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Premium Sponsor

Baxter Innovations GmbH

Baxter International Inc., through its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures and markets
products that save and sustain the lives of people with hemophilia, immune disorders,
infectious dis
eases, kidney disease, trauma, and other chronic and acute medical
conditions. As a global, diversified healthcare company, Baxter applies a unique
combination of expertise in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to
create products that advan
ce patient care worldwide.



Silver Sponsor

Covidien US & France

Covidien is a leading global healthcare products company
that creates innovative medical
solutions for better patient outcomes and delivers value through clinical leadership and
excellence. Covidien manufactures, distributes and services a diverse range of industry
leading product lines in three segments: Medica
l Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Medical
Supplies. With 2011 revenue of $11.6 billion, Covidien has 41,000 employees worldwide
in more than 65 countries, and its products are sold in over 140 countries.


Celgene Cellular Therapeutics

Celgene is a global biopharmaceutical company committed to improving the lives of
patients worldwide. Celgene’s mission as a company is to build a major global
biopharmaceutical corporation while focusing on t
he discovery, the development, and the
commercialization of products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune,
inflammatory conditions. Celgene Cellular Therapeutics (CCT), a wholly
subsidiary of Celgene, discovers and develops therapeuti
cs from cells and biomaterials
derived from the human placenta. CCT is a state
art research and development
organization with in house GMP cell manufacturing and GTP compliant tissue production,
dedicated to fulfilling the promise of cellular and bi
based therapeutics by
developing cutting
edge products and therapies that will significantly benefit patients.


Sponsors & Exhibitors


Founded in 1987, AMSBIO is recognised as a lead
ing global source of unique products &
custom services for life science research.

AMSBIO supplies innovative products for pharmaceutical research and specific disease
areas including bio
assays, extracellular matrices, glycobiology reagents and 3D cell
lture technologies.

An extensive range of polyclonal & monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, DNA,
RNA, proteins and tissue specimens are also available.

The AMSBIO portfolio focuses on cancer, regenerative medicine, stem cell biology and
ience. Custom services offered include antibodies, peptides, protein expression
and lentivirus.


apceth GmbH & Co.KG

apceth is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and clin
application of pioneering cell and gene therapies for the treatment of malignant and non
malignant diseases. apceth combines the principles of (stem) cell biology with ground
breaking technologies and the highest standards for GMP manufacturing and qu
control according to national and international regulations. These standards are applied in
equal measure to apceth’s own as well as contract GMP
manufacturing of cell
products. The company’s state

GMP/BSL2 facilities comprise 600 m

of cleanroom area (ISO8, ISO7, ISO5), quality
control and R&D units, and have manufacturing license for somatic cell therapeutics
(AMG §13, §20b). apceth’s first clinical trial phase I/II is in progress.


BioMed Central

Stem Cell R

& Therapy

is the major forum for translational research into stem cell
therapies. An international peer
reviewed journal, it publishes high quality open access
research articles with a special emphasis on
basic, translational, and clinical research into
stem cell therapeutics, including animal models, and clinical trials. The journal also
provides reviews, viewpoints and commentaries.

BioMed Central is a global open access scientific and medical publishing
publishing over 220 journals across biology, medicine and chemistry. All original
research articles published by BioMed Central are made freely and permanently
accessible online.


Biomedical Tissues

Biomedical Tissues develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative medical
devices for human tissues regeneration. Based on non
woven biodegradable polymer
meshes produced by a patented technology, Biomedical Tiss
ues biomaterials offer a 3D
environment ideally suited for in vivo tissue healing.

Biomedical Tissues also markets CellWeb, a multi
well dish that allows in vitro tissue
engineering. The non
woven 3D scaffold enables co
culture of different cell types to
imic natural tissues for further tissue modelling or drug screening purposes.

Relying on a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers and researchers, Biomedical
Tissues is an ideal partner to design and manufacture custom
tailored devices for
tive medicine.


Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation’s

ElectroForce Systems Group introduces the ElectroForce

and 3330 Series II test instruments which incorporate a new high accuracy displacem
sensor for the

soft tissues, bone, biomaterials, orthopaedic and
cardiovascular medical devices, and a variety of viscoelastic engineered materials
. Our

test instruments advance tissue engineering by providing a novel ap
to specimen stimulation and characterization. Visit our booth for a demonstration!


botiss dental GmbH

botiss biomaterials offers you a unique systematic BTR approach, the complete

ogic regenerative solutions portfolio for Implantology, Oral Surgery, CMF and

Periodontology out of one hand.

We all know

no single bone graft or soft tissue material is able to suit all medical

indications and biologic situations. To achieve optimal res
ults, you have access

to the botiss BTR System. Covering all your GBR/GTR requirements for different

materials (bovine, allograft, alloplastic and collagen
based, bone grafts, blocks,

membranes, soft
tissue implants). The products are produced with the hig
hest quality

standards and all products are strictly biologic.


Cell Genix GmbH

CellGenix is an international leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality cytokines
and serum
free medium for the ex

vivo cell culture of DC, T
Cells, NK
Hematopoietic Stem Cells, MSC, Chondrocytes, ESC and iPS. CellGenix products are
used world wide in clinical trials in academia, commercial trials, production of vaccine and
in translation, validation and testin
g or assay development by biotechnology partners.
The manufacturing is in accordance with GMP guidelines and USP.


Corline Systems AB

Corline® is a Life Science company dedicated to e
nhancing the well
being of patients by
providing solutions that improve our OEM customers’ clinical products.

Corline® supplies biocompatible and pro
healing solutions based on a unique and
proprietary surface modification technology platform, which is p
roven and supported by
scientific reports in a multitude of applications, both for traditional medical devices and for
the developing field of regenerative medicine. The Corline® Heparin Surface


technology offers endless improvement and developme
nt opportunities for current and
future clinical grade products.


Crosstec HandelsgesmbH

Crosstec is an Austrian company, specialized in the distribution of medical, medical
technology and allogenic tissue pr
oducts, with a broad, both experienced and perfected,
internationally business relations network. Since 1979 Crosstec’s goal has always been
to constantly give our clients the best possible understanding of innovative products as
well as introducing them t
o new technologies of already established products from a wide
range of regarded manufactures all over the world. Quality, easy handling and cost
consciousness have been only a few cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Our
qualified and longtime truste
d personnel is offering a variety of customer
consultations meeting every client’s own needs and is available for your convenience all
over Austria and the EC.


Dando Weiss and Colucci Ltd

s an international management company that catalyses value generation and
sustainable growth for its clients. Specialising in the tissue engineering and regenerative
medicine sector we perform the following:


strategic fund raising from private and public s
ources (over €80m raised)


large scale R&D project and company spin off development from ongoing
initiatives (4 new projects and 3 new companies spun out)


stakeholder liaison and balance: communicating with the people that matter,
generating win
win situati


international development and partnering for creating new opportunities in the
academic and commercial sectors


market research and analysis for product repositioning and increased opportunity


Dunn Labortechnik GmbH

The extensive product range of Dunn Labortechnik includes liquid handling systems,
laminar airflow cabinets, incubators and roller devices as well as a large selection of
immunoreagents and consumables. Additional
ly, Dunn Labortechnik offers equipment
particulary designed for tissue engineering, biomechanical and cytomechanical
applications (tension, compression, 3
D cell culture in a gel matrix, fluid shear stress).

With its product range, reliable and efficient s
ervice, Dunn Labortechnik has acquired
recognition in the areas of Life Science and Biotechnology.
The company has focused on
products for cell and tissue culture laboratories, protein crystallization, microbiology and
molecular biology and supplies since
30 years international research and routine
laboratories in the whole of Europe.


EBERS Medical Technology S.L.

EBERS is a young company which aims to bring into the market new innovative pr
in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering. For such purposes,
EBERS takes advantage of a wide experience in engineering labours, as wall as in a
multidisciplinary highly qualified team.

