Acquisition to Drive Improved Quality of Care, Patient Safety and Productivity for the

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Nuance to Acquire Vocada, Add Critical Test Result Management to its Dictaphone
Healthcare Solutions

Acquisition to Drive Improved Quality of Care, Patient Safety and Productivity for the
Healthcare Industry.

Burlington, Mass., October 18, 2007

Nuance Co
mmunications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN), a

leading supplier of speech solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire
Vocada, Inc., a leading provider of critical tes
t result management (CTRM) solutions. Vocada’s
Veriphy™ solution, delivered through a software
service (SaaS) model, helps diagnostic
departments in hospitals achieve greater patient safety, better patient outcomes and higher staff
productivity by bri
nging efficiency and verification to the communication process surrounding
critical test results.

The transaction allows Nuance to broaden the capabilities of its Dictaphone

solutions, extend the company’s domain expertise within diagnostic spe
cialties (including
radiology, lab, pathology and cardiology), accelerate revenue growth through SaaS offerings and
help healthcare provider organizations comply with industry mandates associated with the time in
which critical test results are identified,

documented and communicated.

“Affirming feedback and results from joint customers who’ve benefited from our existing
partnership with Vocada reinforces clinical communications management functionality as a
complement to our speech
driven Dictaphone clinic
al documentation solutions,” said Paul Ricci,
chairman and CEO of Nuance Communications, Inc. “The value was strong enough to expand
our relationship beyond that of a partner. Similar to our recent purchase of Commissure, this
strategic acquisition helps N
uance provide more robust and integrated solutions to meet the
increasing demands associated with the healthcare industry.”

Vocada’s technology is a natural extension to PowerScribe, the Dictaphone Healthcare radiology
and pathology solution, and will help

healthcare provider organizations avoid risks associated
with delays in communicating critical patient findings. Currently, the process for delivering and
managing critical test results is manual, disjointed, inefficient and prone to error.

“Because of th
e impact on the cost and quality of healthcare, increased requirements related to
clinical communications management among caregivers is raising to the forefront of healthcare
provider organizations,” said Peter White CEO of Vocada. “By combining forces wi
Dictaphone, we can tap into new capabilities and resources through the Nuance team to expand
our market penetration and continue technology advancements to improve clinical
communications and minimize risks, such as malpractice cases, accidental deaths
and high costs
associated with poor communication.”

The industry need, as supported by The Joint Commission, the nation’s predominant standards
setting and accrediting body in healthcare, is for technology to provide automated, real
time, fail
proof, consi
stent communication among caregivers. Nuance believes that prospective customers
and its growing list of more than 1,000 Dictaphone radiology customers can benefit from a
loop, speech
enabled clinical documentation solution that delivers CTRM capabi
Vocada brings the following benefits and capabilities:

Innovative Solutions for the Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology and Lab Markets

Vocada’s solutions help healthcare provider organizations overcome the multiple handoffs
between care providers, dema
nds on staff and physician time, as well as the time in which orders
and test results must frequently be accomplished. Vocada’s advanced technology complements
Nuance’s Dictaphone Healthcare solutions and will streamline the way in which critical test
lts are identified, documented and shared. The Veriphy solution currently uses speech
recognition and text
speech technologies from Nuance, which will further ease future product
innovation, service and support.

Track Record of Industry Success and Str
ong Relationships

Vocada solutions are found at more than 120 hospitals in North America including leading
healthcare centers such as Baylor Healthcare System, University of Pennsylvania Healthcare
System and Cedar Sinai Medical Center. Nuance will also wo
rk closely with its strategic
Healthcare Information System partners to provide fully integrated speech
enabled reporting and
CTRM solutions for the radiology, cardiology, lab and pathology markets.

Service Flexibility and Benefits

demand CTRM software solutions offer the healthcare industry a simple way to
manage clinical communications while achieving ease of use, rapid deployment, limited upfront
investment in capital and staffing, plus a reduction in software management respon
sibility. The
hosted system requires no investment by a hospital in new hardware or software.

Integrated Radiology Reporting and Critical Test Result Management Solution

Within Dictaphone’s PowerScribe and Commissure radiology reporting solutions, radiolo
can access Vocada’s critical test results management functionality in real
time as critical test
results are identified. After recording the details of the critical finding into a secure voice
mailbox, the radiologist can ensure the Vocada system wil
l deliver an alert to the referring
physician via a pre
determined, preferred method (email, phone, fax, SMS messaging via cell
phone or handheld page). Once the system confirms delivery, the radiologist is notified, closing
the loop on the critical result
s communications chain.

