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ICS DreamTeam Member No 1571 CV

An IT Consultant with over 12 years experience in Programme and Test Management, Testing and Business Analysis.
Has excellent experience throughout the testing lifecycle, effective in the end-to-end delivery of test frameworks,
planning and process, application of automated test tools, management of teams and implementation of test plans
working to time and budget. Roles have included the management of stakeholders/ project sponsors, delivery teams (6
to 85) and communicating IT to business managers. With the ability to win over and influence them while delivering
risk managed projects and services to time and budget. Technically and commercially aware with key experience in
Banking, Financial Services and Asset Management sectors. Some experience also in a range of business and
government sectors. Activities in the City of London banking sectors cover Front, Middle and Back Office, Treasury,
Fixed Income, Capital Management, Mutual Fund Management, Finance, Derivatives, Options and FX. Has excellent
experience in IT service delivery, team management with communications and relationship building, additionally
elements of change management, as key components for success. Holds a first degree in Electronics has completed 2
years of a Warwick University MBA course; is a Prince 2 Practitioner and has an ISEB Foundation Certificate (2003).

Work Experience:
From – To:August 2011 – October 2011
Role Title:UK Wealth Programme Test Manager
Description:For the delivery of the T24 Strategic Investment Platform. Delivering a new RDR compliant UK
Wealth portfolio platform interfacing to Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Oracle SAP EGL, and
many changes to core T24 Release 11. Solvency II and RDR requirements delivered with
MI/Datamart, involved 2 separate delivery partners and many stakeholders. Test Strategy &
Customer:Lloyds Banking Group, London

From – To:April 2011 – July 2011
Role Title:FMIT Programme Test Manager
Description:For the delivery of the R3 Credit Card business migration from RBS TSYS system. Delivering Test
Strategy for Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Oracle EGL, ETL systems feeding Accounting
engine, Payment & Banking transactions, posting rules, reconciliations using Accurate and Micro
Strategy MI reporting data mart. Enabling and resolving blockages in the delivery of tested systems
into IT proving and production. Solvency II requirements delivered in MI/Datamart, involved 5
separate delivery partners and more than 20 stakeholders.
Customer:Tesco Bank, Edinburgh.

From – To:October 2010 – March 2011
Role Title:Integration Test Manager
Description:For the delivery of SLIM IRL, a new Sub-Ledger Inventory Management system for the Capital
Markets division for worldwide Derivatives trading (Test Strategy for large accounting and reporting
data warehouse- Microgen Accounting Hub & OBI reports for ALM) Solvency II reporting via OBI.
Integration testing needed to be completed as UAT executed a series of 6 cycles. I conducted a cycle
of integration testing as a pre-requisite for each UAT cycle. Sharing test, BA Test ,and environment
resources with UAT. Tools include HP Quality Centre (v10), co-ordination of development and runs
with staff in Microgen, London staff, Toronto Developers and India Operations. Tested Interfaces
exceed 70 in number, Oracle BI testing, Business Works testing and ETL testing.
Customer:Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets, London

From – To:November 2009 – August 2010
Role Title:Test Manager



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Description:For the delivery of a test strategy for new retail bank based on Temenos T24 Release 9 - reported to
Programme Director. Used onshore team of 18 functional test analysts for 2 releases of SIT and UAT
to gain FSA Banking license prior to launch of a new retail bank in May2010. After which execute
End to End and Business proving to launch the bank. Used test strategy covering all 23 service
providers. Managed SIT components with Service Providers interacting with the core data centre
(XML) running COTS products and cards(as acquirer). UAT Strategy included all suppliers and
covered Traceability while closely engaged with Finance & Treasury (including FX, Bonds & Options
trading), Ledgers including CODA external GL and Lombard STB Regulatory Reporting stream.
(Credit Risk, Market Risk and Capital Adequacy) additional Business users assisted test execution.
Test Completion for Launch covered daily dashboards & required functionality with no high priority
defects. Hardware: IBM servers running Unix /Linux set up as virtual servers in 3rd party data centre.
Administrator of the HPQC installation.
Customer:Metro Bank PLC, London

