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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Prospecting is a Process

We use many different methods to meet

750+ million

users, 175+ million
Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, various Social

Talking to people throughout your day, saying
“hi” getting in conversations

Developing your names list

Prospecting is a Process

As we continue to cultivate a prospect, we
follow a process:

Build the relationship

Qualify the prospect

Share information for them to evaluate

Then the prospect makes the decision to
get started or they don’t

What Tools Do You Use?

In Person?

Flip chart, Annual Report, maCatalog, DVD,
yellow legal pad?

Over the Internet?

, Youtube.com, various videos scattered
here and there

Do you ever find yourself emailing a
prospect a bunch of links and attachments
to provide them more information?

What Tools Do You Use?

How do you know if they watched it or
opened the attachments?

Does it feel like you are engaging them in
a professional manner?

Distributor Recruiting Sites (DRS)

What if you had a website which had all
the information that a prospect needs in
order to evaluate this business, all in one

What if that site was completely
customizable so you can put up the
information you feel is important, while
another distributor can put up different

What if it could be tailored to various

Distributor Recruiting Sites (DRS)

That’s what you have with the Distributor
Recruiting Sites!

You tailor it to your story, your focus, your
process for working with a prospect

It’s built on our



technology and it’s

simple and easy to


What will my DRS look like?

How Do I Use This

Let’s start with a couple “what this is not”

This is not an automatic people generating

This is not the magic pixie dust, secret
handshake, or special sauce that magically turns
everyone you talk to into a go
now distributor

What this is, is a tool that will work for you 24
hours a day, 7 days a week while you’re
sleeping to help increase your odds and
make you more effective at what you DO

How Do I Use This

Note, though, I said “what you do” cause,
this doesn’t do anything unless you
actually do something first

You can have the hottest most expensive
car on the planet, but if you don’t put gas
in the tank, it’s probably not going to go

YOU are the gasoline

How Do I Use This

Let’s go through a simple step by step
process for getting this tool to become a
high performance solution for your

So How Do I Use This?

Step 1

You’ll want to customize it to your story,
your focus, your interest, your way of
building the business:

This is your Online Two Minute Commercial

This is your Online Answer to “What Is It?”

Again, it’s no different than what you do in
person, except it works for you 24/7

So How Do I Use This?

Step 2

Meeting People in Real Life

Talking to people

etting in conversations

aying “hi”

Being friendly

So How Do I Use This?

Step 2

Meeting People Online

Using Social Media,
, Google +,

It’s the same as real life, except, it’s as if
everyone still lives right around the corner:

Reconnect with old friends, classmates, family

Meet people who share your interests and
develop conversations

So How Do I Use This?

Step 3

Cultivate the relationship

So How Do I Use This?

Step 4

When the timing is right, introduce them to
your website:

Hey Glen, I know you mentioned you were a
personal trainer and were talking about the
idea of incorporating something more into
what you do with your clients. I have
something you might be interested in. Take a
look at my site, watch some of the videos up
on there and let me know what you think. It’s

So How Do I Use This?

Step 4

When Glen visits the site, he sees the
information you want him to see

It shares a story with him about how
powerful Market America could be for him
as a personal trainer

If he’s interested, he contacts you and
asks questions, wanting more information
he adds himself into your contact

So How Do I Use This?

Step 5

Use the new Prospect Relationship
Management (PRM) system to continue to
move him through the process

Coming soon the Recruiting Sites will feed
contact information directly into the PRM

So How Do I Use This?

Step 6

This is a very powerful technique that is
optional but recommended highly

There are over 5 Million

searches for terms

related to home

business opportunity on

Google every single


that’s about 7

thousand searches every minute

Wouldn’t you like to get even a small
fraction of those to find you?

So How Do I Use This?

Step 6

You can optimize your site for search
engines, either yourself, or use our team
of professionals to

help you tap into this

flood of interest in



Best of All

You don’t need any technical know
how or
knowledge to make this work for you

If you can read/write emails and browse
the Internet, you have all the skills you
need to make this work



DRS setup

Event special

setup fee:


DRS monthly fee

How do I take advantage?

You’ve already taken the first step

operating a business model that paves the
way to ongoing personal wealth. Now it’s
time to take your business to the next level
by establishing the best possible competitive
advantage. With our solution’s state of the
art features and your team of dedicated
specialists, we deliver a turnkey solution that
will help you grow your


Starting with the Basics

What is a WebCenter?

Your WebCenter is a suite of tools for you to
leverage our proven system for providing a
comprehensive Internet marketing solution to
small to medium sized business

It’s everything you need to sell websites

ONLY distributors can own a WebCenter

Only distributors that own a WebCenter can
sell websites to earn:

Substantial retail profit

Upfront and recurring BV

Starting with the Basics

Ok, so we sell websites, what makes us
different than other companies out there

Well, to start with, we don’t just sell websites,
we sell a comprehensive Internet marketing
solution for their business

Let’s look at some of the features we provide
our clients

What Makes Us Different

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Changes

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited email

Unlimited access to
customer care

Unlimited feature &
version upgrades

Sites are completely

Social Media experts

SEO/SEM experts

CRM and e
marketing system

Statistics package

Fully functional


and so much more!