About Vocada Inc.

Vocada critical test result management solution is the only enterprise solution for communicating
critical test results from hospital diagnostic departments to ordering clinicians. Using a patented,
hosted system,

Veriphy™ automates and verifies communication of critical test results in a real
time, assured and trackable solution, simultaneously enhancing patient safety and boosting
clinical staff productivity. The privately held, Dallas
based company was founded b
y brothers
Peter and Thomas White, who were previously involved with other innovative and successful
technology ventures. The company introduced its first product, VoiceLink™, predecessor to
Veriphy™, in 2004. For more information, visit

About Nuance Communications, Inc.

Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) is a leading provider of speech and imaging
solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and
services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with
information and how they create, share and use documents. Every day, millions of users and
thousands of businesses experience Nuance’s proven applications. For m
ore information, please

Nuance Communications

MEDecision and Medem Reach Collaboration to Give Physicians Vital Clinical Information
at the Point of Care

Interoperability enables MEDecisi
on to deliver its patient clinical summary to physicians
through Medem’s iHealth service.

Wayne, PA, and San Francisco, CA, October 15, 2007

MEDecision, Inc.

(Nasdaq: MEDE), a
provider of collaborative care manag
ement software, services and clinical content to health care
payers, and
Medem, Inc
., a provider of online communications services to physicians and other
health care providers, have completed the first phase of a colla
borative effort to deliver
MEDecision’s Patient Clinical Summary (PCS
™) to physicians through iHealth, Medem’s
integrated suite of Web
based physician/patient communication services. The initiative continues
MEDecision’s efforts to promote health information exchange through increased industry
collaboration and interoperabi

“Medem shares our belief that better engaging the primary stakeholders in the health care process
is a promising way to improve care and contain costs,” said MEDecision founder and CEO
. “This is precisely what this collaboration aims to do. By delivering health plan
information to support the physician/patient relationship, we can promote better relationships
between health plans and physicians, which will directly
benefit patients and, ultimately, the
system as a whole.”

"Delivering patient information to physicians within their existing office workflow through
iHealth is the key to utilization," added Edward Fotsch, MD, CEO of Medem Inc, which provides
the iHealt
h service. "The MEDecision PCS data is a major addition to iHealth that further
empowers physicians and their patients with accurate information to improve health and care.”

A clinically validated, payer
based electronic health record, the Patient Clinic
al Summary
compiles an insured individual’s current and historical medical data from doctors, labs,
pharmacies and other sources, and augments it with evidence
based medicine to create care plans
and offer treatment opportunities in real
time. iHealth, whi
ch has been proven to effectively
engage patients in better managing their health, is designed to be used by all health care
stakeholders: patients, physicians, hospitals and health systems, health plans, employers, allied
professionals and caregivers.

EDecision and Medem will detail their collaboration at the BCBSA Fall Health IT Conference
on November 9 at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. St.Clair, Fotsch and Paul
Kaplan, M.D., chief medical officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware
, will conduct a joint
presentation at 9:30 a.m. called “Payer
Provider Partnerships to Deliver Successful PHRs and
Online Member Engagement.”

For more information on MEDecision, please visit
and for more
information on Medem, please visit

About iHealth and Medem, Inc.

Medem's iHealth service offers physicians and the health care industry a suite of integrated Web
based services that are pr
oven to effectively engage patients in better managing their health. This
comprehensive patient communication suite can be used by ALL stakeholders in healthcare
patients, their doctors, hospitals/health systems, health plans, pharmacists, employers, allie
health professionals and caregivers. Data on the iHealth network remain under the patient's
control and can only be viewed with their permission. iHealth includes the leading online
based, secure Personal Health Record (PHR) that is owned and c
ontrolled by the
patient, can share data with EHR, health plan, pharmacy and other systems and is a secure vehicle
for patients to utilize in sharing information and communicating online with their healthcare
providers. iHealth also includes an online regi
stration process that eliminates the medical
clipboard for office or hospital registration and improves the quality of information across the
continuum of care. Additional services include the ability to deliver patient
specific education
and care manageme
nt programs an integrated Health Risk Assessment and automated FDA
warnings specific to the patient's medications. Founded by the American Medical Association and
several national medical specialty societies, Medem is supported by a broad constituent of
dustry partners, 45 leading medical societies, patient advocacy groups and government
agencies. To learn more about Medem, visit