From – To:January 2009 – October 2009
Role Title:Web advisor/ consultant /Tester
Description:Developed and launched website, planning new website using Joomla with extended functionality,
testing delivery; Open source test tools (Selenium) Using web analytics to refine new model.
eCommerce websites.(Part time role)
Customer:Cambridge House Dyslexia Resources

From – To:October 2008 – January 2009
Role Title:Programme Test Manager
Description:Planning testing delivery; Liaising with offshore vendors to create a test strategy that is acceptable for
the stakeholders to change the processing of various small pensions systems into a single off-shore
commercial processing system interface to Siebel for call centre; Full SDLC planning; Hands on HP
Quality Centre & QTP for testing (Record /Playback), Risk based test approach, managed offshore
Customer:Barclays Bank

From – To:July 2008 – October 2008
Role Title:Programme Manager
Description:ITT won for service delivery to BT. To change the testing delivery model from time & materials
teams to service delivery. Changing all deliveries to Agile/SCRUM methodology as standard and to
bill for services. Siebel & Quality Centre & QTP; Heavy use of automation (Record /Playback) for
regression tests; Driving for constant Risk managed Quality improvement; Matrix Management; Re-
organised to service delivery streams; Client usability tests (customer experience) critical.
Customer:Tech Mahindra

From – To:December 2007 - February 2008
Role Title:Test Manager
Description:During the Detailed Discovery Phase of the Group Protection new system (Elixir) the role
included establishing the plans, processes, checkpoints, gateways and resourcing for the
delivery of the Elixir system which worked to a tight timeline (nine months from offshore 3rd
parties to onshore and between stages). His role focused on developer testing, interface and
business acceptance testing. Establishing time windows, test content and delivery gateway



+44 (0)1256 403800
criteria for the various test streams of System Test (ST), System Integration Testing (SIT),
Regression Tests (RT), Non-Functional Test (NFT) and Business Acceptance test. He was also
responsible for the delivery of environments for Testing, Training, BAT and Production.
Additionally responsible for Test stage planning and preparation of deliveries and test stages,
working to budget; liaison with management in programme governance meetings, managing
elements of the change process as part of this lifecycle.
• Planning with resourcing estimates
• Established checkpoints and gateway criteria for governance of offshore
• Business Requirement Matrices delivered for Testing
• Presented Test Approach and requirements to an unaware audiences
• Established daily defect meeting procedures for fault tracking
• Planned tester training and support for tests, batches
• Project progress reporting
Skills Used:
· Supplier Management process for Module & System test
• Create complex integrated test approach and plan
• Schedule tests periods and delivery of stages as above
• Systems on Unix server farms using Websphere 6.1 and LDAP servers
• Tested Oracle & “Proof of Concept” installation in discovery phase
• Planned test script production by users recorded on Quality Centre
• Established Defect management process for onshore testing
• Organised Business User Training for business acceptance testing
• Established the required Test reporting, daily & weekly metrics
Customer:Legal & General Insurance, Group Protection

From – To:June 2007 - November 2007
Role Title:Programme Test Manager
Description:Starlight Programme for the delivery of Credit Card Processing Solutions for a High Street
Bank. Included VisionPLUS 2 deliveries and modules of CMS, ASM, FAS, ITS, IAS, TRAM
S, VMx, IPP, KMS, MAS. The role focused on the client testing relationship with FDI,
organising the testing streams for System Test (ST), Interface Testing (IT), Regression Tests
(RT) and Non-Functional Test (NFT) for both client and FDI. The System Integration Test
(SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) were carried out working closely with the Client.
Responsibilities included the planning and delivery of environments for Testing, Training, UAT
and Production. Other skills: Client relationship management; managing tested delivery to time
and budget; team management onshore and offshore - 30 to 80 persons including 3rd parties; co-
ordinating testing plan implementation, chairing meetings on progress and defects; liaison with
management in programme governance meetings.
· Managed delivery of two tested VisionPLUS releases to time & budget
• Delivered for Testing Requirement Traceability Matrices
• Managed daily defect meetings and fault tracking
• Organised tester training and support for tests, batches and client
• Programme progress reporting, final acceptance report
Skills Used:
· Create complex integrated test strategy and plan; test scenarios

• External Supplier Management for code development and unit test
• Schedule tests and delivery of all phases incl. multi cycle & regression
• Test execution of System Test (ST), Interface Test (IT), Regression test (RT) and
Performance test (part of non-functional).



