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Nanotechnology and MEMS Industry Almanac

I enclose details of our latest nanotechnology report.

The Nanotechnology & MEMs Industry Almanac presents a complete analysis of the technology business, including
the convergence of nanoscience, biotechnology,
aerospace and microelectronics. This industry represents one of the
most exciting, ground
floor opportunities in the world of technology today.

This market research tool includes our analysis of the major trends affecting the Nanotechnology and MEMs
try, from the increase in federal funding and venture capital to breakthroughs in atomic and molecular scale
structures. No other source provides this book?s easy
understand analysis of growth, expenditures, technologies,
funding, corporations, research

and other vital subjects.

The corporate profiles section provides in
depth, one
page profiles on each of the top 250 Nanotechnology & MEMs
companies. We have used our massive databases to provide you with unique, objective analysis, market research and
competitive intelligence on the largest and most exciting companies in: optics, coatings, pharmaceuticals,
biotechnology, microelectronics, molecular structures and more. Weve been working harder than ever to gather data
on all the latest trends in nanosca
le technologies. Our research effort includes an exhaustive study of new
technologies and discussions with experts at innovative tech companies.

Contains detailed market research, business analysis and competitive intelligence, featuring:


gy, Nanoscience and MEMs Industry Trends/ Research & Development


Mergers and Acquisitions in Leading Technology Companies


Nanotechnology Technology Finance/ Growth Companies


Glossary of Nanotechnology & MEMs Terms


Contacts: Including Indust
ry Associations and Government Agencies


A History of Nanotechnology

This book/CD
ROM package provides in
depth, one
page profiles on the top 250 Nanotechnology & MEMs
companies. We have used our massive databases to provide you with unique, objective

analysis of the largest and
most exciting companies in:


Optics based on Nanotechnology


Coatings based on Nanotechnology


Molecular Electronics


Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals based on Nanoscience


Computer Memory and Other Systems in N


Self Assembly


Nanoscale Carbon Tubes and Other Nano Structures


Polymers Based on Nanoscience

The corporate profiles section of the book includes our proprietary, in
depth profiles of the 300 leading companies in
all facets of the nan
otechnology and microengineering industry. Purchasers of either the book or PDF version can
receive a free copy of the company profiles database on CD
ROM, enabling key word search and export of key
information, addresses, phone numbers and executive names

with titles for every company profiled.

Youll find a complete overview, industry analysis and market research report in one superb, value
priced package.
This book also includes statistical tables, a food industry glossary, industry contacts and thorough

indexes. The
corporate profile section of the book includes our proprietary, in
depth profiles of the 250 leading companies in all
facets of the nanotechnology and MEMs industry. This book is available in printed, eBook and online versions.

For a compl
ete index of this report click on

Report Index:

A Short Nanotechnology Glossary i

Introduction 1

How to use this book 3

Chapter 1: Major

Trends Affecting the Nanotechnology and MEMS Industry 7

1) What is Nanotechnology?

2) A Brief History of Nanotechnology

3) Major Concepts


Tools of the Trade


Building Techniques


Important Innovations

4) Applications






Switches and Sensors


Computing and Memory






Everyday Wonders

5) Spotlights: Major Technology Companies

6) Nanotechnology Funding

7) Nanotechnology Safety and Ethics

Chapter 2: Nanotechnology Industry Stati
stics 27

Federal Funding of Nanotechnology Research

Chapter 3: Nanotechnology Industry Contacts

Addresses, Telephone Numbers and World Wide Web Sites 45

Chapter 4: THE Nanotechnology 250 :

Who They Are and How They Were Chosen 67

Industry Cod
es 68

Index of Rankings Within Industry Groups 70

(THE Nanotechnology 250, grouped by industry, and ranked for sales and profits)

Alphabetical Index 83

Index of Headquarters Location by State 88

Index of Headquarters Location by Country 93

Index by Regio
ns of the U.S. Where the Nanotechnology 250 Have Locations 94 Index of Firms with International
Operations 110

Individual profiles on each of THE NANOTECHNOLOGY 250 115

Additional Indexes

Index of Firms Noted as "Hot Spots for Advancement for Women &

Minorities" 366 Index by Subsidiaries, Brand
Names and Selected Affiliations 368

Report Pricing:

Hard Copy EUR 266

Electronic EUR 266



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