About MEDecision

MEDecision provides health care payer organizations with

collaborative care management
software, services and clinical content that allow them to increase administrative efficiency and
improve the overall quality and affordability of their members’ health care. Highlighted by the
Patient Clinical Summary (PCS
™), a payer
based, electronic health record, MEDecision’s
technologies analyze data, automate workflow processes and electronically connect patients,
providers and payers to give each a common view of the patient’s medical history, helping to
foster better

clinical decision making. MEDecision believes that, in the aggregate, its customers
insure or manage care for approximately one in every six people in the U.S. with health

For more information, please visit



GE Healthcare Acquires Dynamic Imaging, LLC

Leading web
based image and information management solution across all healthcare

Barrington, IL, and Allendale, NJ, October 11, 2007
GE Healthcare, a unit
of General Electric
Company (NYSE:GE), today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Dynamic
Imaging, LLC (“Dynamic Imaging”), a leader in Web
based image and information management.
The acquisition of Dynamic Imaging and its leading IntegradWeb

suite of products, will allow
GE Healthcare to expand its offerings of information technology (IT) products and services
across all segments of healthcare

throughout hospital integrated delivery networks (IDNs),
community hospitals, outpatient imaging
centers, radiology group practices, and physician
offices. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“The people, products and culture of Dynamic Imaging are truly world class,” said Don
Woodlock, vice president and global general manager, Imaging Solut
ions, GE Healthcare.
“Dynamic Imaging has a strong track record of innovation and a family of top

rated products that
are highly complementary to our existing offering. Their research and development team is
equally impressive, quickly delivering exciting

new products to the marketplace, while working
on the industry’s next generation solutions.”

"We are truly excited to be joining forces with GE Healthcare, which already offers a broad range
of solutions to the healthcare IT industry,” said Alex Jurovitsk
y, CEO, Dynamic Imaging.
“Dynamic Imaging, through its IntegradWeb product lines, has proven to be quite adept at
addressing the industry’s clinical challenges, across all industry segments. The simplicity and
power of our Web
based Picture Archiving and C
ommunication System (PACS) and integrated
RIS/PACS, combined with GE’s broad suite of IT offerings, will redefine the market’s
expectation for complete interpretive and review access, by any authorized user, of any imaging
study, anytime, anywhere. Applyin
g the capabilities of IntegradWeb to GE’s PACS offerings, the
newfound flexibility for radiologists and referring physicians worldwide, as well as the broader
impact to patient care, will be simply astounding.”

The Dynamic Imaging Solutions unit will assis
t healthcare organizations in growing their
based procedural medicine business through dramatically improved provider physician
and patient access, streamlined workflow and instantaneous reporting of imaging results to
referring physicians, all on
a common platform with workflow tools for all settings. Dynamic
Imaging offers a Web
based PACS that scales from the needs of physician offices to academic
medical centers, providing a portable and consistent end user experience wherever an Internet
tion is available.

"Information technology is revolutionizing healthcare throughout the world. Anticipating,
optimizing and tailoring the care of our patients in the most rapid, effective and cost
manner requires user
friendly and manageable acce
ss to increasingly staggering volumes of data
that cut across all medical specialties. The ability of providers and patients to best utilize
multimedia healthcare data is essential," said Dr. Nogah Haramati, MD, chief of Radiology at
Montefiore Medical Cen
ter. "Today's announcement is a giant step forward for healthcare IT. It
pairs best practices and best
breed systems in the evaluations of patients using cutting edge:
functionality, ergonomics, user interfaces and information technology expertise. Pati
ents and
healthcare providers world
wide will be the primary beneficiaries."

The acquisition further builds on GE Healthcare’s strategy to combine early diagnosis with
information technology to enable a new "early health" model of care focused on earlier d
symptomatic disease detection and disease prevention.

About GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies

and services that are shaping a
new age of patient care. Our expertise in medical imaging and information t
echnologies, medical
diagnostics, patient monitoring systems,

performance improvement, drug discovery, and
biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies is helping clinicians around the world re
new ways to predict, diagnose, inform, treat and monit
or disease, so patients can live their lives to
the fullest.

GE Healthcare's broad range of products and services enable healthcare providers to better
diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases and other conditions earlier. Our

for the future is to enable a new "early health" model of care focused on earlier diagnosis,
symptomatic disease detection and disease prevention. Headquartered in the United
Kingdom, GE Healthcare is a $17 billion unit of General Electric Company (NY
SE: GE).
Worldwide, GE Healthcare employs more than 46,000 people committed to serving healthcare
professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries. For more information about GE
Healthcare, visit our website at

About Dynamic Imaging

Dynamic Imaging is on the forefront of image and information management, bringing affordable
filmless and paperless radiology to all members of the imaging community. Dynamic Imaging
continues to set ne
w standards through its innovative Web
based PACS, Web
based unified
RIS/PACS solution for ambulatory practices (RIS, PACS, billing, document management),
intelligent applications, and state
art workflow tools for all care settings.

