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Nov 20, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Sustainability in Higher Education

Sustainability in

What is Sustainability?

The United Nations definition
of climate change

Sustainable development is
development that meets the
needs of the present without
compromising the ability of
future generations to meet
their own needs.

Lets also add

Resource allocation

Social and environmental

Why become educated in issues
regarding sustainability?


Economical Growth Potential

Businesses can add to their
bottom line

Political Purposes

Sustainability is a polarizing
concept that well informed
people will have the ability to

Invention Possibilities


Corporate Sustainability

Is the business of business,

What is Corporate

companies integrate social
and environmental concerns
into their business operations

What social responsibilities do
corporations have?

At a minimum, meeting the
needs of their stakeholders

Corporate Sustainability

When a corporation engages in sustainable
business practices, what is the effect on the
bottom line?

the age of information, public exposure
of corporate irresponsibility keeps global
stakeholders in tune with day to day
operations. As a result, money making
institutions have incentives to be socially
sensitive at the local, national, regional
and global levels.

Corporate Sustainability

The person who is able to increase the
bottom line through sustainable business
practices will be the one who will sit in the
front seat of the new corporate structure.


Universities realize the potential for growth
in corporate sustainability and are
attempting to insert their people into these

show that industries connected to
the built environment are
expected to add 8
million sustainability related jobs to the
U.S. Economy before 2013
. Such statistics
have lead the Council of Economic advisors
to report that
“green jobs” are expected to
grow faster than any other occupation
through 2016

Columbia University created their program in
sustainability to address the growing demand
for sustainability professionals in law,
engineering, marketing, communications,
policymaking and the sciences

program draws upon environmental
measurement tools, environmental science
and management, and policy studies to help
students fully understand the systematic and
organizational role of sustainability in any

program takes an approach to
sustainability that prioritizes the protection of
Earth’s systems and resources as well as the
spread of social and

for all people.

the program is capable of being
completed in a year, the Masters degree
takes anywhere between one and three
years. The University encourages those in
the program to continue part
time if their job
allows. There are a total of 36 required credit
hours, and tuition ends up at $51,480

The faculty ranges from past high
ups at the
EPA, to Harvard MBA graduates, urban
planners, to an attorney that works in the
financing of renewable energy projects and
carbon offset project development, to a
graduate of Yale School of Architecture who
teaches sustainable design and architectural


Columbia has been able to gather a diverse group of professors, each with
expertise in the interrelated web of sustainability.

Curriculum focused around

Sustainability Management

Economics and Quantitative Analysis

Physical Dimensions of Sustainability

General and Financial Management

Politics of Sustainability

More than perhaps any other field, new leadership is desperately needed the
realm of policy making

Unfortunately, progress in creating a sustainable future has been stymied in

Politics of Sustainability

Issues of environmental science are
politically sensitive

The goal is to make environmental
science policy relevant, obtain technical
credibility, and political legitimacy

An additional road block is the public’s
inability to trade short term up front costs
with long term benefits

Present day sacrifices for uncertain and
distant future gains when the problem in
not clearly evident or threatening

The politics of sustainability is now a growing concentration of university
masters programs.

Such is the case at Saint Louis University where a new Masters of
Sustainability degree is
offered. This masters degree has a requirement
of 35 credit hours at $935 each. The program is two years, during which, all
students have the same required first year courses before breaking into their
specific concentration.

Once the first year is complete, students then break off into one of three
different directions: business, engineering and technology, or public policy
and social work. The public policy concentration has a focus that is two fold.
The degree combines the science of sustainability and the social aspects of
sustainability. Aspects of social sustainability include studying the
development by those in poverty, as well has human liberation.

Arizona State University, Masters
of Arts in Sustainability

Arizona State University is another institution
that is working to develop new legislative
leaders. In the University’s Masters of Arts in
Sustainability, students are required to
complete 33 semester hours at either $600
or $900 an hour depending on state

The program has goals of each student
understanding and capable of solving
complex sustainability
. The
degree focus on students
social science and humanities as opposed to
the hard sciences of sustainability.

Arizona State University, Masters
of Arts in Sustainability

Upon completion of the program, students will:

the concepts and methods of
environmental economics sociology,
anthropology, environmental politics, ethics,
design, and human geography relevant to
the sustainability of environmental resources
and human geography relevant to the
sustainability of environmental resources
and social institutions

others in applying these concepts and
methods of developing sustainable
institutions for water, land, air, and urban
management at the local and global level

the sustainability of environmental
institutions, legal frameworks, property
rights, and culture.

Sustainable Technology

We have come to



are devoting new education
programs that involve
technology. New technology has the
ability to create a world that has a
sustainable future as well as spark an
economic boom in doing so.

Sustainable Technology

Those who are able to invent devices that

Solve potential energy crisis

Offset global warming,

Prevent food and water shortages

will see substantial returns on investment,
both financially and morally

innovation in mind, an organization
called the Professional Science Master’s
(PSM) program has created curriculum
programs designed to allow students to
pursue advanced training in science or
mathematics while simultaneously
developing workplace skills.

The Master of Business & Science with a
concentration in Sustainability is designed to help
students identify, analyze and better understand
connections among social, environmental,
technological and economic systems.

This program is more science based where those
with a Bachelor’s degree in scientific or engineering
discipline are most desired.

The program requires students to take eight
courses in the science of sustainability.
These courses include
Environmental Fate
and Transport, Environmental
Sustainability, Industrial Ecology,
Environmental Science, Engineering and
Energy, Sustainable Technologies, and
Urban Eco

In addition, there
are six business management courses
which are part of the Master of Business and
Science degree.

Arizona State University,
Masters of Science in

The program includes the following goals:

Understand the concepts and methods of
environmental economics, ecology, environmental
biology, hydrology, environmental chemistry,
engineering, earth systems management, and other
disciplines relevant to the sustainable use of
environmental resources.

Lead others in applying these concepts and
methods to developing sustainable strategies for
water, land, air, and urban management at the local
and global level.


After three years of law school, an additional
year or two of education is neither
intellectually nor financially appealing.

Think about today’s Job Market.

Future Growth in the business

A degree involving sustainability will be a
distinct advantage.

The Future…