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Nov 4, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


NACADA Technology Committee

Recommendations for Updating and Maintaining

Administrative Division’s Web Sites

With the adoption and implementation of the new Association Management Systems (AMS) and
Content Management Systems (CMS), NACADA stands
poised to offer an entirely new level of
service to its members.

One of the key assumptions behind the adoption of the new AMS and CMS systems is that the
various organizational entities that comprise the Administrative Division, Commission and
Groups (CIG) and Regions would shoulder more of the content responsibilities for their
respective presence on the NACADA Web site.

In order to meet that goal, the Technology Committee suggests the following recommendations
be considered for adoption.


he maintenance and design components for the NACADA Web site remains under the
authority and direction of the Executive Office (EO), under the direction from the
NACADA Board and Council.


The Technology Committee, working with the EO’s Technology Committee

will identify
some common features that should be included on all the organization’s entities with a
Web presence. Examples of these may include:


Entity’s charge


Members with necessary institutional affiliation and contact information


Goals of the entity
for current year


Meeting Schedule


Minutes and Adobe Connect recordings


Within this framework, over the next year 2013 to 2014, steps will be taken to identify at
least two “best practices” for Web sites within all Divisions: at least two for the
tive Division, at least 2 for CIG, and at least 2 for the Regions. Those selected
will serve as models for all the other entities within their respective categories. Members
of the Council and Administrative Division Chairs will work with their respective
to implement this policy.


The proposed timeline for this implementation will be as follows.


Policy consideration reviewed during mid
year 2013 meeting


Policy discussed at Administrative Division Meeting in Annual Conference, Salt
Lake City, 2013.


Policy shared by all Council Division Representatives with their respective
Divisions. General guidelines will be discussed at this time.


Proposed Web site re
designs will be submitted to Administrative Division Chairs
and Council Division Representatives

by January 31, 2014. These proposals can
be submitted on paper with text and added graphic content to show proposed re


Section of how

“Best Practices”

for re
designs will be chosen will be left for each
Division to determine. His process should

be completed by February 28, 2014.


Division recommendations for redesign will be reviewed by Technology
Committee and the EO Technology Committee for technology feasibility,
maintenance consideration, and if proposals meets requirements of sections 1
2 of this document. Counsel Division representative will be informed of the
two Technology Committees’ decisions by March 15, 2013.


Until redesign Web sites are approved, the EO will maintain current design and
information elements of the current Web sites