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• Systems on IBM Mainframe integrating to Chordiant web components on IBM Unix servers
(Oracle) Batch process for interfaces and event handling
• Static data and control parameter set-up and testing using on-line queries for results
• Organised and invited all participants to testing and training
• Remote team management – all test teams offshore.
• Managed users producing planned test scripts and results
• Tracked functional gaps & Defects through defects register on Mercury Quality centre
• Managing delivery of fixes to defects
• Raised and managed Change Requests for requirement changes
• Organised User Training resources for business processes & UAT exec.
• Test reporting included daily metrics, daily re-scheduling
• Chaired daily defect meetings and fault tracking using Mercury Quality centre
Customer:First Data International, Credit Card processing.
Starlight Programme

From – To:February 2006 - February 2007
Role Title:Programme Test Manager
Description:Pan-European Regional Business Unit (RBU) Transformation to 7 countries. This included:
Siebel 7.2. Roll out to 30 countries; Scope+ and Nivos Vehicle Manufacturing and Finance
Systems; SAP, FTM (Financial Transaction Management) and FPA Financial Systems. His role
focused on the Siebel, SAP and RBU Finance Systems process gap analysis, process
confirmation with 7 countries, process change; establishing timings for all batch processes, all
types of testing over multiple cycles, and finally bedding down after going live. Siebel (using
Oracle) requirements were first priority with interfaces to being data delivered by four 3rd party
suppliers. RBU developed in-house using Agile/RAD methodology with iterative testing. Siebel
delivered after 4 months; RBU Finance Systems developments continued to 23 December (go
live 1
January 2007). Project office in Amsterdam and Paris, Data centre in Sunderland and
back office in the individual countries.
Dealing with English to 9+ different nationalities; relationship management; planning;
managing tested delivery to time and budget; team management (30 to 80 persons) and 3rd
parties; co-ordinating/ coaching test team and plan, meetings on progress and defects; liaison
with management, multi-national participants and developers; business analysis; running jobs
and executing SQL queries; involvement in change management activities, mentoring business
· Managed the delivery of tested systems on time to budget
• Delivered Testing content and business gap analysis
• Determine and document the new business process
• Managed daily concern (defect) meetings & fault tracking
• Business User training and initial live support
• Business process support and refinement after live
• Programme progress reporting, final acceptance report

Skills Used:
· Create complex integrated test strategy and plan; Test scenarios
• BA work - Siebel requirements & RBU gap analysis with process flows
• External Supplier Management for delivery, development and unit test
• Schedule tests and delivery of all phases incl. 3 SIT cycles & regression
• Test execution of System Integration Test (SIT), User Acceptance Test (UAT) and
Operational Acceptance test (OAT – non-functional).



+44 (0)1256 403800
• Systems on IBM Mainframe (Natural) integrating web components on both IBM Unix
servers (Oracle) and Microsoft net servers (SQL Server), Batch process for interfaces and
event handling
• Static data set-up and testing using SQL queries to determine results
• Organised and invited all international participants to testing and training in Amsterdam
every week (30 to 80 persons)
• Remote team management for agile/RAD iterative developments
• Managed & coached users producing planned test scripts and results
• Tracked functional gaps & Concerns through Concern register (defects)
• Managing delivery of Changes to fix Concerns
• Organised User Training for business processes & UAT execution
• Supported Central Finance RBU in Germany resolving business process issues for first 8
weeks after live date, Siebel in Budapest for 3 weeks
• Test reporting included daily metrics, daily re-scheduling
• Chaired daily concern (defect) meetings and fault tracking using Microsoft eRoom database
shared by all.
Customer:Nissan Motors, RBU Transformation Programme