Look at How Easy it is to Use

What we have

How do I add an image?

Starting with the Basics

Looks great, I’m excited, how do I get

Let’s lay out a really simple straightforward
roadmap to help you get started and plan you
can duplicate in
depth with your team.

Roadmap to Success

Get a WebCenter

(we’ll cover the special a little later, but it’s a great way
to get started)

Build a names list of business owners
you know or do business with

Cultivate your relationship with those
business owners

When they show interest, book an
appointment with the Product Specialists

They sell the site, you make the profit &

Starting with the Basics

How much money and BV are we talking
about here?

You earn 225 BV initially and 25 BV each
month from each active client

You can earn up to $2700 in retail profit per

Average website sale for a new WebCenter
owner is around $1299 which equals about
$1000 retail profit

Starting with the Basics

Goal setting is critical to the success of
any of your plans

Let’s look at how we break these numbers
down into helping us achieve our goals

Increasing Your

Let’s keep it simple, what are your
financial goals right now?



Your short
term financial goals can
typically be handled by increasing cash
flow within your Unfranchise Business

Family Vacation Example

The family would like to take a vacation to
Disney World next year

Let’s estimate $5000


(I’m sure you can do it cheaper, but lets start with this)

So, how do we cover that cost and
achieve that goal with our business?

Family Vacation Example

The average website sale is between
$1299 and $1499, which would generate
between $1000

$1200 retail profit

So, let’s go with a conservative estimate

$6000 in expenses, $1000 in profit per

That means that 6 average website sales

would completely pay for our

Family Vacation in this example!

Achieving Our Goals

This can be applied to any goal with a
fixed cost

Break the cost down into increments of
$1000 and that gives a good estimate of
how many average website sales you
would want to make to achieve that goal!

Achieving Our Goals

Remember, each sale also comes with
225 BV initially and 25 BV / month

That means just 12 active website clients
would establish Base 10 / 7 Strong for me

AND that would be 2700 BV in addition,
which would be an extra $300 commission
check for me

Keep the BV in mind when factoring this
into your long
term goals as well

Building Your Team

Now, how do we use this to build our

Well, how many people do you know who
would like to increase their cash flow

Pretty much everyone you
talk to these days, right?

So what do you do to help them?

WebCenter Internship Program

It’s really simple, set them up as a
WebCenter Intern

(this is different than the Apprentice program)

You can have up to four WebCenter
Interns at a time

They use your WebCenter to sell websites
through their own login and password you
create for them

WebCenter Internship Program

Once they sell one or two sites, use the
capital to start their Unfranchise business

This way

They just leverage their sweat
equity to cover
their start
up expenses

They have the ability to start their business
completely in the black (already profitable)

It doesn’t cost you or them anything financially
to do a trial run of the business

What We’ve Covered So Far…

Attitude & Knowledge

what is the
WebCenter, why are we better


converting profit and BV into
achieving long term & short term goals


simple plan for website sales


WebCenter Internship

Follow up

well the phrase says it all
doesn’t it? Always follow up!

New Advancements

Let’s talk about some recent
enhancements first.

Blogger integration

Virtual products

Order exporting



Recent Widgets

Social Media









What’s new?


blog integration

Much like
you can currently integrate a Blogger into
your sites/centers, you’ll soon be able to
do the same thing with


New custom development environment

This new environment allows us to offer
other types of hosting
…etc) and fully custom developed
sites in other languages(.NET, PHP…etc)

What’s new?

Additional Global CSS properties

Publish optimization

Will decrease
publish times substantially and only
publish parts of the site when necessary

New widget addition paradigm

widgets to page with "Add to page" option
in container menu & right click menus.
You can still drag and drop for the “wow”
factor but this is a more efficient way to
build out a page

What’s new?


We know that it’s hard, if not impossible, for
some of you all to get access to training for
the WebCenter program

So, very soon, we will be creating an online
WebCenter Certification Training which will
augment the WCT that you take from a
WebCenter Trainer

The training will cover the basics

But it will be missing something that you can
only get from a live trainer


Your Global WebCenter

Some exciting possibilities
for Global expansion

Current Countries:

USA / CAN / Mexico



Hong Kong


New Expansion Countries



Next Step

There are many exciting and incredible
things in the WebCenter program

But, as I mentioned before, there is one
very critical thing you need to take
advantage of any of this

You need to be a WebCenter Owner!

Buy your 3 to
World Conference


your WebCenter


WebCenter Special

* WebCenter Hosting is $35/month

Regular Price:


Only at
the 2011 International Convention

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