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HD Technologies

It is a global IT company specializing in rendering with the latest releases in the Technology field. We are dealing in the w
eb application development. We serve as web solutions
provider in India. With the changes that take place in

the economy, we help you to grow and prosper. We are one of the leading web application providers in India. We have a reputat
of giving quality projects that are beyond the expectations of our customers and provide it on time. Our web solution service

are one of the best in the country. The team work of our
company, HD Technologies is one of the key elements in the success of our company. Our projects are in ERP and other software


HD Technologies software developers and designers c
oordinate and work to bring out an excellent output that work for our clients as well as for us in providing web solutions. A
you know every corporate website need to reflect the image of the company. We help provide such quality web sites to our clie

If you are in need of a quality web site, corporate web pages or an e
commerce web application, we will be able to help you on it and will be able to provide them with quality
service as we are specializing as a leading web solution provider in

India. We are in the service of providing web application, website development and other software services. We work
to see that your organization’s online ambitions get fulfilled. We help provide informative and rich content to be viewed by
our online vis
itors. It helps improve traffic to your sites.
Enhanced search engine promotion is ensured for your business sites. We provide rich and quality service to our clients at af
fordable rates.

D TECHNOLOGIES to Fire Your Imagination!

When we began, the Web was

in the nascent stage. So was HD TECHNOLOGIES. We began with a handful of people and limited resources. Over the years the Int
ernet has grown to
what we see these days. So has HD TECHNOLOGIES. Today we are a name to reckon with and one of the fastest growi
ng offshore IT solutions provider company.

By employing the best HD Technologists in software programming, graphic designing and webmasters in our fold, we are today ab
le to offer all
all services in areas as diverse as:

Offshore Software Development

based and standalone Application Development

Rich Internet Applications

Web Design and Development

Custom Software Programming

Custom artwork, graphics and logos and multimedia designing

Open Source Development and Solutions

Internet Marketing

In order t
o execute the above services we use the latest technologies, including Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and

open source ones such as PHP, Joomla,
Drupal, Wordpress, OsCommerce, X
cart, Zen Cart, Magento etc. We are continually in the proc
ess of updating our software skills by adopting new technologies that can perform
optimally. We believe in integrating our skills with our client's inputs to achieve desirable results.

Excellence is what we strive to achieve at all levels. And our talented

team of experts keeps no stone unturned as far as creativity and technological expertise is concerned

Services Offered by HD Technologies

Software Design and Development

Software product development in simpler words is also known as development o
f Software’s. Today for any organization small of mid
sized there is a need of a software to manage their
data, sales report, employees information, website, Globally presence in the search results etc. For all of the mentioned pro
cess there is a need of S
oftware which is to be developed
according to the need of organization.

Software development is a familiar term in IT industry. There are programmers available with the skills to develop a software

based on the requirements provided by the client. Software

product means software that will be term as websites or desktop application used by the organization. There is the whole Soft
ware Development process for developing any product based
on their requirements.

First of all a proper planning is required to imp
lement the process. Followed by proper research and study of the requirements by skilled professionals of

Software Development firm
followed by them a smoother and error free development process, followed by a proper testing phase of the software that is
developed by developer and the last phase is term as


and support.

Everyone has to follow the above mentioned process for performing any Software development for their organization. A proper d
ocumentation in form of SRS is to be provid
ed to the

client mentioning the features and functions of the software with the time frame and the estimation cost.

Website Design and Development

When it comes to Web Development, we serve in all the areas. We provide personalized website development services to meet you
r business goals. HD TECHNOLOGIES's web
development services enable you to reduce time to market, get closer to custome
rs and achieve long
term, profitable growth. As a professional web development company, we can help
you by offering website development services like:

catching logos, graphics, cool colours, easy fonts, centre layout, clutter
free design, strategically

placed call to action buttons, and a lot of white space

these are the elements of our
web design package.

Ecommerce Web Development:

Communicate with your buyer’s in real time. Get custom e
commerce applications with interactive shopping carts and secur
e online / offline payment gateway systems.

Custom Web Applications:

Streamline your internal and external workflows and processes by our custom
created web apps. Build your Internet / Intranet and specialized apps for supply chain management, network
gement, business process management, etc.

Content Management Systems (CMS):

Avoid running to your web developers for every small change to your website. Tie your site to the CMS developed by us. Add, e
dit, delete, modify, and update your site’s content qu
anytime, anywhere!

Portal Solutions:

Leverage our technology expertise and creativity to build interactive, professional portals. Get shape to your ideas of B2B /

B2C, social community portals and job portals.

Social Networking Solutions:

Make the mo
st of the hottest trend on the Internet. Let your clients, well
wishers and employees connect and interact over private / public social networking site.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs):

Get web applications with a difference. Enjoy the superior quality a
pps developed by HD TECHNOLOGIES using the modern tools like Flex, Flash, Ajax, Silverlight and Adobe AIR

Open Source Web App Customization:

Capitalize on open source technologies like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to build customized CMS solutions base
d on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and DotNetNuke; and
ecommerce sites based on OsCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, X
cart and Joomla.