From – To:September 2005 - January 2006
Role Title:Programme Manager
Description:Programme Manager for eGovernment Web Site delivering 264 services within 34 Web
applications. Microsoft .Net Framework, Website accessible to citizens and within Council
Offices. Applications: eShop, ePay payments engine, Microsoft CRM (SQL Server), BizTalk
and K2 workflow manager. All services on the web site collected money electronically using
electronic payments, financial billing (invoicing) or card services payments (interface spec was
labelled VisionPLUS), AWD and Services Delivery.
Focus on multi-source supplier management; planning; change management; managing test
creation and execution to time and budget (SIT, UAT, OAT & Regression); co-ordinating
progress/Defect meetings; interactions with management and business users, remote participants
and developers.
• Produced testing scope for Test script content.
• Delivered End to End Integration test, system test, UAT and operational acceptance test
• Liaised with internal management and external suppliers
• Managed the delivery of tested systems on time to budget
• Managed daily defect meetings & fault tracking
• Programme progress reporting, final acceptance report
Skills Used:
· Managing Software Releases from 4 suppliers, Website delivers 34 applications; Managed
Build & Deployment teams;

• Managing Change to environments for both Hardware & Software;
• Setup of .NET Framework and active directory profiles.
• Ensuring batch processes operate as designed within available time
• Testing: AWD, Web Applications integrated to Microsoft CRM using SQL Server, BizTalk
and K2 workflow manager, programmed in “.Net” on Microsoft N-tier web servers using
Microsoft Active Directory security
• Created Test strategy and testing scope; Defined test script content
• Plan delivery, all test phases (SIT, UAT, OAT & Regression) daily plan
• Liaise with 3rd party developers to agree unit testing; organise test scripting; Manage: Test
execution; UAT execution with business
• Using SQL to confirm automatically updated CRM fields by BizTalk



+44 (0)1256 403800
• Test reporting, daily metrics, defect meetings and Excel fault tracking
• Obtain “go live” sign-off.
Customer:KCC Maidstone, eGovernment Website Programme

From – To:May 2005 - August 2005
Role Title:Business Acceptance Consultant
Description:Business Acceptance Consultant on a project to replace Teller, Accounts, Cash Management
and Funds Transfer from Russian legacy systems. Globus T24 delivery manages all e-billing
systems, Chaps and Swift payments, financial investments, and all cash management and
banking card services. Mortgages were sold to individuals for purchase of individual new
apartments and to developers to purchase entire apartment buildings. The objective was to
replace legacy banking systems. Heavily integrated with legacy systems with 22 critical
interfaces to prove - Phase 1 was delivered on time. The role required excellent communication
skills across language barrier; planning; testing environment set-up, batches, interfaces & data;
managing tested delivery, to budget; business analysis; acceptance team training &
management; co-ordinating meetings on progress and defects; liaising with management,
participants and developers.
• Created Test Scope, established process and team from scratch
• Trained test team, established with them the need to test and provided Test script content,
• Managed the testing of systems on time to budget in a difficult and culturally complex
• Managed daily defect meetings and fault tracking
• Programme progress reporting, final acceptance report
Skills Used:
· Create integrated T24 test strategy and plan; gained acceptance from the Project Board;
produced example Test Scenarios in Russian
• Assembled UAT team of 14 Russian speaking business users
• Trained Russian testers to produce test scenarios and test execution from documented
business process (assisted by an interpreter)
• Established a T24 test environment; purchased Test Director for Project
• Set up Batch Processing tests to reflect real life XML interfaces
• Managed all changes from Development into acceptance area.
• Managed users producing test scripts and test results, as planned
• Managed Test schedules and the final delivery of all tested phases

• Managed test execution of Unit Test, SIT, UAT, Regression and OAT.
• Systems delivered on HP Unix servers using Globus T24’s database
• Test reporting included daily metrics, daily re-scheduling
• Chaired daily defect meetings and fault tracking
Customer: KMB Bank, Moscow, Globus T24
From – To:March 2005 - May 2005
Role Title:International Trade Test Manager and BA
Description:International Trade Test Manager and BA for computerised transit system Business
Transformation across European Commission trading countries (includes trading partners
external to EU). Collects (electronically) duties when sealed containers are opened. Interacts
with all other EU trading nation’s own systems via central hub in Brussels.
Involved planning; managing test creation, execution and acceptance to
time and budget; reporting in meetings on progress and defects; liaising
with management, participants, EU representatives, hauliers and 3rd
party developers.



