What is Joomla?

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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


What is Joomla? - Web Design & Development FAQ - Flying Cow Design

If you’ve found yourself asking the question, what is Joomla?, then you’re in luck: this article will
detail exactly what you can expect from Joomla, including why it’s one of the best content
management systems out there for website owners, developers and Fortune 500 companies

What is Joomla?

To put it simply, Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to control and
track every component of your website from an easy-to-navigate user dashboard. Joomla is
incredibly popular due to its uncanny ability to be used by individuals with a range of
technological prowess. Whether you consider yourself a newbie to building websites or you
could build one in your sleep, Joomla can be used by anyone.

Additionally, Joomla is an open source content management system, meaning it’s free to use.
Given that Joomla is such an innovative CMS, it’s regarded as the go-to content management
software system online today.

The Benefits of Using Joomla

Now that you know a little more about what Joomla is and how it works, let’s take a closer look
at the incredible benefits of this free content management system:

If you need multiple users for your website (and chances are, as a busy website owner,
you do!), then Joomla has exactly what you’re looking for. Joomla allows you to set various
permission levels for your website’s users, meaning that the structure or content of your site
won’t be accidentally changed while you’re on vacation.

Joomla works off an easy template format, which is visually simple and incredibly
user-friendly. For example, if you want to update a webpage or create a new one altogether,
simply drop your new content into the template and your website will automatically adjust itself
to include this new addition. Website building and updating has never been this efficient!

As previously mentioned, Joomla requires little to no technological experience to use it.
Unlike older content management systems which required significant coding knowledge, you
can build web pages without even knowing the difference between HTML and CSS.

Finally, as Joomla is an open source content management system, you can expect that it
will continually be updated with even more efficient tools and resources. Recently, Joomla has
incorporated WordPress and ecommerce software options into its CM software, which makes it
the perfect choice for entrepreneurs looking to build an online empire.

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What is Joomla? - Web Design & Development FAQ - Flying Cow Design

A Powerful Content Management Option

While there are some drawbacks to Joomla (for example, setting up a custom-made website
takes a serious amount of content management know-how), there’s no denying that it’s one of
the most efficient CM software systems online today. Add to the fact that it’s free to use, and it’s
no wonder more people are turning to Joomla.

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