Internet Marketing Strategy:

Put your site on the top pedestal on the Internet through our carefully planned search engine optimiza
tion strategy.

Logo Design

Being the leading service providers in graphics design, HD Technologies helps their clients and corporate to get a prof
essional company logo, corporate Identity, business logo, and more
we can say brand identity in the online business world. A design logo symbolizes the culture, values and ambitions of your co
mpany and helps customers to identify with your brand.

We under
stand how significant your corporate logo or Company logo is to the success of your organization in the industry. We know you
r design logo sits at the core of your business
image and represents your company in the world. Be proud to spread your logo throug
hout your corporate identity.

Logo is an iconic representation of an organization and therefore, it has to be unique, attractive, simple and persuasive. Ou
r expert logo designer produce exclusive and customized
corporate identity solution, while always ke
eping in mind the business needs. Our logo designers specialize in consistently producing distinctive and creative logos. The
y pay close
attention to detail in order to create a logo that is just right for your company.

We believe that a business design l
ogo should be well
groomed and clutter
free in order for customers to easily and instantly identify with it. Your logo will eventually be a trademarkable
company symbol.

You will receive your design logo in formats that can be printed, enlarged, reduced o
r modified endlessly without losing its high
quality look.

Flash Design

If you want to give some energy to your site, then you must use FLASH key. Fla
sh has always been a powerful weapon in the hands of web designers. If it’s used effectively, Flash can
spread magic in your website.

HD Technologies brings in expert flash website development that has already shaped future of many websites. By using the

latest techniques, we can assist you in delivering dynamic
flash solutions. Attractiveness of a website is successfully achieved by the implementation of flash files. We understand you
r requirements and expectations from your online business.
Generally, w
e are interested in your satisfaction, so we provide you a site with flash designing.

Flash designing improves interactivity of your website. By adding a flash intro or flash header in a website, it can change t
he look of your website. Designing using fla
sh is not a difficult
job with us because our experts and talented employees can deal with any issue regarding flash designing.

Our flash designs are not based on flash templates. We strictly avoid it; they are built according to client’s requirements.
e main job of HD Technologies is to turn client’s thoughts into
reality. We believe in quality work that is achieved by our experts.

Graphic Design

HD Technologies is one of the fastest growing company's in the field of graphic designing. It has a reputation of remarkable
success; and in a time span of 8 years, it has transformed
itself into a design, marketing and technological firm. Ever sin
ce then, our company has been the design and marketing solution option for not only individual clients but also many world
reputed corporate houses.

Creative graphic design is surely an amazing tool that helps you in utilizing the power of your website to

reach your focused target group. The elements including space, shape, line, form,
mass, texture, pattern, time, light, and colour compose the basic vocabulary of visual design.

Thus apart from providing our clients with the best quality output, we also m
ake these services available at the best affordable rates.

In today's competitive world it is important for your company to have a well developed, user friendly, attractive and an info
rmative website; which not only helps in distinguishing your
brand/ pro
duct from others but also helps in your brand promotion. Hence, keeping this in mind, it would not be wrong to say that web a
nd graphic designing have become an
indispensable part of your company's brand promotion.

HD Technologies utilizes the best of bra
ins in this field to meet your specific project requirements. Our panel of expert graphic designers, programmers and develope
rs carry out the
development procedure in a very systematic, scientific and ethical manner in order to create an extremely effectiv
e and positive online presence for your company and its brand. By
combining world class media with innovative programming strategies and a sound business logic, HD Technologies promises to tr
ansform your website into an accelerated business tool.


Landing page is the page of your website where visitors arrive at after clicking on a link. It could be your home page, or

any other page in your site.

HD Technologies is one of the leading companies in the field of landing pages. Our designers focus on conversion rate optimiz
ation and lead generation. The success of a landing page is
measured by its conversion rate, means h
ow often people who visit your page. You may want them to order a product, sign up for your services, register for a newslett
er, or just fill out a
form. The objective is to get the maximum percentage of your visitors to take the desired action.

Landing p
ages should provide a customized sales pitch for the visitor. The best way to do this is to consider where the person has com
e from, and who they are. By knowing this, your
chances of engaging the visitor goes up and also your conversion rate.


Corporate branding is all about establishing a long term image for a company and crafting the company’s operations to meet th
ose objectives. It’s ab
out people’s perception towards your
company from the consistency of your message, to the way you answer the customer. It requires more than a smart logo and fanc
y website.

HD Technologies provides corporate branding service which is a dynamic and effecti
ve strategy that translates into added value for clients.