+44 (0)1256 403800
• Provided Test Strategy and Test Planning expertise
• Maintained Quality Governance relating to the EU Commission’s acceptance
• Planned the testing Acceptance, internal for HMC&E and external for traders / hauliers.
• Programme progress reporting
Skills Used:
• Covering System and Operational acceptance testing of new IT platform
• Quality governance and co-ordination of the EU Commission’s acceptance of the UK
• Business Analysis of new service and any gap analysis from legacy
• The Acceptance test was internal for HMC&E and external for traders
• Tests required conformance trialling with Brussels for final live acceptance
• Weekly status reporting
Customer:HM Customs & Excise

From – To:December 2004 - March 2005
Role Title:System Test Manager
Description:System Test Manager for Business Transformation Programme testing seven separate streams
of deliverables including Siebel 7.6 OLTP / Oracle, Marketing & OLAP / Oracle, Legacy
mainframe system (Crest) DB2, Data Migration, Client Reporting, Data Warehouse -Sybase,
Business Objects, DB2 Health systems and Integration Hub (gateways). Role provides: Test
Strategy, Test plan, quality governance and co-ordination of the testing content. Test data and
time line of separate streams to deliver to the full end to end integration test streams.
Talents needed - multi-source supplier management; planning; managing test creation and
execution (SIT); co-ordinating progress/defect meetings; interactions with management,
business users and developers.
• Produced testing scope for Test script content.
• Delivered End to End Integration test, system test
• Liaised with internal management and external suppliers
• Managed the delivery of tested systems to UAT phase

• Managed daily defect meetings & fault tracking
• Programme progress reporting, final acceptance report
Skills Used:
· Managing Code deliveries (Software Release/ Change Management) from 5 separate
supplier teams, 7 applications;
• Managed with a tight centrally managed change control regime
• Tested batch processes and XML Interfaces operate as designed in time
• Testing: Unix based Siebel & Oracle, SQL Queries; Mainframe DB2 applications, XML
Reporting interfaces, Mainframe health systems
• Created Test strategy and testing scope; Defined test script content
• Planning delivery, all test phases (SIT, UAT, OAT) daily micro-plan
• Liaise with 3rd party developers to agree unit testing; organise test scripting; Manage: Test
execution; Defect logging in TestDirector
• Test reporting, daily metrics, defect meetings and fault tracking
Customer:AXA PPP Insurance Programme

From – To:November 2003 - September 2004
Role Title:Acceptance Manager delivering enhanced
Description:Globus covers onshore and offshore asset management, Client Accounting, Money Market,
Foreign Exchange, Portfolio Management and many other financial / investment activities.



+44 (0)1256 403800
Mortgages were issued to high net worth individuals for purchase of property and buildings
with favourable investment packages related to reduce tax paid. Multiple Interfaces to external
Custodians and Nostro accounts were required as part of the infrastructure. Globus uses
electronic money transfer systems, Chaps and Swift payments, financial investments, and all
banking services.
Delivery responsibilities in this role included re-location of hardware to Switzerland while
integrating to UK services, split to multi-company and merging all off shore activity by
migration from Milvus and reviewing the use of VisionPLUS. Acceptance Team consisted of
49 part time Business users seconded from the 18 business teams by negotiation. Testing scope
covered integration of Globus with Charles River, Salerio, Streamserve, CARS, Swift, Bacs,
and Business Objects etc via the middleware in the interface Hub to the DB2 legacy databases.
All test scripting and defect management was on T-Plan.
Customer:GLOBUS banking

