tools,
email accounts, databases, 3rd party scripts and services and
so much more.
Free SiteBuilder Tools
Every Shared Hosting plan includes free and powerful Site
Builder tools giving you 1-click access to advanced web
site tools that are easy-to-use and allow even the most nov
ice user to make a professional grade website in 5 minutes!
1-Click Application Installs
These always up-to-date applications provide an easy way for
Canadian Web Hosting customers to add additional function
ality to their website. Applications range from calendaring
tools to fully functional CMS systems such as Joomla, Drupal,
or WordPress. Other categories include e-commerce, shopping
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Shared Hosting
For more information :
Ph : 888-821-7888
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carts, blogs, message boards, wikis, project management, gal
leries, social networking, chat and more.
Unlimited Diskspace/Emails
Never feel confined to size limitations. Canadian Web Host
ing provides you with unlimited disk space for your website
hosting needs. You can also create as many email accounts
as you need on your domain as well as domain pointers and
subdomains. Email can be access through IMAP, through the
web, or via POP.
Windows or Linux Hosting
Choose between Windows and Linux hosting to get the ideal
platform to meet your website needs. For help choosing, you
can contact a Canadian Web Hosting sales representative 24/7
at 1-888-821-7888 or by email at
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Canadian Web Hosting offers a full 60-Day Money Back Guar
antee on all Shared Hosting plans including Windows and
Linux. If you decide that you are not completely happy with
your web hosting plan (within 60 days from when your initial
order was placed), you’ll receive your money back – no ques
tions asked.
Hosting, you can visit our website at

our team to see how we can work for you.
, or reach out to
et Started
SALES : 888-821-7888
To sign-up for 100% Canadian Shared Web
24/7 Support
Integral to our Shared Hosting plans is our true 24/7 support
team to support your needs no matter what time of day. To
start, Canadian Web Hosting has thousands of videos and tu
torials to review, and if more is needed, our knowledgeable
technical support staff is available by phone or email 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week. Send your questions to s
or give us a call anytime, toll-free at 1-877-871-7888.