We can provide your company with a comprehensive strategy to get your company name across the globe, with the right image tha
t you desire for. The strategy would include coming up
with advertisemen
ts and promotions that are in sequence with the desired corporate image. Intangibles are important here. Concepts on goodwill
, trust and reliability are focused hard at.
We believe that a strong corporate branding should include certain elements that will
allow the viewer to immediately identify its originator. Corporate branding is a crucial factor in any
business. From logo design, banner ad design and website desig

HD Technologies is excels in creating a unique corporate branding which can facilitate yo
u to be unique in taking the company to market.

With HD Technologies, your company will be able to develop a good name in the market. Your company name will then become iden
tical with quality products, efficient services, honest
business transactions, and

responsible citizenship.

Microsite Development

A microsite (sometimes known as a minisite) generally refers to a small website that is the off
shoot of i
ts parent website. It is considered a separate entity as it may present different
information and even have a different URL. So for example, a real estate company launch a new project then they will create a

microsite with specific information on it for th
at particular
project with their specification. This would normally be linked from the home page or a separate website.

What a microsite does is condense all the important information about a company, services or product into a single or few pag

you a
re looking for a web development company, which can develop one of the best microsite development, you are at the right place
, we would be more than happy to work with you
without robbing you.

Business Card Designing

Whether you are company, institute or individual, your business card is among the most important marketing tools that you nee
d for
the purpose of public representation. A business card
allows you to network with industry associates, prospective clients, vendors and all kinds of stakeholders that you wish to r
emain associated with in the long run.

A good business card design speaks a
lot of your organization and yourself. It is somewhat of an identity by which others will remember you by. One needs to give
sufficient thought to
creating a visiting card design that is true representative of the sophistication and class that your organiz
ation or you yourself stand for.

HD Technologies understand the significance of a sophisticated business visiting card design which sticks in the minds of aud
iences and enables you to make set a memorable impression
through your networking exercise. Our d
esigners help our client’s cash in on the idea that most people remember images easier the text.

We help design some classy and elegant looking business cards that consist of some aesthetic elements that are sure to work i
n your benefit. Especially in sce
narios such as industry
conferences and business meets, where hundreds of cards are exchanged in a day, it is difficult for one person to remember yo
ur card specifically out of the bunch that they received. HD
Technologies helps create business cards which

help stand out in a clutter and help maintain the brand image your organization is working towards developing through other m
communication tools.

We specialize in creating business cards of all types. Whether you want a corporate style business
card, or one that is elaborative of your professional background we are sure to make
effective use of relevant elements that helps serve the purpose.

Contact our Business Card Design team today and start working towards enhancing your brand image!

Brochure Design

Brochures make an integral part of any organizations marketing collateral.
Brochures are an effective way to communicate to audiences what your company stands for and even inform
them about the various products and services you offer.

A creative brochure design is representative what your brand image and if exploited in the righ
t way, can do wonders to any brand building exercise. Today, a good corporate brochure
design can play a crucial role in the success of a sales pitch, bringing in new clients and even engaging existing clients to

inform them about the innovations that you
have introduced into
your business.

We at HD Technologies are a team of design and marketing experts who offer our clients 8 years of experience in the field of
promotions and marketing offline as well as online. Our
team of design specialists is known to

have created some of the most eye catching and creative brochure designs that are enticing to audiences and drive them to tak
e necessary actions for
the benefit of achieving our client’s business goals.

In addition to creating interesting content, audien
ce perceptions are deeply dependant on the the quality of the corporate brochure design. Our experts at HD Technologies will
help you
create novel brochure designs that highlight relevant content and support it with interesting images which further enhance

the look and feel of the brochure.

We are committed to delivery unique and customized designs which set you apart from competitors who are accustomed to using t
emplates. Our high quality images and legible fonts will
ensure that your audiences don’t loos
e interest your marketing material. Our designs are created keeping in mind the needs of the digital age, this offering optio
ns to print as well as email

HD Technologies is confident that we have what it takes to make a difference to your overa
ll marketing plans. Come and experience our superior design services and notice the immediate
enhancement in audience response.

Multimedia Presentation

Creating interactive multimedia presentations for the sake of business promotions is extremely vital for any organization in
this digital day and age. An interesting power point
presentation can play a crucial role in the engaging aud
iences while you intend to impart vital information to them. Whether they are your clients, employees or industrial colleague
s at a
conference, the best way to attract their attention is by presenting to them an informative and aesthetic multimedia present

We at HD Technologies are a team of committed multimedia and marketing experts who collaborate for the benefit of our clients

to provide multimedia presentation services of superior
quality that are sync with the business and marketing goals of th
e client.

Whether you wish to make a presentation at conferences, internal meets, or HR conventions, our experts will deliver to you hi
quality final products that are bound to provide
impressive returns on investment.