From – To:March 2003 - November 2003
Role Title:Project Management for the International QA
Description:Employed to act as QA Lead for outsourcer and for Morgan Stanley Investment Banking
Division. The IBD applications for the asset management function include CRM Pro & Vision
(Portfolio management based on Siebel), CRM Lite, Corporate Finance Deals system with
Pipeline workflow and iQ Market Data distribution. Also required was fully integrated
Outlook, Blackberry, “Author” Templates for Microsoft products, and full Japanese character
(Kanji) applications.
The role responsibilities included delivery of all software for IBD, developed using J2EE web
services and Weblogic for all products, and later .NET and C# for all products. His QA Process
documented in Test Strategy, used new QA delivery process described in diagrammatic form.
The role was based in London but managing “virtual” teams in New York, India (2), and
Tokyo. All systems integrated with existing portals to data feeds and deal execution. He
selected and implemented Test Automation tools, introducing to the teams to speed up
throughput –

Winrunner, Test Script Recording and Defect Logging with TestDirector.
Customer:Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Division (IBD)

From – To:February 2003 - November 2003
Role Title:QA Manager
Description:QA Management of the National Reporting & Learning system (NRLS) for the Information
Management (IM) division of the NPSA – an NHS Trust. The role was to establish Prince 2
Project Management processes, QA processes and organisation from scratch including Test
Tools and stakeholder involvement in the final acceptance. Liaised with stakeholders to deliver
the Accepted NRLS which was integrated to the NHS internal WAN. Implemented and
educated testers on the use of Test Director and Winrunner; managed interface with NPSA
board and stakeholders. Interfaced to existing health service processes and risk management
systems under the normal management process - outcome was successful implementation in
November 2003.
Customer:National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA).

From – To:September 2002 - January 2003
Role Title:Consultancy Delivery Methods consultant
Description:Undertook the re-write of their methodology for delivering Client facing QA projects from a
project management perspective. Rescued failing testing projects on two blue chip client sites.
Involved in sales presentations for consultancy on major accounts and training of Consultants
in the effective use of the Methodology and TestDirector.
Customer:TESCOM UK Ltd.



+44 (0)1256 403800

From – To:March 2002 - September 2002
Role Title:Principal QA Manager
Description:A member of the Programme Manager Board delivering the Orchard Project. He produced the
strategy, scope and plan, and then managed the delivery with testing to standards defined in the
strategy in both London and Amsterdam. Managing 4 QA managers and 2 Implementation
Managers delivering Orchard and data conversion; Orchard processes through Business Rules
(OST), to the Financial Data Repository (FDR). Accounting events processed in SAP General
Ledger using IDOCS interface then to the Reporting Data Repository (RDR). Business Objects
was used for reporting from the RDR data cubes and legacy data imported from DB2
databases. User Acceptance was performed in Holland – Team 42 members of business users
and business analysts. This grew significantly towards the end – resulting in managing 3
development teams; also implemented TestDirector and WinRunner. The project had a budget
of £55M
Customer:Orchard Project

From – To:February 2000 - January 2002
Role Title:Programme Manager - Transformation Project
Description:Cazenove outsourced their IT to IBM in September 1999 and transformed their procedures to
facilitate delivery of new business services. His role as Programme Manager applied Prince 2
Principles for Cazenove was managing the outsourcer’s (IBM’s) Transformation delivery. He
established excellent working relationships with the outsourcer staff, and directed their
approach. There were major integration issues with existing networks and systems, additionally
many of the outsourcers’ staff had to be trained in the financial services culture. The project
changed procedures & processes, moved the IT infrastructure to IBM data

centres, centralised operational support “off site”. Created a new Disaster Recovery Data
Centre in West London, established WAN links to the new DR Centre and processing areas in
Manchester, Portsmouth and Cazenove UK regional offices. Enterprise Systems Management
and acceptance of secure operational control of new distributed systems including business
objects and the settlement information on the DB2 database was also part of the role. Annual
budget £13M

From – To:August 1999 - January 2000
Role Title:Project Manager – Millennium Weekend
Description:Project Management of all activities for the Millennium weekend and surrounding period.
Planning all preparation, roles and responsibilities, system and infrastructure monitoring; 100%
of all critical infrastructure devices were checked for correct operation as the new millennium
commenced. FSA reporting every 3 hours and post weekend analysis of checking - Project
completed end January 2000.