Dynamic Imaging'
s solutions are used in more than 600 sites worldwide by customers including
academic and community
based acute care health care institutions, integrated delivery networks,
and imaging centers and radiology group practices of all sizes. For more informatio
n about
Dynamic Imaging and its products and services, call 1
PACS or visit


GE Healthcare

Century City Doctors Hospital to Install Medsphere OpenVista® EHR

LA h
ealthcare group selects VistA
based system for all
digital initiative.

Aliso Viejo, CA, October 11, 2007

Medsphere Systems Corporation, the leading commercial

provider of open source
based electronic health record (EHR) systems and services, today
d an agreement to implement its OpenVista® EHR platform at Century City Doctors
Hospital (CCDH) in Los Angeles. The 120
bed acute care facility, located in the west side
business district adjacent to Beverly Hills, is implementing the OpenVista platform as

part of an
integrated information systems initiative established by the physician group that acquired,
renovated, and opened the hospital in 2005.

CCDH selected OpenVista based on its evolution from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs'
(VA) highly res
pected VistA EHR, Medsphere's successful deployment of OpenVista at other
community hospitals, and OpenVista's ability to integrate with Keane's EZ
Access Patcom
revenue cycle management application suite to provide best
suite clinical and financial

The implementation will equip 400 physicians and 500 staff members at CCDH with a
enhanced VistA platform that includes new functionality tailored to the needs of non
VA healthcare providers, a modernized graphical front end, professio
nal services, ongoing
upgrades, and 24x7 support. The first phase of the deployment is under way and scheduled for
December completion.

"Our goal in selecting an electronic health record was to find a vendor that offered pre
integration between modul
es because we had limited time and capital to handle a large number of
party vendors. Medsphere's OpenVista provided that integration as well as the VistA
pedigree," said Joel Bergenfeld, CEO of Century City Doctors Hospital. "The Medsphere
is VistA at the core, and that gives us the benefit of more than two decades of VA field
testing along with documented proof of improved quality of care."

The initial rollout will include OpenVista's Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) with
d Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA), pharmacy, radiology, and laboratory
applications, plus Keane's EZ
Access Patcom patient access, accounts receivable, patient billing,
and collection systems. OpenVista's Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)
Module will be
added in the second phase.

"Those familiar with the VA know that OpenVista is a fully integrated comprehensive solution
facilitating both improved patient care and exactly the kinds of digital and paperless initiatives
Century City Doctors H
ospital is pursuing," said Denean Rivera, Senior Vice President of Client
Services and Strategic Partnerships at Medsphere. "Medsphere knows that OpenVista will
provide CCDH with specific and long
term benefits, and that the integration with the Keane
ications creates a best
suite clinical and financial product backed by a unified
implementation methodology that is applicable to a wide variety of healthcare enterprises beyond

Together, the Medsphere and Keane systems will provide an integrated

view of orders, test
results, medications, and financial data for a given patient, yielding better information for
physicians and nurses, fewer duplicate tests, faster handling of test orders, reduced handwriting
and transcription errors, more accurate me
dication tracking as well as error
checking for
duplicate or inaccurate medication doses or allergies, and a complete audit trail for clinical

"This joint implementation with Medsphere at Century City Doctors Hospital is a testament to the
veness of our partnership in providing a total solution for revenue cycle, financial and
clinical needs, which can be replicated at other facilities," said Larry Coon, Keane's Vice
President of Professional Services. "We look forward to partnering with Cen
tury City Doctors
Hospital and are confident in our ability to meet the aggressive goal of having the hospital's
billing systems up and running by the end of the calendar year."

The announcement marks Medsphere's third community hospital contract in ten mo
following adoptions by Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, and Memorial Hospital of
Sweetwater County in Rock Springs, Wyoming, earlier this year. OpenVista has also been
deployed at Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, Texas, several state
rated hospitals in
West Virginia, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Indian Health Service, and a
growing number of other care delivery organizations.