EBERS currently commercializes the TEB1000
bioareactor, which provides the user with
a versatile platform to develop cell cultures under flow conditions, as well as several
models of culture chambers. The P3D chambers are designed to carry out perfusion
culture experiments on porous scaffolds, wher
eas we also count on chambers capable of
hosting vascular scaffolds of different sizes.
Furthermore, we






cover the particular demands of each customer.


ECO Plus

We advise and accompany in all matters regarding business settlement and expansion, regional
support and internationalization, intercompany cooperation and sector
specific networks. We
enable better access to education

and R&D facili
ties. We connect business and politics,
education and research, companies and public administration, investors and international
projects. Lower Austria is banking on its Technopol strategy, which itself is oriented to
international benchmarks.


Envisiontec GmbH

envisionTEC GmbH is a world leader in Rapid Prototyping equipment using DLP® based systems

also has close to 10 years experience in the field of Tissue Engineering with the widely
accepted 3D
otter system.

The possibility of using virtually any biomaterial currently used by other RP techniques in addition
to the large platform size, allow about any medical implant of small and middle sized scale to be
constructed. The scaffold design is well f
itted for cell adhesion on the surface of the objects, as
well as cell incorporation inside the plotted strands. In vitro and in vivo studies proved that the 3D
Bioplotter can be used for medical applications using FDA
approved materials and provides good
results for bone regeneration.



Histotech is a specialist histology service, providing high quality consultancy and contract
research. We offer a complete range of servi
ces from experimental design, through
staining and immunolabelling, to imaging and analysis. Histotech’s services are tailored
to meet the specific requirements of your project. We specialise in troubleshooting,
optimisation and method development work.

Histotech’s scientists have particular
expertise in the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine fields using novel methods
to allow the histological evaluation of tissue engineered constructs.


IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing is an international, not
profit, learned society publisher. We are a world
leader in scientific publishing and the electronic dissemination of peer
reviewed scientific


JMS Co., Ltd.

JMS Co., Ltd., with 6 affiliates in the world and 4 plants inside Japan, is a Japanese
manufacturer for medical products and pharmaceuticals. With its long history, highly
established techn
ology and quality, its products have been supplied to over 80 countries
all over the world. For TERMIS 2012, we are presenting a product for serum collection,
named CELLAID, which is designed to prepare human serum easily and safely under
circuit, a
nd help collected serum become rich in growth factors. In addition to a
conventional BAG type of CELLAID, we are also displaying a newly
developed TUBE
type for small collection volume.


Kaneka Corporation

eka Corporation is a producer of chemical products including resins, pharmaceutical
intermediaries, food supplements, synthetic fibres and fine chemicals. The Innovative
Bone Marrow MSC Separation Device harvests mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) via a
filter f
rom bone marrow: with a higher recovery ratio of MSCs in a reduced operation time
(approx. 20 min.), in a closed system operation after injecting the bone marrow into the
bag, with a higher efficiency in separation.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd, starting as a shipbuilder in 1878, now manufactures a
vast array of products, encompassing transportation equipment such as rolling stock,
craft, Kawasaki
brand motorcycles and more.

Continually moving forward to meet the ever
changing demands of the marketplace, we
have branched out into the field of industrial equipment, including state
automation robots.

Now, Kawasaki's wide ran
ge of technologies contributes to automated manufacturing of
cells required for drug discovery, regenerative medicine, and also cell therapy.

This system enables mass production of cells in safety, steadily and stably, without CPC.


Landes Bioscience

is an international and transdisciplinary

journal for publication of peer
original resear
ch exploring the clinical and laboratory investigations in the field of science
and application of biomaterials, including their physico
chemical and biological properties,
as well as clinical performance, and especially those emphasizing the correlation
etween biomaterials structure and biological performance. The journal intends to cover
all applications of biomaterials, including implantable medical devices, drug delivery
systems, nanomedicine, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


Leica Mikrosysteme Handelges.m.b.H.

Leica Microsystems is a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments.

