Create Unlimited WordPress, Joomla or ExpressionEngine Membership Sites or simply Sell Digital Goods. Download SiteManPro and Get Started Instantly.

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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
Create Unlimited WordPress, Joomla or
ExpressionEngine Membership Sites or simply Sell
Digital Goods. Download SiteManPro and Get Started
Sell Unlimited "Digital Products" - Build Unlimited
"Membership Sites"
CONTROL ALL With Just ONE Dashboard
Introducing the easy-to-use software solution that
gives you full control of all your online businesses!
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Top Benefits of Using SiteManPro
You'll Never Think Of Doing Your Business Without It
Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
Sell unlimited digital
downloadable files
(ebooks, videos, mp3s,
software, zip files) from
your website, blog or
anywhere. Build
unlimited membership
sites on multiple
domains. Manage
customers, refunds,
and transactions. All
this from one central
admin dashboard.
360 Degree View
Your customers don't
have to create multiple
user accounts to
download their orders
or access the multiple
membership sites that
they buy from you. As a
result, you get a full
360 degree view of
your customer –
something that's
virtually impossible
without SiteManPro.
Building a WordPress
membership site today
and moving it to Joomla
(or may be
platform tomorrow is as
easy as installing
Joomla (or CMS of your
choice), and installing
the integration plugin.
Your members will be
able to login to your
new site instantly. Can
it be easier?
Task Independence
While most softwares
are focused on just
SiteManPro is geared
towards meeting
multiple functions of
your business, such as
membership sites, help
desk, project
management, and
many many more with
its growing list of add-

Easy Order Management
Easily track order history of any
customer and learn their net worth in
one click. Monitor orders with real-
time dashboard. Process refunds and
cancellations automatically. Process
offline orders by accepting payments
in the mail by check.
Unlimited Membership Sites
Build unlimited automated recurring-
revenue generating membership
web sites (using static HTML or
dynamic PHP). Build them on
multiple domains. Provide
members a single sign-on to every
site they are subscribed to.
Supports WordPress & Joomla too.
----------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
Email Marketing Automation
Re-invent your email marketing
strategy with this powerful feature
that no-one else offers. Trigger
behavior-based email follow-ups by
setting up easy list rules. Add or
remove customers to multiple
autoresponder services
(getresponse, mailchimp, aweber
etc.) when they buy a product or
cancel their subscription. [..PATENT
Points System
Reward your customers when they
buy your products. The points
system adds point to buyers
account that they can use to buy
other products from you. Increase
customer participation and loyalty
using this powerful feature.
------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Fully Automated Delivery
Automate your entire sales process
and get paid while you sleep.
Customer is automatically sent the
download link for your product after a
successful purchase. Automated
refunds management revokes the
access instantly when customer
requests a refund.

Multiple Gateways
Have multiple PayPal, ClickBank,
and other Merchant Accounts?
Easily use different PayPal (or
other gateway) accounts with
different products. Plus, use
multiple payment gateways for
each product. More gateways will
be added soon.
------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Digital Files Protection
Sell & protect unlimited digital
downloadable files (ebooks, videos,
mp3s, software, zip files, and more).
Sell from your website, blog or
anywhere. Instant buy now links and
automatic download delivery ensures
your customers can buy and
download your products 24x7.
Affiliate Integration
Integrates with almost every
affiliate software, built on any
technology, using external API
calls. It does all the hard work for
you and records affiliate
commissions automatically.
------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
Order Templates
Build beautiful order pages using a
full featured HTML editor. Assign
different templates to different
products and maintain the overall
look of your product sales page.

Built-in Helpdesk
Built-in elegant support ticket
system allows you to provide
customer support from within the
admin panel. Your customers can
create support tickets for the
products that they have bought.
System notifies both you and
customers when there is a
response added.
------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Infinitely Extensible
SMP can be extended infintely using
add-ons and plugins. You can write
your own add-ons using SMP
framework or you can buy a ready-to-
use add-on from our marketplace.

Full Source Code
100% source code is available to
you when you get your copy of
SiteManPro. You have complete
freedom to modify the source code
to fit your business requirements.
Customer Showcase
Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
Our Customers Love SiteManPro!
Just ordered and am chomping at the bit to get started. This is exactly what I have been looking for
- 'automation' ...It will set up my offline clients with great info and keep them 'in the loop' as well as
give me opportunity to offer them more products and quality! Thanks! I also have a membership
site for different niches.. this will tie them all together. Yes!
- Zephrah
Wow! This product is very timely for me with the business model that I am developing.
- Cadoutsource (WF Username)
Try SiteManPro for Full 60 Days

If you don't like it, we'll refund every penny.
Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
Craig Lingard says - This is an awesome piece
of kit! Their helpfulness and attention to detail
was superb. Two other things I should mention
are that it's easy to use and the value is
incredible. Well done guys!
Rachel Rofe says - This looks to be Awesome!!!
It's about a million times more user friendly than
other membership plugins I've come across. This
is going to really remove the technical barrier for
a LOT of people.
Tom says - Before I checked this out I thought
to myself "Alright, I'm not gunna buy anything
else right now". Then I saw what this could do.
Sigh. In all honesty though: great work man,
this thing looks beastly.
Roy Carter says - I'm still discovering some of
the amazing things that SMP can do for my
business and I have to say that their customer
service is the best I've seen in this business in a
very long time.
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Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
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Build Membership Sites
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Your purchase includes free support and upgrades of SiteManPro for full one year. After that,
you can choose to renew your account and receive support and upgrades for another year for
just $97. If you choose not to renew your account, you can still continue using the software,
however, you will not be able to download the latest versions.
It's Time For You To Focus on Your Business
and let SMP take care of the Rest
Best Membership Software | Joomla & Wordpress Membership Plugin
You owe it to yourself to have ample opportunity to actually enjoy the fruits of your marketing efforts
instead of throwing your money away for incomplete and inadequate solutions and wasting your
time with unnecessary duplicate work. SiteManPro simplifies all that for you by bringing the controls
in one centralized hub.
Everything will be at the top of your fingers and you'll always have a clear view of the big picture.
"SiteManPro would
allow us to
manage 30,000+
active members
at XocolatlLife.
com" - Alejandro
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