Our customized and special range
of services are offered on the basis of maintain long
term and personal relationships with the client, which helps us understand your business model,
vision and mission deeply thus enabling us to provide you exactly what you are looking for.

With the supp
ort of our design experts we are committed at creating some noble multimedia presentations for the purpose of highlighting yo
ur brand in the best way possible.

HD Technologies is confident that our services will help you stand out among competition and ma
ke your mark in any business environment. Our designs are creating with the help of
striking the perfect balance between image, content, animation and sound to produce memorable results.

Open Source Customization And Development

Open Source is the technology for the people, of the people and by the people; a truly democratic system where software sourc
e codes are available freely (well, almost) for

anybody to
use, reuse and develop upon. Since the early days of the internet, there has been a strong Open Source Developer community ac
tive in developing the best software programs and
applications in the world.

With millions of websites, you need to cre
ate your own identity. Even the best open source developer cannot fulfill diverse demands of the web. Open Source Customizati
on is the key,
which deals with PHP programming, content management (CMS) and e
commerce systems. We provide open source solutions

both open source customization and open source


Open source customization starts with PHP programming as part of the LAMP stack (Linux Operating System, Apache Server, MySQL

Database and PHP). Our highly motivated and
creative PHP open source developer team is ready to take up any challenge, and is adept both at reworking on the existing app
lications as well as starting fresh from concept to delivery.

Open source integration involves assimilating your existing site to v
arious time
tested Content Management Systems (CMS) such as
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and DotNetNuke
Once we integrate custom websites or applications based on one of the CMSs, anybody in your organization, even the non
technical people, can add, edit and
modify the content without
our help.


Having an online business is the most cost
effective mode of business you can think of. They can give a perfect combination of free hosting to a world wide of people, a
cross all
ries. Our open source e
commerce services include custom solutions in:

OScommerce Ecommerce Development

Magento Ecommerce Development

ZenCart Ecommerce Development

cart Ecommerce Development

Joomla Ecommerce Development

Facebook Application Development

Facebook applications

offer new and innovative ways to touch base with your existing and potential customers indirectly. Our group of expert Faceb
ook application developers help
brands develop relevant and innovative application formats which focus on enhancing brand awareness and loyalty with the help

of newsfeeds and updates.

It is the our aim to develop engaging applications that help cross brand
s and customers cross conventional lines and focus on making audiences your 'friends'.

The unique solutions in application development offered by

HD Technologies

also help in effectively meeting all your viral marketing goals.

IT Consultancy Service

HD Technologies also acts as an IT consulting firm. So, why should anyone need IT consulting services? Well
, the web development / IT services that we provide are basically meant for
small to medium enterprises and startup businesses. The large and already established companies are expected to have their ow
n web development division and staff. However, such
panies may lack the knowhow and latest developments in the
Internet. We provide a IT support services


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimi
zation helps to promote the online business of your website. We help to make your website popular by increasing the visits to

your website. SEO helps to rank your
websites in the first page of the search engine results.

Business or profit can be made onl
y if you are ranked at the topmost page of the search engine. We help ensure this for you. Our SEO is one of the best that ca
n be found.

At HD Technologies, our SEO team ensures that your site is among the most viewed sites. We help make your business we
bsite to be among the most popular. Your business can grow
with clients from all over the world accessing your site. We, our SEO team, will help you to remain at the top all the time.
We offer result oriented service for SEO or Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing

Yes, truly. The era of Search Marketing has arrived and that al
so with a bang. Any person dealing with internet marketing would know that India has made a great impact in this area and
it is the destination of choice for IT, BPO and web
related services.

In this backdrop, HD Technologies, a Website Marketing Company b
ased in the most happening city of India, Hubli has risen as a new star in the horizon. As a professional SEM
company and

SEO , we intent to provide advanced services to our worldwide clients in everything connected with internet marketing.



Ever since the internet made the phenomenal stride, there has been equivalent rise in the growth of website marketing company
. Such a need arose because of the unmanageable size of
the internet and the web. In the jungle of the websites
of every category, site owners find it worthwhile to hand over the marketing side of their websites to a professional SEM com

SEM Web marketing companies thus not only look into buying and selling of goods or services over the internet but also advert
ising and promoting your site by acting as an SEO
company on your behalf. Their major function is to keep their client websites in the most top spot in the major search engine

Architectural Visualization, 3D Animation,

3D Fly Through, VFX , Graphic De
(Janak Team)

HD Technologies (Janak Team)
is a studio for 3D rendering & visualization. We offer services

that enable prospective clients, investors and buyers to visualize any

design. The main goal of our experienced team is to produce high qualit

work using interactive designs and innovative technologies. We will

provide you exactly what you have imagined. We try to bring more life

to your product and bring it more to reality using 3d technology. You have chance to preview and experience your
vision before a major investments is made to produce the reality.

Portfolio of Janak Team…

HD Technologies

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