Its historically close cooperation with the scientific community
is the key to Leica
Microsystems’ tradition of innovation, which draws on users’ ideas and creates solutions
tailored to their requirements. At the global level, Leica Microsystems is organized in four
divisions, all of which are among the leaders in their

respective fields: the Life Science
Division, Industry Division, Biosystems Division and Medical Division.

The company is represented in over 100 countries with 12 manufacturing facilities in 7
countries, sales and service organizations in 19 countries a
nd an international network of
dealers. The company is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.


Lifecore Biomedical

Lifecore Biomedical offers sodium hyaluronate and biom
aterials that have been used to
treat tens of millions of patients over the past 25 years. Manufactured from its FDA
registered/ISO 13485:2003 certified
facility, Lifecore offers pharmaceutical grade sodium
hyaluronate over a broad molecular weight range
allowing for a diverse/efficient pathway
to product development. Lifecore’s Corgel® BioHydrogel is a biocompatible cross
hydrogel tunable for use in 3D cultures and biomaterial applications. Lifecore also offers
the expertise and service to formulat
e and aseptically fill your hyaluronan products and
other difficult to fill solutions for your clinical and commercial products.


Materialise N.V.

Materialise began in 1990 as a special
ist in rapid prototyping (RP) and additive
manufacturing (AM) and has grown into the market leader for 3D printing and Digital CAD
software. Materialise has the largest AM facility under one roof and is a major player in
medical and dental image processing

and surgery simulation software. Its medical and
dental products are used worldwide by renowned hospitals, research institutes, medical
device companies and clinicians.

This makes Materialise the perfect partner for those involved in cutting
edge, innova
biomedical R&D. The company has acted as a pioneer in many fields and has been
investing for years in advancing research. Materialise has the largest development team
in the sector and several subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the United States.


McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a partnership between the University
of Pittsburgh and the UPMC Health System, serves as a single base of
operations for the
~230 McGowan affiliated faculty who work in multidisciplinary teams to advance the
science related to regenerative therapies, as well as facilitating the rapid clinical
translation of emerging technologies. Also critical to the Institute
’s mission is the
education and training of the next generation of scientists, clinicians and engineers who
carry the field forward toward the ultimate goal of enhanced patient benefits. The
McGowan Institute operates under three main research pillars

ssue Engineering and
Biomaterials, Cellular Therapy, and Artificial Organs & Medical Devices.


MPI Research

MPI Research is a preclinical CRO that provides discovery, safety eval
bioanalytical, and analytical services. Scientific knowledge and experience, dedication,
teamwork, and strong, enduring Sponsor relationships characterize MPI Research as a
performance, high
quality organization.


NovaMatrix / FMC BioPolymer AS

Novamatrix is a unit of FMC BioPolymer, and produces and sells consistent, purified
biopolymers intended for use in medical applications. All our ultrapure products are
ible as well as bioabsorbable; therefore they can be used in a wide range of
devices meant to be injected or inserted into the human body. Our products have a
history of safe use in humans and are supported by DMFs filed with the U.S. FDA.

We also understa
nd and can provide to customers specialized know
how in converting
our biopolymers into an array of different physical forms or systems. The forms we have
the ability to produce include gels, films, beads for cell encapsulation, and foams for cell
g and scaffolds. Furthermore, NovaMatrix can use those systems to assist our
customers in their applications.


PAA Laboratories GmbH

PAA Laboratories was founded in Austria in 1988, and is now p
art of GE Healthcare Life
Sciences. PAA specializes in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of cell culture
products for research, development, diagnostic and biopharmaceutical production. The
range of products includes animal and human sera, liquid
and powder media, reagents
and supplements. PAA has three manufacturing sites in America, Australia and Austria.
The European GMP compliant facility in Austria houses a modern powder mill, which
utilizes the latest technologies in both milling and blending
. In addition, PAA offers a
complete service from cell clone optimisation and media adaptation to contract