From – To:April 1999 - August 1999
Role Title:Project Manager – Integrated Testing Project
Description:Project Management for the Integrated Test of all asset management business critical interfaces
between key production systems and external systems to comply with FSA Year 2000
requirements. The aim was to prove Millennium Compliance. The Test Completion Report was
prepared for the FSA and obtained a “Blue” (pass) status.

From – To:March 1998 - April 1999



+44 (0)1256 403800
Role Title:Project Manager
Description:Manage the Project for the Integrated Testing of all critical systems and applications according
to the testing strategy, two distinct concurrent projects, the first the client asset management
business activities & EMU, the second for SFA’s Millennium Compliance. The test team of 6
combined with the assistance of 45 Business Users. 17 Support Staff maintaining the
environments, which included Globus for treasury, money markets and derivatives. FSA
awarded a “Blue” (pass) status.
Customer:Private Bank, London

From – To:February 1998 - March 1998
Role Title:QA Consultant
Description:Production of DrKBIM Bank-wide Testing Strategy for all Business systems to support the
Client portfolio and asset management and multi-currency mortgage business, the introduction
of EMU and Year 2000 dates.
Customer:Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Investment Management

From – To:November 1996 - February 1998
Role Title:Test Manager
Description:Project for the implementation of the 3rd party Treasury application, MATRIX. The NMR
Global Banking Treasury Dealing System to be used in all NMR international centres.
Produced Test Strategy and plan to test the multi-technologies of Matrix Treasury system on
IBM AS/400, Oracle Client/Server, SQL servers and UNIX servers. Matrix functionality

Client portfolio accounting, Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Options, Portfolios, Collateral
& Limits, Swift interfaces, Deal Management and Treasury, including derivatives and Repos.
Customer:N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd

From – To:January 1994 - November 1996
Role Title:Team Leader
Description:Team Leader settlements, Asset & fund management applications –
Multi-Currency (Unit Trust) Deal Mgt System (MCDMS now GFAS); Integrated PEP System.
Introduced automated testing tools into Fidelity.
Project Leader: Functional & Non-functional, Load and Stress Testing of hybrid AS/400 and
Client/Server systems with automated tests.
Business Analyst on the PEP System: Produced generic 3rd party branded PEP product from
the standard PEP applications.
Customer:Fidelity Investments

From – To:November 1992 - January 1994
Role Title:Test Team Lead
Description:Test Team Lead on CHIEF project
Automation of Testing Scripts from SSADM Specs, Business Analysis

From – To:April 1991 – November 1992.
Role Title:Project Manager
Description:Project Manager: Development and Testing of Help Desk Software
Customer:International Software Design Ltd

From – To:April 1990 - September 1990
Role Title:Project Manager



+44 (0)1256 403800
Description:Project Manager: Installed an FX Dealing Room of 90 Desks.
Customer:Chase Manhattan Bank, London

From – To:June 1988 - April 1991
Role Title:Project Manager
Description:Project Manager: - relocation of city firm.
Customer:Digital Networks Int

From – To:March 1988 - November 1992
Role Title:IT Consultant
Customer:Electrak International Limited

From – To:October 1986 - May 1988
Role Title:Project Leader
Description:Project Leader, Development of Trade matching market support Computer.
Customer:The Stock Exchange, London

From – To:January 1980 - October 1986
Role Title:Senior software developer
Description:Project Leader, Development of standard software accounts package.
Customer:Computer Data Services

From – To:February 1976 - November 1979
Role Title:Electronics Eng.
Description:Marine Research Institute
Customer:C.S.I.R.O Sydney

First Degree in Electronics
To date completed 2 years MBA – Warwick University

Prince 2 Practitioner
IESB Foundation Certificate (2003)