About Century City Doctors Hospital

Century City Doctors Hospital is Los Angeles' newest a
cute care hospital and one of the largest
owned and operated hospitals in the country. Opened in 2005, CCDH provides the
Westside communities of Los Angeles with superior medical care, a fully digital campus and
star personalized service. Th
e facility currently has 120 licensed beds with a planned 200
bed capacity when all construction and renovations are completed. Salus Surgical Group of
Beverly Hills leased the hospital with more than 170 physician investors, providing almost $100
to date for refurbishment and equipment. For more information, visit

About Keane

In business since 1965 and based in the United States, Keane is a global services firm that
specializes in enabling transformation of its clients' business and IT functions. The transformation
partner of choice for clients across a broad array of industries, Keane is unique in its passion for
building satisfying and enduring relationships with cl
ients. Keane.s solutions . which comprise
consulting, technology, and outsourcing services . are customized to address clients' industry
specific challenges and enable dramatic improvements in business performance. For more
information on Keane.s services
portfolio, industry solutions, and global locations, visit

About Medsphere Systems Corporation

Medsphere is the leading commercial provider of open source technology for the healthcare
industry. Th
e company is revolutionizing healthcare by delivering commercially supported
software based on the proven VistA electronic health record developed by the Department of
Veterans Affairs. Under the brand name of OpenVista
, Medsphere offers a portfolio of pr
and professional services for hospitals, clinics and integrated delivery networks. The company
addresses the capital constraints of the healthcare industry through an innovative subscription
based pricing model. Medsphere's experienced team of healt
hcare technology professionals and
unique suite of rapid implementation tools deliver unprecedented time to value recognition. For
more information, visit



Denver Health
Expands RFID Use to 1.5 Million Square Feet With Technology from
InnerWireless And Cisco

InnerWireless’ Vision provides Denver’s Most Wired Hospital with a solution that reduces
waste while enhancing patient care

Richardson, TX, October 4, 2007

, Inc., the leading provider of in
wireless solutions, today announced that Denver Health has expanded its RFID tracking
throughout the 1.5 million
foot, 477
bed hospital in support of an initiative from hospital
administrators to iden
tify and reduce waste. InnerWireless deployed Vision, a real
time location
system (RTLS) formerly known as PanGo, in response to the hospital’s need for real
time asset
tracking that would integrate with its Cisco Unified Wireless Network and Cisco Wireles
Location Appliance.

“With RTLS, we can quickly and efficiently find our equipment,” said Jeff Pelot, Chief
Technology Officer of Denver Health.

“Our biomedical department uses Vision for equipment
maintenance purposes, and central supply can control
infusion pump inventory.

After seeing the
results from tracking equipment in the Pavilion for Women and Children, we decided to use the
system hospitalwide.

Our ultimate goal is to improve patient safety and enhance the patient
experience, and being able

to track our equipment throughout the hospital will help us accomplish

Denver Health also is using the technology to track rare, expensive equipment, such as wound

According to Pelot, wound vacuums can’t be purchased and are usually lea
sed by the

With InnerWireless’ Vision, Denver Health can locate and track expensive, critical
equipment with the Cisco wireless infrastructure and the Cisco Wireless Location Appliance to
make better informed leasing and purchasing decisions.

tion and management can improve timely delivery of care and reduce staff time spent
looking for misplaced hospital equipment.

It also assists biomedical engineering staff in locating
equipment for scheduling preventive maintenance, repair and replacement,
” said Vi Shaffer,
Research Vice President at Gartner, Inc.

“It’s rewarding to work with a hospital like Denver Health that embraces emerging technology
and uses it creatively to solve complex problems,” said Michael Campbell, Senior Vice President
of Co
rporate Development for InnerWireless.

“RTLS holds tremendous potential for the
healthcare industry, and InnerWireless is committed to supporting our customers as they use
RTLS and other location services to meet clinical and financial objectives while en
hancing the
overall patient experience.”

“Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network and Location Appliance allows organizations to use their
wireless network to include location services and gain real
time visibility into how they can
improve patient care, optimi
ze business processes, manage valuable assets, and ultimately operate
more efficiently,” said Ben Gibson, Director of Mobility Solutions, Cisco.

“Having the ability to
track assets and resources using real
time location services is a critical competitive
advantage for
Denver Health because it allows the organization to maximize the use of valuable medical
equipment and assist with workflow automation and inventory management.”

About InnerWireless

InnerWireless, Inc. enables wireless coverage inside large

commercial, healthcare and
government buildings with Horizon, its wireless utility, a unified broadband distribution platform
that supports multiple wireless devices such as cellular/PCS, WMTS, WLAN, VoIP, and two
radios for security and first respond

Horizon is scalable, so enterprises can add wireless
technologies without disruption.

The company’s other core product suite is Vision, comprised of
a location
aware platform and applications designed for enterprise
scale deployment.


location management solution allows organizations to transform standards
wireless networks and active and passive RFID/RTLS infrastructures into a platform for
intelligent applications that improve important business processes.

For more information

InnerWireless, visit