Joomla! (Create Web Site with Joomla Program)

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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


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Joomla! (Create Web Site with Joomla Program)

Duration: 2 Days

Course Description

This course you will learn with design a web site, Implement a blog, Implement ecommerce, Add a
photo gallery, Add a contact us page and add a sitemap.


Using with Microsoft Office Program.

Introduction of CMS and Joomla
• Joomla Jargon
• Structure of Joomla
• Joomla Powered Websites
• Joomla Installation
• Tour of Front Page
• Site Control Panel

Joomla Environment
• Menus
• Content Manager
• Components Manager
• Extensions Manager
• Understand Tools
• Use with Help

Design Web site
• Design a web site
• Implement a blog
• Implement ecommerce
• Add a photo gallery
• Add a contact us page
• Add a sitemap