Pall GmbH

Pall Corporation (NYSE:
) is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing
solutions to meet the critical fluid management nee
ds of customers across the broad
spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall works with customers to advance health,
safety and environmentally responsible technologies. In the field of regenerative
medicine, Pall is a leading tools provider for cord blo
od banking and point of use
autologous therapies. Pall Corporation, with total revenues of $2.7 billion for fiscal year
2011, is an S&P 500 company with almost 11,000 employees serving customers
worldwide. Pall has been named a “top green company” by



Polysciences Europe GmbH

Polysciences, Inc. provides custom manufacturing and development of fine chemicals
and intermediates for drug discovery, biotechnology, medical devices, cosmetics,
ectronics and analytical chemistry industries in large scale.

Our manufacturing facility located in Warrington, PA consists of three buildings with over
172,000 square feet containing ambient and pressure reactors, purification systems and
quality control
departments. The core service offered by Polysciences is custom
synthesis of milligram to thousands of kilo quantities of compounds for use in research
and development. We supply high purity optical monomers, UV absorbing materials and
specialty polymer ad
ditives to the ocular lens industries. Our FDA audited production
facilities are capable of both Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and c
GMP level


Peprotech EC Ltd.

For more than 20 years PeproTech has focused on the development and manufacturing
of high
quality recombinant cytokine products for life
science research. We recently
expanded our production capabilities to include an animal
free manufacturing facility and

an ISO7
certified clean room. With over 2,000 products manufactured in
house, we have
developed and refined innovative protocols to ensure activity, reliability and consistency.

Today PeproTech is a world leader in the production of
, insect and mam
derived recombinant proteins, their monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies, ELISAs and
other cytokine
related reagents. We are committed to offering the highest level of
customer service and technical support.


Quinxell Technologies Pte Ltd

QuinXell Technologies Pte Ltd was founded in 2011 as a member of Quintech Life
Sciences. QuinXell will focus in the emerging field of Regenerative Medicine, through her
innovative cell culture technolo
gies. Research on the TisXell Regeneration System was
initiated as a joint project between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the
Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Scientific papers supporting the benefits of a dual revolution
system on functional ti
ssue growth (or tissue engineered constructs) on 3D scaffolds
have been illustrated in international journals.


regenHU SA

Polysciences, Inc. provides custom manufacturing and development of fine chemicals
and intermediates for drug discov
ery, biotechnology, medical devices, cosmetics,
electronics and analytical chemistry industries in large scale.

Our manufacturing facility located in Warrington, PA consists of three buildings with over
172,000 square feet containing ambient and pressure r
eactors, purification systems and
quality control departments. The core service offered by Polysciences is custom
synthesis of milligram to thousands of kilo quantities of compounds for use in research
and development. We supply high purity optical monomer
s, UV absorbing materials and
specialty polymer additives to the ocular lens industries. Our FDA audited production
facilities are capable of both Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and c
GMP level


Rowiak GmbH

ROWIAK GmbH develops and produces innovative ultrashort pulsed laser systems.
These provide contact
free cutting of cells, native tissues and biomaterials. ROWIAK
laser systems combine several optical technologies. Integra
ted Optical Coherence
Tomography (OCT) and Multiphoton Imaging (MPM) enable monitoring and thereby 3D
cutting. Our nanometer precision simplifies subcellular manipulation and processing of
living cells and tissues. The preparation of histological sections
from native hard and soft
tissues as well as diverse biomaterials is easier and faster.
The loss of material is
considerably minimized.

TissueSurgeon, CellSurgeon, and CellMonitor accelerate processes and provide new
solutions in molecular cell biology, in

material sciences, or in tissue engineering.


S. Karger AG

Medical and Scientific Publishers

S. Karger AG of Basel, Switzerland is a leading international publisher of books and
journals in

basic and medical sciences, covering both research and clinical practice
across many disciplines and providing authors with a worldwide platform to present their
findings. The journal
Cells Tissues Organs

with its special topic issues is of particular
erest to participants of the '3

TERMIS World Congress'

free sample copies are
available. The journal aims at bridging the gap between cell biology and development
biology and the emerging fields of regenerative medicine (stem cell biology, tissue
eering, artificial organs, in vitro systems and transplantation biology).


