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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


MicroComp LLC 3467 Ocean View Blvd., Suite J, Glendale CA 91208 | tel.: (818) 794-9109 | www.micro-comp.com

Development Offer

Contact PICA Webmaster: Hayk Petrosyan at 818-794-9109.
Our office, located in Glendale, CA, has been successfully serving clients throughout California and neighboring
states for several years.
Our team has extensive experience in coding in PHP/MySQL and are comfortable with Javascript and Jquery plugins.
We also frequently develop for Wordpress / Joomla, HTML/CSS, etc.
You can see a sample of our work here: http://micro-comp.com/index.php/design-and-development. Additionally, a
great portion of our work is on complicated systems developed for clients that already have pre-existing systems who
need detailed and intricate work done on specific portions of a page or script.
“MicroComp created my business web page with a database and search function. Hayk was always available to
discuss the web page to make sure it was being built to my requirements. He put together a very high end project for
an excellent price that far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him and his company. Please contact me
with any questions.” Greg Choate, Law Office of Greg Choate

“I have worked with MicroComp's team and find them to be incredibly professional, reliable, and affordable. Their
customer service is excellent and they deliver on time and on budget. I look forward to a continued relationship with
MicroComp.” Jedd Gold, Artisan Kitchens

Two designs to choose from
Custom coded site in
PHP/MySQL or fully
customized Content
Management System based on
WordPress or Joomla
Customized Javascript and
Jquery plugins
Forms, emails
Multi-level user functionality
Domain name and server space
included for the first year

$700 & more


Two designs to choose from

WordPress or Joomla
Content Management
Up to 10 pages
Up to 3 forms or functions
Contact us form
Email set-up
Domain name and server
space included for the first


Unique design
WordPress Content
Management System
Up to 5 pages of
Contact us web form
Domain name and
server space included
for the first year