Screvo B.V.

Screvo is a rising biotech company that produces a versatile three
dimensional (3D)
screening system. S
tarting with the launch of Vers3D™, our custom technology aims to
significantly reduce systems that fail in late stages of development. 3D screening systems
can be made for a broad range of in vitro and in vivo research, which offers a unique
opportunity t
o improve the output of preclinical research while decreasing the social and
economic impact of animal experimentation. Vers3D™ utilizes a 3x3 well design made
from a biocompatible material that can hold nine distinct conditions in one device and up
to 36
conditions in one animal.

With Vers3D™, both data acquisition and analysis of experimental conditions can be
efficiently performed using standard laboratory equipment.


SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH

offers Collagenase NB products for high
yield isolation of viable cells.

In addition to research grades SERVA is a worldwide supplier of Collagenase NB and
Neutral Protease NB products manufactured according to cGMP guidelines.

Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade

is suitable for isolation of a broad variety of cells for
clinical applications, e.g. tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Excellent
performance, high safety and reliable lot
lot consistency are ensured by
pharmaceutical manufacturing standard

SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH is a German life science company founded in 1953. Its
unique and comprehensive product portfolio includes also electrophoresis and laboratory
devices, fine biochemicals, and enzymes.


Stemcell Technologies

STEMCELL Technologies Inc. is a leader in the development of specialty cell culture
media, cell separation products and ancillary reagents for the cell therapy market. We
offer products for a variety of stem and p
rogenitor cells. These include StemSpan™, a
performance leader in maintenance and expansion of hematopoietic progenitors;
MethoCult™, the gold standard methylcellulose
based medium for detection of
hematopoietic progenitors in the colony
forming cell (CFC)

assay; MesenCult™ for
mesenchymal stem cell culture and assay, including serum

and xeno
free MesenCult™
XF; mTeSR™1 the fully defined medium for hPSC maintenance without the use of
feeders; and STEMdiff™ for differentiating human pluripotent stem cells t
o specific


TAP Biosystems.com

TAP Biosystems specialises in advanced systems for life science research including
regenerative medicine and cell
based testing applications.

P will be exhibiting the new RAFT 3D tissue culture system which enables scientists to
create complex 3D cell cultures in a simple reproducible format.


Terumo BCT, Inc.


BCT is a leading global provider of cell and blood component technologies,
products and services. Introducing the Quantum System

open up new possibilities with
a closed system. An automated system for growing adherent and suspension cells in a
closed e
nvironment, the Quantum Cell Expansion System is designed for multiple cell
types and protocol flexibility.

This new technology brings automation, a closed environment and process reproducibility
to those expanding cell populations for research, clinical
trial and commercial cell


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science. Our
mission is to enable our custom
ers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With
revenues of $12 billion, we have approximately 39,000 employees and serve customers
within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs,
universities, research institu
tions and government agencies, as well as in environmental
and process control industries. We create value for our key stakeholders through three
premier brands, Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific and Unity™ Lab Services, which offer
a unique combination

of innovative technologies, convenient purchasing options and a
single solution for laboratory operations management.


Tissue Source

Tissue Source, LLC is a
service solution for animal

tissue needs (porcine) related to
medical devices & bio
medical research.

Tissue Source performs tissue collection and
processing from animals for which the genetic background, husbandry and methods of
harvest follow strict standards of quality. Animal tr
aceability to the 3

generation provides
valuable information to university researchers, product developers, and medical device

Tissue Source utilizes a complete
Quality Management System
to ensure high yield,
tissue consistency, and adherence

to Good Manufacturing Practices. Documentation
included with each order ensures a product meeting USDA standards and is FDA 21 CFR
820 & ISO 22442
2 compliant.

Tissue Source uses only qualified, pre
approved, and reputable herd sources. Herd
sources are a
udited at least once each year to validate all quality requirements. Tissue
Source animals are Specific Pathogen Free Accredited, closed herd, bio
secure, and
controlled by strict environmental health standards. Multiple herds and abattoirs
guarantee a rel
iable and consistent source of raw material. Tissue Source also supplies
live pigs for biomedical research.

Tissue Source ensures customer tissue collection specifications are clearly defined and
met. Processing of tissue is customized, strictly confidenti
al, and follows agreed upon
standard operating procedures. Tissue is collected immediately after sacrifice, prepared
to specifications, and shipped by overnight delivery.

Tissue Source began in 2007 and was founded on a strong commitment to quality. In th
regard, Tissue Source is actively working toward attaining ISO 13485 certification by year
end. Tissue Source is where exceptional quality standards help to create exceptional
medical products.


TRB Chemedica GmbH

TRB Chemedica is a medium
sized Swiss pharmaceutical company, with a focus on
research, development and marketing of innovative niche products in specific therapeutic
areas, including rheumatology and traumatology, oph
thalmology and neurology. TRB
markets a range of ethical pharmaceuticals and medical devices, most of which are
patented, in more than 40 countries worldwide.The international headquarters are located
in Geneva, Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Argentina,

Austria, Brazil, France, Germany,
Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and
the United Kingdom.


Tulip Medical Products

Tulip's CellFrien
dly instruments are truly Fat
Friendly. Our patented premium reusable

and our new premium single
use instruments

are designed to gently
harvest and transfer cells without clogging. Top rejuvenation and regenerative
professionals around the
world recommend Tulip

Simply the Best.


Veterinary Transplant Services, Inc.

VTS has provided the medical industry with clinical
quality animal tissue products since
1999. Our
animal tissue products are used for the pre
trialing, developing, and
testing of biomaterials and implants that consist of or are used clinically in conjunction
with allograft. Using allograft in pre
clinical trials and implant tests in animals mo
st closely
simulates allograft
involved surgeries in human patients and maximizes chances for an
optimal trial or testing outcome and demonstration of the full potential of the implant
under study. Processed according to current Good Tissue Practices (cGTP
), our animal
tissue products provide the consistency and predictability of tissue grafts used in clinical


Viscofan BioEngineering, a Business Unit of Naturin Viscofan GmbH

Viscofan BioEngineering’s activities are focused on the industrial
scale production of
collagens, especially bovine dermal collagen I, and their further development into
products for cell biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

As our primary product we have developed an innovative ultrathin collagen membrane
which is not chemically cross
linked but exhibits a high mechanical stability and elasticity.
The suitability and superior performance of these films for cell biological pur
poses and as
a cell
seeded implant for regenerative medicine has been proven in collaborations with a
multitude of academic partners. Besides pursuing our biomedical research projects, we
offer our collagen products to the Life Science market for research



Blackwell is the international scientific, technical, medical and scholarly publishing
business of John Wiley & Sons
, with strengths in every major academic and professional
field and partnerships with many of the world’s leading societies. Wiley
publishes over 1,400 peer
reviewed journals as well as 1,500+ new books annually in
print and online, as well as da
tabases, major reference works and laboratory protocols.


World Precision Instruments / Cell

NEW for TERMIS 2012! Introducing a new test system that enables for the mechanical
n of 3D structures in multi
axial tension. World Precision Instruments has
partnered with CellScale Biomaterials Testing to bring to market a revolutionary new
product, the MechanoCulture. This product allows researchers to study the effects of uni
axial a
nd multi
axial strain on cell monolayers AND cells seeded in a 3D matrix using a
pending mechanism. The system is compact, autoclavable, and affordable.

Also on display at our booth will be the MicroSquisher, a micro
scale tension/compression
system that can achieve force resolutions down to 50nN, and the BioTester, a biaxial
mechanical tester with an integrated image analysis software package that enables
surface deformation tracking.



Carl Zeiss develops and distributes innovative microscope systems for biomedical
research and materials inspection. They enable researchers to observe even the tiniest
structures and processes in living organisms, and thus gain key ins
ights and the new